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Dystopian Paradise is a new server based around the post-apocalyptic world a little over a decade after a nuclear war. Set amidst the beginnings of a nuclear winter, your character can join an established faction, start their own, or try to become a legend living alone in a world where everything is out to kill them.

- A unique environment to explore
- Playable races that allow you to live out your wildest anarchist dreams
- Drama free environment to relax and roleplay
- Roleplay based combat and player-led encounters

This server wants to grow and welcomes roleplayers of any level!
⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome to the Kingdoms of Malenna. This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We offer a free, small group rp, character development focused experience for you. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events & Quests ◇
We have active quest makers making quests for your characters to test out their might and progress!

✰ Expansive, in-depth lore✰
Immerse yourself in our settings, with lore that’s constantly being updated and added to!

⚔Balanced, detailed abilities!⚔
We require balanced abilities with good details, so you don’t need to worry about OP abilities or how to react in combat!

☁ Active, friendly staff! ☁
Our staff team is normally online throughout the entire day. We’re friendly and eager to help you. No toxicity in our server!

❃ Friendly, inclusive community! ❃
Although the server is big, our community is very inclusive! You’ll feel at home and will have no troubles feeling in once you start roleplaying!
Greetings, honored traveler, lad or lass. Almost complete and a fresh rp, we're hoping to find players that are active.
Nearly a hundred years have passed since the war between the humans of Kaegarath and the vile demons of the mages, wrecking the world of Zaduvar as we know it. Now, new threats arise as the people scramble for safety, kingdoms face danger... and heroes and villains rise.
We're focusing roleplaying, with newcomers and veterans alike, as well as a place to chill out if you want to talk to people. Currently we have two factions and you are free to be a freelancer or such, but we also hope that we get more factions as we play.
RP is currently slow due to low activity, but we hope that gets boosted soon!
So, ye think ye got the brains and brawn to come here?
Welcome to Iota, a world where gods walk the planet and you choose where your destiny lies. Our community would be honored to have you be apart of this mystical experience. In Iota, you have the ability to make a unique character, choose from multiple professions, and reside in or swear fealty to multiple unique kingdoms. You may also choose to be a nomad and travel! We will try our best to make this an experience that you will never forget, so come join us and see where your fate takes you.

🏰 Medieval setting 🏰

🎭 Fun and detailed rp 🎭

⚙ Multiple bots to suit individual needs ⚙

🎮 Gaming and pokecord channels! 🎮

😁 Helpful but relaxed staff team 😁

💰 Money system 💰

📜 In depth lore 📜

⚖ Open applications to apply for staff! ⚖

🎉 Special role and profession giveaways for characters 🎉

💎 And so much more! 💎
An RP that takes place within the Naruto universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the clans you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original clans and jutsu as well!
Everything, everyone, we are watching, what may seem to be your world's residents, might not be just what you think they are, or rather, they are the ones who manage or visit your world...
Taken place in old dynastic Japanese times, where emperors and empresses rule, wars begin and trouble among the empires, however with a twist, magical beings are alive, and some cause problems for these rulers. However, there is current peace between these Empires, but how long will it last?

This server is of a friendly community! As long as you follow the rules, everything will be smooth! Note: You do not have to RP, and you can just be a member/visitor!
Goldenleaf is a magic world of supernatural and oddities. Be anything you want from a human to a dragon. You can make towns or new creatures if you want. We would love for anyone to join and help us grow. We do have some rules and characters do need to be accepted. There's a lot to come so please join!
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between!

This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a discord server as well as a forum site (

Our Discord is used for OOC plotting and character development, all lore and RP posts are located on the site.

We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
***:star: What is ADMM you ask? We're a fantasy roleplay server! :star:***
**Hold on! Hold on! Don't walk away! I swear we're different than the rest!
We offer a new creative ideas that other servers don't have!
What are they? Well fasten your seatbelts!**
**:star: We have a clean and organized server that is pleasing to look at!
:star: We have tons of fun weebish bots!
:star: We have a fun, friendly, and helpful staff!
:star: We have an interesting lore and storyline other servers on't have!
:star: We're LGBT friendly!
:star: We have a wonderful community
:star: :eyes: We have NSFW & ERP channels**
```All in all; ADMM is a really unique and fun server to be apart of! We hope to be able to talk to you soon! Thanks for read <3```
All had been tranquil until those whom take no refuge from the Crowned Kingdoms rise up to defy them in an act to overthrow the Kingdoms. Rebels, Refuges and those alike band together in hopes to accomplish their goal. Meanwhile now that the Kingdoms are busy with their new found threat a new darkness arises from the midst; taking the opportunity of weakness, the Hybrids come out of hiding to join in the mayhem and show no mercy when it comes to the Kingdoms, killing all of those whom were aligned with them as well as innocent bystanders.
The two Fae Courts, Seelie & Unseelie, have already agreed on a Treaty that benefits both their peoples should War come upon their lands; and now, tensions rise as the Unseelie Prince's spy discovered one of their own found murdered with an iron weapon in the Wastelands by none other than a Human, relaying this information to the Unseelie Prince; with the treaties between the Unseelie Court and Anhaldor not far away - if the murderer is not accounted for, this could hinder any potential alliance between the two as Unseelie laws call for a life for a life. Seelie lands fare no better as the Hybrids massacred many in Edhelel City while the Queen was away securing a treaty between Sciere and the Seelie Court. Sciere has it's own problems, even as the treaties with Leanondor's Courts were agreed upon as the Seer-Witch had attempted to relay information on the Hybrids that attacked nobles in the Wicked Tunnels to the Undead Queen, only to be cast aside, untrusted. The Witch, angered by this, now waits and plans to betray the Queen by giving information to potential enemies of the Queen when the right opportunity presents itself. What will become of the Human who killed the Unseelie fae, and will the Unseelie agree to an alliance with Anhaldor should the human not be brought to justice? Will the Hybrid threat finally be taken seriously after these recent attacks? Will the Witch be found out by the Undead Queen, or go through with her devious plans to betray her homeland?

. 𝒢𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: .
★ [Semi-Literate | +3 Lines]
★ [High Roles Available!]
★ Welcome to Age of Shadows! We are a high-fantasy rp server in a medieval setting with a variety of races and classes! Our world is completely new, with inspiration taken from various fantasy novels and even a bit of DnD for our magic system. We cordially invite you to join our family, and the fun!
🐺Welcome to The Bitten!🐺
A town of wolf creek is in danger from a group of hunter planning to wipe out the entire existence of werewolves. We are based in modern times, 2019 where technological advances take control over the world. The hunters are ready to kill without hesitation.
Are you prepared to help the wolves fight them off against your enemies or will you be apart of the hunters whom want to end the existence of wolves? The decision is up to you!

We're always looking for new people to join our community and help up build our lore and server!

We offer 3 packs to choose from!
Silverclaw is the most peaceful pack of the three. Elijah offers a safe place for wolves to go to and he's always there to help guide others into the right direction! Though don't get on his bad side, he'll do anything to protect his family
Ironmane is the most heir pack. They follow wolf laws strictly, Anna is one of the most fierce wolves in the three packs. She makes sure everyone obeys her commands and the laws.
Crimsonbane is mostly a biker gang that lives outside of the city but was recently burnt down from the hunters attacks. Crimson is their alpha and he strictly follows the laws and makes sure everyone of his wolves obeys. He's the strongest wolf out of the three packs.
And you can also be a rogue wolf!
Or even a hunter!

Come join us today!
We have friendly staff who are always willing to help!
A meme channel
An amazing lore to follow and learn more about the packs!
A suggestion channel to give us suggestions!
All we need is you to join us!

All aboard!

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the Sea of Souls. We are a new, home-brew server who’s looking for role-players of any types. Whether you’re new or experienced, PVP or casual or just looking to have some fun, Sea of Souls hope to cater to all.

We strive to allow creativity to run free so there is no approval process for characters. Of course, there are a few restrictions just to ensure that everyone is on equal grounds but other than that, your character can be anything you want it to be! As long as you can role-play as it, you can make it.

A little bit about the world itself:

Sea of Souls focuses on the water planet of Lunarisis. A great flood had swallowed the world, leaving only a few islands and survivors left. Not much is known about the old world other than the few glimpses of the past with ruins scattered few and far across the islands. All we know is that it was a highly advanced world, far peaceful than the current one.

Now, the world is suffering from rising tensions and new conflicts. Your decisions may affect how the history of the world will end up - whether it be positive or negative. Do you want to save the world from another collapse or ride the wave of chaos? Choose wisely for it might affect yours and everyone's RP’s in the future.
✵ ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 ℂ𝕒𝕤𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕖 ✵
Havenlight Cascade is a modern fantasy roleplay server that enables its members to create characters that partake in adventures and scenarios that could not happen otherwise. Your characters range from witches, humans, demons, harpies and various fae that can roam alongside mythical beast ranging from the largest dragon all the way down to the smallest fairy. Join us today and see where your adventure may lead!

-The ability to take part in a fantasy universe and roleplay with members that bring a wide range of different styles!
-Helpful and friendly staff!
-Bots with fun commands (can add more as suggested)
-Freedom to create.
-Semi-literate members! A minimum requirement of 3+ roleplay lines on PC.
-Opportunity to own a shop.
-An accepting community, LGBT+ welcomed here!
-Friendly server members as well as a place to destress.
-Opportunity to make friends, because who doesn’t like friends?

---We need your help!---

-Currently we are in need of council members and shop keepers! Join now for the opportunity to snag one of these relatively exclusive roles before they're gone.

Wether you’re an experienced role player or quite new to the art, you are welcomed here! We hope you consider taking up a place in this server!

Havenlight Cascade.... where will your adventure take you?
Welcome to Tales of Anagrian, a fantasy roleplay community!
Our community contains expansive lore and a small, friendly community of roleplayers. We are interested in expanding our audience and increasing our member count.
Be anything you want, really! From dragons to elves, orcs and quetzalcoatls, the only limits are your imagination. We are placed in a medieval era time.
We encourage descriptive roleplay, but are always willing to help people learn and get better!

We typically operate on EST hours, but we have a few international members.

Questions? Contact me at Tidal#3719, or join the server and ask any one of our helpful, friendly moderators!
The universe is no more than a thousand years old. And yet, it has been graced by sentient life, magic, gods, and war.

Magic is the most common and fundamental force in our universe; and with such widespread magic, millions of collective individuals have had the potential to end the universe as we know it. And yet, we hold. In the beginning, it was nothing more than an empty void.

This void was discovered by a deity who we call the God of Plenty. Throughout the years, it's become the vessel for life, magic, and the universe as we know it. The God of Plenty would continue to form a group of five gods which govern over the general universe. They are called the Five Rulers. They are some of the most powerful gods to ever be known.

Their position doesn't remain unchallenged, though. Two wars have threatened everything they have established. The Divine Forces have had to overcome corruption, dragons, curses, gods, and more.

Today, the world is diverse with different conflicts and nations. It's been hundreds of years since the last great war. But, with the Morai cult and the Seven Deadly Sins getting restless, anticipation is growing for what may be the third Great War... Where will you come in?
Davania is a land inhabited by otherworldly tribes and battle-crazed nomads seeking to become legends that will be told for throughout the ages. Some seek power, others only aim to please the gods they worship, but what will your quest be in this land of myth and magic?

Welcome to our server, Divine Tribes is a group inspired by WoF with its own unique tribes. Come on in and have a look around, the staff and members are friendly and ready to help you with any problems you encounter.
Note: This server is for dragon characters; humans are no longer the dominant species on this world. Humans characters are not a viable option.
For many years the fact about supernatural and mythological beings had been swept under the rug, brought to the world as mere fairy tails from books. Eventually, the truth came to light. Supernaturals did exist! At first, this quickly instilled fear into humanity. Like most of anything, things they did not understand provoked fear deep with this. This only caused a negative light upon the supernaturals and eventually, war broke out amongst them. It was a long few years until everything finally stelled down, and they slowly started to come to terms that it was better to try to make peace with one another then continually being at one another throats. Still, humans and supernaturals were unwary of one another. Despite their indifference, they tried to step forward to intergrade into one another's life by opening the School Renowned. They did this in hopes their future children would be able to set aside their differences for one another and become one as a society. However, things have been proving rather diffcult despite their efforts of reformation.

In 2354, a team of scientists were working on a cure for all diseases nicknamed 'Therapeía.' They made tons of progress with it and it worked, a little too well. The "cure" had an extreme side effect: evolution.

On the day the project was set to be abandoned, someone released an airborne version of Therapeía. In the history books, this event was designated as the 'Therapeía Virus Outbreak.' This caused people and even animals to under go evolutionary changes.

Ones that weren't able to withstand the changes became things straight out of horror movies; most losing their minds. Ones that survived built up an immunity to this, but at a great cost. The cost being that those gifted with the immunity to the Therapeía Virus mutated themselves and gave these defects to their offspring. This caused those people and animals to become something more than regular beings. Due to the defects, an ability to use a new mysterious source of power that can only be described as 'magic.'

Some who have this genetic defect have even grown to become new races straight from fairy tales. Things such as elves, fairies, dwarves, dragons, and others came into existence.

It is now 2454 and the thing known as normal humanity no longer exists. Instead, they are replaced by neo-humans and fairy tale races that fight the still ever coming and evolving Therapeíans. Hwoever, a more pressing issue has arisen as if to taunt the new humanity. Those with the defect, now called sotíras, have also begun to turn into a new breed of Therapeians. Will you find out what is happening to these innocent people? Or will you become a Therapeian yourself?

✮ This is a futuristic fantasy server where you decide what happens and can
make your own future.
✮ We have open races and classes! Be anything you like as long as it follows the lore, is physically possible, isn't overpowered and follows a few character rules we have set. Want to be a dragon? Sure. Want to be an android? Sure. Want to be a regular human? That's fine too! The possibilities are endless!
✮ Work your way up to potentially become royalty or part of the government!
✮ Creativity! Create your own unique skills for your character using basic guidelines set out by our character rules!
✮ We will have Server and Non RP Events! We will do Cards Against Humanity and various other events!
✮ Dedicated leadership team that are available to help you create characters or answer any questions!
✮ We are looking for active, helpful people to join our admin and moderator team!
✮ We welcome ALL RPers: Casual, Paragraph, New and Veterans!
✮ Fun bots to play with outside of RP!
✮ We really look forward to having you join us!
A kingdom full made for exploration. Join the Ruin Knights or Lion Heart guild and make new friends and create new Adventures!
"The elders said that the most recent leafbare had been the harshest the Clans had seen in many moons. Prey was far scarcer than it had ever been. Many cats starved to death, and kits froze while even curled up next to their mothers. A plague from the Carrionplace swiftly took lives, starting in ShadowClan and working its way through the forest, not bothering to spare any. Things looked bleak and grim. The Clans were on the brink of war with one another after using desperate means to find prey and herbs to feed the hungry and heal the sick. However, StarClan still spared the four Clans and though they had suffered many losses during what is now called The Longest Leafbare, they were blessed with a warm and prosperous newleaf.

The forest started to come back to life. The air grew warmer, and the rain began to fall, restoring the Clan territories once again. The trees that were once barren now grew vibrant green leaves. Foliage littered the ground, providing plenty of resources for the returning prey that made them fat and ripe for the killing. It appeared as though the Clans would finally heal, yet in the world of warring Clans, not all can end so happily.

Rainstar of RiverClan grew worried because the Snowmelt was causing the rivers to flood. Her Clan worried that they'd have to move camp if the river continued to rise. Taking matters into her own paws instead of consulting StarClan, she managed to strike an alliance with WindClan and plotted to take back the Sunningrocks from ThunderClan. The attack was sudden and unexpected. With two Clans against them, ThunderClan quickly lost the fight. Their camp was ransacked, and a precious piece of territory was gone. Angered, they consulted ShadowClan, asking that they aid them in taking back what had been lost. However, ShadowClan refused.

Bent on revenge, Gorsestar set off to confront Rainstar alone. He killed her in cold blood, stripping her three remaining lives away. He threw her body in the river, hoping to cover up the fact that she had been murdered, but Rainstar's mate had seen the whole thing and reported it to the Clan. RiverClan came back with WindClan now to drive Gorsestar from his home, exiling him from ever returning. All but one life was stripped from him as punishment from StarClan and he was marked a traitor.

With the Gathering drawing near, the Clan cats will be forced to face one another under a truce and all are worried whether or not war will officially break out. Will the forest bend to the will of conflict, or will they be able to remedy all that has happened?"

- Friendly staff & community
- Plenty of OOC chat threads
- Semi-literate roleplay
- Interesting storylines driven by the players
- The four main Clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan
- An alternate universe from the books & unique characters
- Gatherings and events
- High positions OPEN!
A brand new RP/ERP Server growing fast everyday ! With members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythological and Supernatural creatures ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some Master x Slave ERPs ?
Do you like infinite kinky ideas and endless hours of leisure ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Divine Temptation, the server with perfect mix between Smut and Story !
World's RP is a freeform roleplay server loosely based on D&D 5E. The setting is low-tech fantasy, with freedom to allow most any characters to play. All levels of rpers welcome, though we do prefer you can at least speak english fluently! This is a Pg17 server, NO ERP. We hope you can enjoy hanging out with us cool dudes and dudettes.
Welcome to this modern fantasy country!

Xedaenia, formerly known as France, was invaded by those called Nonhumans who quickly reformed the French government and society. 200 years later, humans rise as rebels to overthrow the government and regain their rights. Join and change the country's fate as part of the villains or the government.

[ Species ]
- elves
- vampires
- fairies
- were-animals
- ~~humans~~ (no more vacancies)
- sorcerers

[ Roles Needed! ]
- Council Members (2+ weeks requirement)
- Vampire followers (work for the villains)
- ~~Government (Nonhumans only)
‍ ‍ - Military (subgroup of Gov't)~~ No more vacancies
- Rebels
- Heroes

[ RP Style & Requirements ]
- literate, 3rd person, past
- making a new OC
- respect for the lore rules

[ This rp is best for people looking for... ]
- serious, long term rp
- making close friends that talk outside of rp
- experienced, literate rpers (2+ years)