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Welcome! The Everforest is a medieval fantasy world full of magic and mystery set in the middle of an endless forest. Your character, as well as some others, has been pulled to this magical place from the real world by some unknown force. While your ultimate goal is probably to get home, the Everforest is a vast land with many places to explore and things to discover, so who could blame you if you were to look around a bit?

We have...
- An active and friendly staff team
- An world that continues to expand and change
- Plenty of OOC channels for people to mess around in
- Fair and balanced rules
- Just a ton of really crazy and fun people
Welcome to Midatinia: Academy for the Gifted, in this academy, we train students to fight against beasts and black-magic practitioners that haunt our country, we offer prestigious teachers from all over the world, from Leonia, to Aklia, although we do not speak of Cuerco, that place brings bad omens and curses...
So, what will you do? Will you enroll into our school, is your mentality strong enough to withstand the mighty and brutal forces of our lessons? Or will you enroll as a teacher? Do you want to help students fight against evil and be praised as a powerful magician and hero? What will you do?
A server for victims of bullying who need support.. You can also roleplay and have fun with friends!
Welcome to Aquarune, an ancient city-state thick with lore, magic, and mystery. Every building has a story to tell, and each citizen has a quest to give. Guilds make up a core part of daily life for workers, adventurers, mages, and guards alike. While isolated, the city opens its arms to outsiders, so if your heart is true, you will be sure to make many friends, allies, and acquaintances.

Ancient Dewdrops is a fantasy roleplay server, set in a medieval-style world with magic. We have an active community, so whether you're just looking for a cool place to chill, someone to write a story with, or a place to roleplay, this server should suit your wants and needs. We're relaxed, but do expect some level of literacy in the roleplaying - at least a sentence or two.

Our roleplay operates under an 'opt-in' system, so you'll never be forced to participate in something you don't want to. We aim to allow players to opt-in to events, instead of forcing them to try and opt out. While combat and pvp makes up part of the server, you are by no means obligated to do such things if they don't hold your interest. We had fleshed out rules for player versus player fights, as well as a tested rubric for judging fights and determining the winner.

We have many features to assist the roleplay such as:
>Multiple roles and titles, attributes and abilities for you to choose from. You can spec out your character with feats and skills.
>A progression system - the more you roleplay, the more reputation your character gains, and the higher rank they become. This allows you to unlock more abilities.
>In-character gold and items, with a shop so you can save up cash to get the perfect weapon. Gold can only be earned via roleplaying.
>Writing bonuses. Get more gold for better work. This allows slower posters who produce quality to climb the ranks just as easily as those who are more casual with their style.
>Quests, which operate similarly to writing prompts with an in-character reward for completion.
>Major guilds and player-run guilds that you can sign up to.
>Many custom commands to boost your quality of life.
>Loremasters and Arbiters that add to the world by DMing for others and creating little snippets of lore.
>A custom drawn map, that's always ready to be added to.

Our server is still growing, so the world is malleable. Perhaps the story of your character could shape the world in greater ways than you might expect.

Ban Appeal Server + Old Rolplay Archive:
Welcome to the Voidless Realm!

-We are a fairly small, but active roleplaying group that aims on growing its community and helping fellow roleplayers interact!

-Our server consists of:
🔹 A growing community of 400+ members! 👐
🔸 50+ channels for all of your needs 😮
🔹 Dank memes, of course 😄
🔸 Medieval and Fantasy stuff for nerds-alike 🤓
🔹 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself 🔥
🔸 Some pretty intense events to get your blood running 💦
🔸 Fun Bot Commands to waste away your life with! 🤤
🔹 Have I mentioned we have memes? 😏
🔸 Combat RP for venting your anger out on imaginary characters! 😅

Welcome to the Realm of Myrios! Myrios is a medieval fantasy roleplay, with a dash of sci-fi. It tells the story of two clashing gods and their loyal people, and of the Organization that seeks to usurp them. There is war and love. Which god will your loyalty go to? Will you bring others war or peace?

Here's What We Offer
> 4 Diverse Roleplaying Areas!
> Creative and Original Lore!
> Active and Friendly Staff Members!
> Easy and intuitive Character Customization!
> General Chats and VC! We're not just for roleplay!
> Player Homes!
> (ERP for those that wish to participate in that~)

Don't be shy! Come on!
Wrymryth! Here you're open to let your creativity go wild with making your own country and its lore in this open medieval fantasy world and have people roleplay in it along with interact with other countries made by. Well others. I do hope you also join to help this small developing Roleplay grow. This is a sandbox even for those without countries with the ability to create guilds,events,and change the face of the world with yourself and others. Come join in on just the beginning of the fun!

{}Run your own Faction,Guild,or Company and Roleplay in dynamic member owned and made nations!

{}Events and NPCs can be made by all members! This is your sandbox of a roleplay

{}Hope to see you here!{}
A brand new RP/ERP Server growing fast everyday ! With members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythological and Supernatural creatures ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some Master x Slave ERPs ?
Do you like infinite kinky ideas and endless hours of leisure ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Divine Temptation, the server with perfect mix between Smut and Story !
Welcome to Rite of Seven!
Rite of Seven is a story based server with a good plot-line that never gets too complex to understand but is interesting nonetheless. You can choose to be a part of one of seven kingdoms, or go about it your own way. There's always a way for you to get yourself involved with the story, but playing an important role is much harder to achieve if you desire to get invested. We offer a lot of freedom, and our rules are just common sense. Our staff is competent, and we'll judge things fairly. Otherwise, we're pretty fun to hang around with!
We're just now starting! We hope to see you here too!

[Current story summary]
After aeons of conflict between several kingdoms, a massive scar was left on the lands and on the entire world. Where twenty kingdoms stood tall, only seven remained standing. When the destruction of all kingdoms seemed inevitable, something happened, by not happening. None of the kingdoms launched any attacks, they were terrified of being attacked themselves and possibly being crushed. The kingdoms took the time to rebuild for the next attack, but everything remained neutral. Eventually, the war was forgotten, and people went about their lives naturally. Nobody had won, and many consider it a loss for everyone in general more than a stalemate.

A few aeons after the devastating war, a worldwide disturbance was felt from every priest in the world. The source was in one central location, every priest with a band of knights guarding would go to the source to see what caused such disturbance. All 7 kingdoms arrived to the same area at once, discovering an unusual entity that radiated with holy energy. His words rang with an angelic tone, a voice that matched one of an angel. With his words, he delivered his message from the gods. "Those who fall with insignificance will be forgotten, those who make their mark within the annals of history shall ascend to the highest heavens, no matter the deed, or method."

With those words said, he ascended into a pillar of light and vanished from all eyes. The priests immediately returned, though some were already tempted to murder the priests and knights of Skeltar. Unfortunately, they also disappeared and without a trace. Now, tensions are starting to rise once more albeit slowly, but those words still ring throughout the minds of everyone. Who will be forgotten? Who will be remembered for what? Who will commit atrocities just ascend to the heavens? Where will you stand?
We are a new roleplaying group working to build up. We have kind staff, many locations, and meme bots. Come join us to help us grow!
Dies ist ein Server für alle jene den der Alltag zu grau ist.
Ein Platz für Fantasie, Kreativität und Verrücktheit, für einen Funken Magie. Hier ist ein Platz für alle Künstler und Geschichtenschreiber. Für alle Träumer.

~Dies soll ein offener Server sein, wo man auch kreative Ideen austauschen kann~
Ain’t much, just people living in a city that’s different from everyone. These people tend to be kind to each other, but there is a lot of segregation. Not by the government though, but the groups like to stay separate from each other. They tend to be aggressive as well, and the only exception to them being separate is an army. Though there are special cases, they live in separate areas as well.
Eorzea is an action adventure rp server set in a semi futuristic fantasy world with progressing lore, factions and plenty of areas to explore. But the server isn’t limited to that there’s also other ways to rp and plenty of other things to do. The server is still under minor construction but 90% of it is done and if you’d like to help finish it you’re more then welcome to!
we are looking for beachside outcast beachside wolfs to join the packs Side note please don't judge us we just made this server

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where supernatural creatures didn’t have to hide, in fact they ruled this very kingdom. The entire royal family is made up of vampires. The the lords, ladies, and nobles are werewolves, but the witches are servants and helpers to all of them, or they are outlaws or outcasts while the humans are in fairly smaller numbers and either serve as blood in blood taverns, personal food for the Royals, or as servants, or they are outcasts. There are two outcast camps for humans and one for witches, the western human camp wants war and wants to take back what a long time ago was theirs, while the eastern camp wants peace but also doesn't agree with the rulers and the way they treat the humans. The vampires and werewolves both worship the moon god and goddess both the vampires and werewolves may have mates but then again they don't have to be the same creature as them, they could even be human. The royals and nobles hold masquerade balls every week, only one time of that week are they open to the public. Inside the ballroom, no one is to be harmed but outside they may do as they please, it's more a front to trap humans to keep as slaves and also to find interesting people to take with them, but if concealed well enough, humans can return home safely. Where will this story go and how will it end, join in and find out, We hope to see you there, in The Kingdom Of Lywyn.

Side note please don't judge us we just made this server

An RP server centered around mythology and fantasy, set on medieval times. Including multiple races to pick, a large and still growing bestiary, multiple different channels for rp, a good deal of mystery and a fairly good basis on reality. Battle-social RP, though battles are fought with skill and thinking.
Realm of Erdiema is a fantasy, sci-fi, and post-post apocalyptic roleplaying server set in the year 8081, thousands of years after Earth’s destruction. This RP is mainly set in Erdiema and as of Act I, houses the Zialnor landmass and offers not only straight-up roleplay (no RPG/tabletop-based elements are officially utilised) but a vast world to explore, ten playable races (we also got some subraces, too), a multitude of factions, and more.

Premise: It is 8081, and the world is now under chaos starting with a five-way civil war brewing between the Syndicate's controlled Zialnor government and four other factions who are not only at each other's throats but also desire control of Zialnor itself. Many events are also bound to brew following this war but in the end, what will happen to the Zialnor continent, and the rest of the world?

What we offer includes:
-Pure roleplaying, no RPG/Tabletop elements officially utilised.
-An ongoing and developing story which develops with the players.
-A world that combines fantasy and far future together.
-Ten playable races: Humans, Elves, Demons/Angels, Beastmen, Kemona (Kemonomimis), Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Androids, and Dragonkin.
-A story and world with mature themes along with NSFW RP channels for those who are into that thing.
-Join about seven factions, which help to influence the storyline.
-Ability to make unlimited characters.
-Staff who are willing to help out players get started, even those new to roleplaying as well.

Notice: The server contains NSFW channels to RP in. You must be 18+ to gain access to those channels.


world’s end is an academy roleplay, inspired by
franchises such as boku no hero academia, honkai
impact, and the umbrella academy. the story focuses on
the mysterious institution that appeared a hundred years
ago, and those who received invitations to attend what is
now known as the most powerful and prestigious academy
for the gifted—those who possess the power to shape reality
as they deem fit.

there is no documentation as to where the academy is
located; the realm is exists in is simply known as the
world’s end. the tides are turning, and it’s move or get
dragged: so will you face the dark as a hero?— will you
drown out the light as a villain?— or will you howl to the
heavens no matter what?

Lush is a discord roleplayer community that offers a world in which resides a wide array of fantastical beings. We are first and foremost a mature community of 18+ literate roleplayers looking to add more quality writers to this world! We write anywhere from novella to a minimum of paragraph length, offer clean organised OOC chats, and a team of dedicated and responsive staff.

Even though our lore is fairly extensive, it is split in a way to ease access for new characters in must-read and optional sections. We welcome original characters who are looking for a natural progression through Lush be it through learning magic, acquiring magical items or accessing high society in a moderated way.
Welcome one, welcome all, to a story with blood, drama and monster girl restaurants (Just ask cOrnn!).
This server has (not) got it all; Magic,
sci-fi, fantasy, even monster girl restaurants! (Again ask cOrnn). But seriously it would be nice if you joined.

We have excellent staff, a not bad at all owner, and a non-toxic community.

As long as you follow all of the rules, you have nothing to worry about.
Join today!
Welcome Elementalists! Here you can choose to be whatever mage you want. You can be a fire, water, Earth, air, nature, ice, light, or darkness mage!
There are many different specific classes for each element, and core classes too.
-Make friends
-Have Powers
-Learn how to use your powers
-Fun events to participate in
-And more!
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between!

This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a discord server as well as a forum site (

Our Discord is used for OOC plotting and character development, all lore and RP posts are located on the site.

We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
This Story takes place in the Second Era, Year 605, 23 Years after the events of The Elder Scrolls Online ( ESO ), with the events of the Planemeld still fresh in the minds of those who lived through it, with stories still being told of the Vestige, the Five Companions, and the defeat of Molag Bal. In this story, it will not follow the standard timeline of the TES games, but rather create our own.

You want to be a Vampire, skulking in the dark and hunting for blood? We have several clans for that.
Want to be a Soldier, fighting for Cyrodiil? We have that too.

Come join us here, in The Elder Scrolls: Second Era, ask any questions you'd like, as our staff team is glad to help with any Lore related, rule related or character related questions you may have!

As a note, please read the rules before participating. This is to ensure we all have fun in this fun community we are creating.