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Ferro Ignique(Fire and Iron) is a Semi-realistic RPG in a Gothic medium fantasy setting. we have a small but welcoming community, plenty of lore, and a world that is constantly expanding and bringing new things and places for the players to explore. we have a functioning combat system involving dice and modifiers which at first glance may look complicated, but is actually quite simple. so come on in, have a talk with a staff member and get a character built today!
Realm of Veritav is a medieval fantasy text-roleplay that’s ESO and D&D-esque in nature. It’s very open, only limits are to make things fair and make sense. Now looking for new mods and admins, as well as GMs. Come and roleplay!
Will you save the world from the oncoming onslaught of demons, or join them in their greedy conquests? It's your choice! Join either side, and fight for what you believe in! Be a fierce warrior, or a nerdy wizard. We have a large arrangement of races and powers to pick from, so you have plenty of room to be creative!

We are a laid back fantasy roleplay community who just want to relax and have some fun while an easy, to understand plot unfolds before our eyes! We hope you join us, and have a great time!
**Herthcrest Valley**

A long time ago, on an Earth still fresh with life, a meteor struck, but of a different kind - a cosmic kind. Some found themselves with special powers, unlike any had been witnessed before - powers drawn from marks, tattoos, in the shapes of the constellations. It would be this very constellations that resembled their powers. It was only a matter of time that someone decided to harness the force for good -

Founding the school we speak of today.
To Herthcrest Valley.

🛡 - Democracy, and voice!
☄ - Unique power system! Freedom!
💡 - Capable and well organised staff!
🗼 - Constantly growing and developing!
🏛 - Participation and tonnes of RP channels!
❤ - A warm, welcoming and friendly community!

And so much more...what are you waiting for?!

~ Sincerely, Herthcrest
Enchanted Erotica is a niche group who love a little magic sprinkled in with their sex. Telekinetic women, superheroes, shapeshifters, cloners, ghosts, witches, warlocks, and gods are all things you will find here and more! We love to post images of women who may or may not be magical as well (due to their amazing bodies and outrageous physiques). Our emphasis is on the written word, but we also love to find such things in images, gif, and video formats. Come join us! Share your works, discoveries, or see what we have to offer you!
A roleplay server that offers all kinds of adventure! Join this adventure to a still growing world with all kind of Monsters and Species. Includes up to 11 kingdoms! They all contain different types of species for both your enjoyment and benefits! Everyone is welcome!

Bots! Including Nekobot, Tatsumaki, four music bots and more!

A wonderful community that will be sure to greet and have fun with you!
Join us in Furīku city, a realm run by “freaks”, strange humans who seem to have mystical ablilities! Join our serious RP server today!

**What we have to offer**

💪🏼A really active community💪🏼
🎩Completely customisable characters (OCs)!🎩
🥇Ability to climb up the ranks!🥇
💋Lots of drama!💋
⚔️Fights to the death!⚔️
🍔Stores run by other roleplayers like yourself!🍔
🇬🇧English speaking server!🇬🇧
🤗Really friendly community!🤗
😍Really competent, friendly and fair staff!😍
🏳️‍🌈Everyone is welcome and treated with upmost respect here!🏳️‍🌈
🕐Major roleplay events!🕐

💜If you want to partner with your server, please add me!💜
*Staff Reserve The Right to Reject any OC Applications*
In this land, there are magical creatures beyond your wildest dreams. And it’s all currently ruled by the 4 great demon lords. But In the past there was a Great War between demons and dragons fighting for who was truly worthy of the power. The demons would have won if not for the traitors who cost them the war securing the dragons rule. Then over one thousand years later the kingdoms were in ruins forcing everyone to fend for themselves and begging the demons for help, the demons reluctantly agreed and they fought the dragons once again and this time they prevailed putting the demons back in power. After that point, the kingdoms have been restored and are at peace... but who knows how long that could last.
``**R O L E P L A Y N A T I O N**

Like roleplaying? Then this is the place for you! We're a friendly community with all kinds of different roleplays for those with different interests! We have an assortment of bots to keep you entertained, including Pokecord, IdleRPG, Tatsumaki, and Aki! We have voice channels specified for music, listen to your favorite songs while roleplaying!

**Roleplays we currently have include:**

**Roleplay currently in progress:**

**We are always open to suggestions, and always trying to improve!**
Hey you!

Yes, you.

Do you enjoy detailed and story-based roleplays? Do you care if they are SFW or NSFW? No? Well, look no further! The Roleplay Shelter has everything ranging from fantasy, sci fi, fandom, fiction, etc!

-This server is 16+ so minors are welcomed!
-We also require that people give a valid ID before we are able to give the 18+ tag, so just remember you have 24 hours max to do that!
-After you have done everything and fulfilled all requirements, you are free to chat and role play throughout the server, make friends and have a good time!
Join the guild of Tailbane! Make your character and level up becoming the ultimate hero. Plot will move foreward ,but unrelated quests will be posted in job board by dms.
Welcome To Arkcaster City

The Year is 2022, nothing terribly advanced has been created but the discovery and study of these new creatures have been groundbreaking within itself.

Arkcaster is a place that is considered a “refuge” for the supernatural creatures like Vampire, Werewolves, Elves, Orcs etc as well as humans to live in Peace and Harmony.
Unfortunately that ain’t how life works and the city is riddled with crime.

Here you can start a new life, whether that life entails redemption and the white picket fence or blood and cash or even just to get a change of scenery is up to you.

There are vast amount of career options from
Such as
-Officer of the Law
-Bounty Hunter
-Armed Vigilante
I’m not listing all of them off, if you can think of it you can probably be it.
Esnium, a shining beacon of trade and culture and the largest city-state of the world of Aedre, situated in a small mountain range on the Esnan Isthmus, between the continents of North and South Inoctsam.

Almost half a millenium ago, the world saw a new kind of magic emerge. With it came the existence of all kinds of creatures of magic, including dryads, sprites, elementals, vampires, and more. This magic also altered the nature of a great volcano on the ocean, the traditional homeland of the dragons. At first the changes were small, and subtle. But even as things got worse most dragons refused to acknowledge it, until the magic itself became corrupted and warped, warping the volcano and its inhabitants into a hostile landscape full of mindless feral beasts. Now the volcano threatens to erupt, and scatter its polluting magic across the corners of Aedre. Despite constant warnings of these events by druids, much of the world still fails to notice or care.

We're a brand new server looking for serious members!
Permanent Link to Server:
Owner: Darkhor&Danihg(Vertex Howler)#6786
**(This is a WIP server and please read everything here.)**
This roleplay and art server, welcoming all who are interested in art and or roleplay. You can help build the server by becoming a frequent and active member, there are many rp channels to rp in and many art channels to post art in. Or you could start a chat, if anyone is around at the time being.

-Suggestions channel:speaking_head:
-Complaints channel:speaking_head:
:loudspeaker:-Announcements channel

*~Art and Fun Things Available~*
:sparkles:-Multiple bots. (Music, interactive, economy, dice and much more)
:paintbrush:-Multiple art channels. (Fanart, Ocs, General Art, Space art, Species art and more)
-General chat and funsies.(Bot channel, meme channel and other)
:underage:-NSFW channels(Must be 18+ in order to access them)

*~Roleplay Things Available~*
:alien: -A list of templates to use for items, character creation, spaceships, planets, species and so on.
-Multiple channels available for roleplay:crossed_swords:

*~The story known so far~*
Orkeiy is the planet home of a particular species called the dremordriey. They don't live in harmony with one another. There's a segregation amongst the species forcing them to explore other galaxies in the hopes that in other places that they will be accepted and away from their home world. Will there be anyone to help unite them? Or will they still be at war with one another in matriarchy rule? Will they be exterminated by another species to extinction?

You can add your own species, characters, weapons, etc. They will be added to the list if at all accepted. :heavy_check_mark:
You can be any species on the list. You can use any weapon, vehicle or anything that is also on the list. (Currently the server is lacking anything on the list)
Lore is currently being worked on as well.
Currently this server is in search for members and staff!
There has been a legend going around about a town created by the gods themselves. In this town lies race from every corner of the globe. The different beings bring with them, their technology, and their knowledge in the act of brainstorming with other races with different knowledge. You would be one of the only few people excited about that place and would want to visit. After getting a little older, you started to live on your own. One day, you wake up and go through your daily routine, but before you have a chance to even sit up you notice a letter placed upon your dresser. As you open it carefully, not knowing who this might be from, a flash of light covers the whole room. Suddenly the only thing that left the room was you. The Letter that was opened teleported you to an unknown dimension. The dimension was completely black, The sky was darker than a midnight sky and the ground wasn't to hard to see. It looked like an abyss'd dimension. The only thing you could make out with was only a city in the distance. As you approach the city, a gate would be seen surrounding said city. Once you got close to the gate, you looked up at the sign but you couldn't understand what was written upon the sign. Since you couldn't tell what the sign said, you thought you would still enter through the gate and maybe ask some questions. The exact moment you enter you feel a wave of darkness subsiding toward the town and an incredible pressure coming from four researchers standing at the gate. You suddenly remembered you have the letter and didn't even take the time to read it. Upon opening the letter, a cold shive ran down your spine as you read the letter to yourself. "Welcome to ???'s main research facility enjoy your stay as it is permanent!! P.S: acts of rebellion will not be tolerated if anyone shows any sign of it they will be immediately terminated"
Beloriel used to be a prosperous planet. Human and Demi-Human resided in peace until the meteor came. The area of the map now deemed “The Womb” was once a great city. It was the largest city in all of Beloriel, and it was ruled by a Demi-Human King and Queen. The meteor landed on the city, and in an instant, the Demi Kingdom was erased from existence. The Demi-Humans, another name for Beastmen, had lost their land of origin. But this catastrophe was only the beginning. Monsters unlike anything anyone had ever seen began to crawl, slither, and fly from the crater where the meteorite had landed. The creatures burned, ate, and ravaged the surrounding lands, wiping out villages, races, and people. Great sea monsters appeared in the oceans capsizing and destroying ships. Titans appeared on the frontier. Finally, seven powerful beings emerged. They called themselves gods and their desire was to assimilate and destroy. Entire armies were corrupted by the gods and turned on their own kingdoms. Civilizations bent the knee to the gods and sacrificed their humanity for the god’s power.

Thousands of refugees fled to the west to the second largest kingdom now only known as “The Last Kingdom.” The Last Kingdom is the last haven where uncorrupted Humans and Demi-Humans reside. It is surrounded by the servants of the gods—their monsters—and has managed to survive with great sacrifice. Many guardians have been sacrificed in battles to protect the walls from being breached by the demons, and many have died in their desperate expeditions to find food. The gods seek to starve The Last Kingdom and break the people. Already, there are secret sects of worshipers appearing in the kingdom. Anyone caught worshiping the gods are quickly imprisoned for it won’t be long until they become one of the god’s monstrous disciples.

The Last Kingdom, before it was known as such, was called Caroline. The Caroline King and Queen preside over it, and in their desperation, they sent out ten doves with a tiny scroll tied about their legs. The doves were a cry for help, a summons to any hero who still exist. Who was strong and brave enough to destroy the gods? It was a frightening task that many a warrior turned the other cheek to. Who could destroy a god? On a summons to The Last Kingdom, the Caroline Kingdom, our heroes emerge.

What I offer:
- Adventurous high fantasy RP in a late medieval setting.
- Non-linear plot, as your actions will always influence the outcome of the story/mission or whatever you are doing
- Patience! And forgiveness, I am no one to hold grudges against those who take their time to reply. If anything, I would be always open for DMs to hit me up and talk if something is the matter or if a turn can be skipped
In short, the Midnight Menagerie is a forum-style RP Discord server consisting of different 'realms'. While the officers are heavily involved in assisting members and creating various RP experiences, the server is also a place for story tellers who want the freedom to create and explore their own ideas.
Welcome to Pre Ascension on Valorn! Here you can focus your medieval fantasies in this roleplay to create unique and diverse characters
Welcome to Narnia where two Telmarian princesses have been in hiding from their wiled uncle for years but they’ve decided that it’s time to take back what is theirs. After witnessing first hand what his rule has done to their kingdoms the two girls are ready to give up their quiet lives in the outskirts of society and fight for their kingdom. They’re ready to fight to make things better for their people. Will you join them?
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Brave New World█ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂

Welcome to Our server, here we have active member, nice admins, and we have a great one piece roleplay where you can do and become whoever you want to be, if you're willing to roleplay for it. Come to go on cool adventures, have interesting fights and meet new people!!

♔『Original character roleplay server』♔

♔『Sci fi- fantasy roleplay』♔

♔『A great way to mingle and meet other roleplayers』♔

♔『Fun bots to use』♔

♔『Interesting roleplay system』♔

The year was 3162, and the human race was dying at an alarming rate due to an incurable super virus. All attempts at developing a cure had failed miserably. The economic, and political leaders of the world banded together under one coalition, The United Federation of Exploration. The purpose of the U.F.E. was to develop a ship that could carry 2000 people across the cosmos to find a suitable home world. It is been 138 years since the humans had launched and they are now just coming out of cryosleep, and the planet that the ship picked seems more than promising. But little do the humans know, that they will not be alone down on the planet surface
Welcome to Imperial Roleplay, a fanstasy-themed Roleplay inspired heavily by games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Fable and For Honor. We are an NSFW server, so there should be something for everyone's likings~♡.

You can let your imagination run wild:
♡- You could be a brave Knight from the famed Guild.
♡- You could be a selfless Paladin, dedicating your life to protecting the weak.
♡- You could be a wise witch or wizard, excelling in the magical arts.
♡- You could be anything more, from a nobleman to a underdog criminal.
♡- You could even attempt to be chosen as the land's new Emperor after the recent turmoil.

-Overall, we invite you to stay a while and to see if you are interested in our roleplay here. We are lenient, open to suggestions and looking for dedicated staff members to ensure the smooth running of our server. I hope to see you soon~ ♡♡-


Server established: 6th January 2019.
*Adrania: A place where anything is possible*
~Hello! I am here to invite you to a fantasy roleplay server where you can create/transfer your characters and roleplay with other people!~

~ In Adrania you will find ~

* A very friendly staff team.
* A relaxing environment
* A very friendly community
* The use of an economy bot
* An immersive lore with many places to roleplay in!

So come on and join us!
Hello and Welcome to our kingdom. We're a new rp server and are accepting anyone who follows our rules. Ask our admins about our lore if you are curious about joining.
Ah, so, you have a taste for adventure? Then come take a trip to Bounty! Discover the secrets behind what is happening, discover new life forms..and most of all..survive.