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The Large city of Shademount with it’s many secrets and Beauties. All beings..well almost all beings live in peace here..They have many modern places such as Cafe’s, Hospitals, and so in but they also have many “Supernatural” Places.

Dragon farms, under water towns, and markets with potions and many things that can be named. There is also many small villages around but the two towns that are known by name along with the Main city are Graywater and RougeHill.

At night it’s never safe and the only ones that can seem to help are the Race that is mostly wiped out...and the remaining are held as Slaves to the richest people and they are forced to use their powers to save only the rich..These people are called shiners
And there is only about 12 (8 open slots) left In the world..Of course if the rich so choose they could breed like animals

If you are interested and or intrigued Join the server and Read more about..The last tamer

•Everyone is welcomed
•We have crude humor
•Friendly people
We are trying to grow and would love if you joined! Love Admin/Co-Owner, Bluu/Max
Hai! Welcome to my Server! This is Strictly a place for anyone who is a pet owner or a animal Lover to post anything they want, I Strictly want No Drama please, and I hope you enjoy this Server ^^
this is a twitch discord server made by one of my friend called wazz your welcome to join its also a gaming discord community
New chillzone community seeking members and staff opened up 2019 and has 2 owners and 3 devs and some bots, we want to make a big community that everyone can be respected and have fun in. admins are available but we need more so we can be here 24/7 for the community Founders ID:Reload your shit#4754
Everyone may join and we would love if you could give advice so we can build this server to really work for everyone. See you at Chillzone 1.3