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have fun. We do have a no rules/NSFW chat so mute that if u don't want spams or NSFW. So no this is technically not an NSFW server.
This is a server for fun, we just talk, do a little funny school rp, and just have a good time.
[Cloud 0] is a 14+ server with a chill, small community that we hope to grow as time goes by!
We offer:
✧Colored roles
✧Tons of different channels
✧A small community to chat with
✧A group of very nice admins
✧Basically no drama
✧A cool lounge theme
Welcome to the opening of The Good place! Right now if you have any suggestions for chats in the server let us know down in #server-suggestions. We hope you have a great time in the server! - The staff team
Hai! Welcome to my Server! This is Strictly a place for anyone who is a pet owner or a animal Lover to post anything they want, I Strictly want No Drama please, and I hope you enjoy this Server ^^
this is a twitch discord server made by one of my friend called wazz your welcome to join its also a gaming discord community
It’s a sever for my sound cloud I mostly post weekly Steven universe songs I don’t claim I made any of them my SoundCloud will be in the announcements channel thanks for stopping by! Btw this is a place for mostly chatting and meeting friends I do put new announcements when I release something new.