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Small community Discord server that encourages civil engagement and discussion on a wide variety of topics.
TwinGaming is a Chill English-Speaking Gaming Community where casual and semi-casual players who wish to enjoy their games and socialize to find like-minded people are welcome to join, We play all sorts of Games so feel free to join as channels are created on demand, We Co-Post News as well each organized on its own category. We also allow Philosophical and Deep-Esoteric discussions since we believe a healthy mind performs best at games However! NO Political, fanaticism or Religion-Exclusive discussions or anything that can create a commotion, be careful not to post any sensitive material, Disclaimer: the Server is for 18+ year old people Only, obviously any form of Toxic behavior will not be tolerated with, English-Only.
We're a community of people interested in the Occult! Come and join us so we can exchange knowledge and meet others with similar interests.
Discite Discite is a space for all interested in the esoteric arts, paganism, witchcraft, etc. with light politics. It is both a library and place for discussion.
Learn and grow with psionics. Learn programming and constructs or do more advanced skills.