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Greetings and salutations! Aletheia | Áλήθεια is a serious and academic community for the spiritual, occultist, esotericist, and so many more! We are a community based around the various spirtual practices and have various discussions! We also have our own personal esoteric library if you would just like to scope out our resources! Aletheia is a server for those who are serious about the exchange of occult knowledge through academics and experience
Dedicated 2 the pursuit of gnostic consciousness & the esoteric awareness that we all spend our lives, knowingly or not, seeking or mourning the lack thereof...
Emerald City is a community based on socializing. You can share fun content, meet new friends, and many more!
The Mystica Discord Server is forum for discussion of Pagan and Occult traditions, with a particular focus on mysticism, divination, and magical practice.
Esoteric Enclave is a group of laidback and diverse people, connected by their interest and/or practice in the occult. There is a mix of occult discussion as well as general conversation with likeminded people. LARPers, trolls, and those who are easily offended are not welcome. Enter with an open mind or do not enter at all. We’re happy and proud to have a diverse gathering of people, but we will not cater towards the desires of specific people.
A server to organize the redpilling of others, as well as keeping redpills stored in particular channels so we may come back to them for reference.
Occult means hidden or unknown, Esoteric means Wisdom that is only understood by few. Initiation means One has Awakened to Awareness and Self Initiation means One has Awakened by himself. This is the great mystery One seeks through all Occultism, what is that Great Mystery the Allegories speak of. Oraculum of Compendium means A Prophecy of Knowledge and a Knowledge of Prophecies, this is a place where One can come and learn to discover who One truly is and take their first step into Spiritual Evolution.
The Order of The Arcanium stands as the branch of the Wilder Guild dedicated to the pursuit of Arcane knowledge and its related themes. We hold little in terms of theological dogma, however, we hold Borealist Ideals as canon and as such the freedom to learn any and all traditions, crafts, and arts is upheld and encouraged.
Small community Discord server that encourages civil engagement and discussion on a wide variety of topics.
TwinGaming is a Chill English-Speaking Gaming Community where casual and semi-casual players who wish to enjoy their games and socialize to find like-minded people are welcome to join, We play all sorts of Games so feel free to join as channels are created on demand, We Co-Post News as well each organized on its own category. We also allow Philosophical and Deep-Esoteric discussions since we believe a healthy mind performs best at games However! NO Political, fanaticism or Religion-Exclusive discussions or anything that can create a commotion, be careful not to post any sensitive material, Disclaimer: the Server is for 18+ year old people Only, obviously any form of Toxic behavior will not be tolerated with, English-Only.
We're a community of people interested in the Occult! Come and join us so we can exchange knowledge and meet others with similar interests.
Learn and grow with psionics. Learn programming and constructs or do more advanced skills.