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Brand New server that's all bout different erp scenarios that can happen to an oc, the first few people who join will get to be mods (tho I will watch da new mods).
**Set 50 Years after the events of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Hogwarts is back with new dorm systems and rules. Alongside new Classes and trainings! Come join today to start your Adventure as a Wizard,Witch, Mudblood and etc**
Web are an ERP server that is all about diving into the imagination of the community. We want people to have fun and also be creative with their characters and their ERP's/RP's. We also have a self made bot made by the owner ØИĪĪ-ĈĦÂИ#1998. SO join today and have fun with the community.
**Venture forth into a new Generation of Adventure. Explore new lands. Meet new people, explore, battle, adventure in quest and find love. Experience much more and come have some fun and chill.