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our server has alot of stuff to offer, if you like music, memes and anime or just in general entertainment! we also have a great community who will help you if you need to vent, hope to see you there <3
join the discord server so that you can get answers to some things and homework and also reading plus answers mainly and you can also talk in the server about random things and listen to music the server is really organized so i thing you will like it
The Entertainer is a server that is community driven. We are fairly new and are open to new users from all over the world. We are interactive, creative and are here for users to make new friends! The server is always looking for suggestions to improve itself so if you have any, message the server owner!
We are a fun server that you can sit down and talk to others and enjoy the different bots and plugins we have in place for you to do! We also have pokecord and a separate channel for it so you can enjoy the world of Pokemon! We also are recruiting staff and need them desperately! Join us today!
Server location: EU Central
Server Owner: Ivan#3512
If you are looking to become part of a great, active online gaming community with chill and welcoming users, join the QuantumLeap Discord server! The server is located in central Europe, with a self-role feature, which lets you assign your own game-related roles, specifying which games you have or are down to play, so other users have the chance to approach you regarding exactly those games. The server has 10 simple rules / guidelines with 5 active moderators enforcing them in order to ensure a nice tone within the users as well as an overall friendly environment.
IQ SERVER is a small community has been established to contain all the experiences and paragraphs entertaining and includes channels to teach Turkish and English and voice conversations to end the Cyber Shame in 2019
Join this server if u want free discord nitro yes you heard it right FREE Nitro with Proofs
It's really just a place where I want everyone to get to know each other and have fun, Maybe watch my streams when they're bored. We have custom colours and also some fun people to talk to! we'll welcome every one of you if you follow the rules of the server.
420 Entertainment is a community focused around bringing people who share an interest in cannabis together in one place to chat, sesh, and find 420-friendly content!

420 Entertainment offers Content Creators a place to promote their content as well as network and collaborate with others. Join the 420 Entertainment team and let's grow together!

CoupTwo is a Hub dedicated to partnering with servers that specifically avoid the drama that you find in normal RP servers so that you can do what you really came for: Fun.
Unofficial Hytaleโ€™s discord!
Hytale is a game made by the Hypixel Studio.
I will be announcing all the updates and news that comes out for Hytale.
We might also do giveaways of Hytale!
โœ“ HejHej is a growing multi-purpose entertainment server dedicated to the unique kinds of people on the internet. Memers, Otakus, Gamers, Music Lovers, Roleplayers, and technically all cultured people on the vast Internet Land are welcome and are free to meet us as part of a separate growing community.

Join us, share the word to everyone you know and become part of the new growing community in the net!
Ooooh! This is the right place to have fun with other people!

You can even get your own Custom Channel where you can decide who you invite to that channel and you can manage that channels name and stuff.

Join today for awesome awesomeness!

Oh btw we also have a cool little casino where u can do stuff

We also have in-chat games like, Minesweeper, Uno, Hangman and alot more

Ui Ui Ui Ui Ui Ui Ui Join, i mean.. why not?
Hello, you are probably searching for a good discord server, sure, you probably see some great servers but the rest are barely populated or shitty as hell. Well I think you have found the golden ticket, chill. we are a community with over 80 members and we keep growing each day, we also have free advertising if you want your server to grow. We also have funny memes that users post and an nsfw channel :D. I'm not forcing you do anything but you have a choice, join a shitty server, or join a chill server.
Join the Official PEAK Discord, Tons of different chats with slot caps to keep for you are your friends! Friendly and helpful staff, gaming chats and a variety of different games that we play. Awesome bots and cool commands, music bot! Join PEAK Discord Today!
We are a friendly cafe willing to keep you entertained! We have awsome staff and friendly member. No matter what you will always be accepted! Enjoy your stay!
Hi I'm berry owner of this discord server, and proud to call you a new starling here,

Here in this discord server we have structured rule but loose rules, fun chats, amazing bots to tinker with, and so much more. I hope to make this a community well known and hope to have you join, we're starting of small and wanna grow super big!

In this server there are many things to such as, talk with new people, make friends, share commen interest, listen to music and so much more. Feel free to dm me anytime if you're having problems in the server, or have any suggestions!
A server designed as an all in one hub so that anyone can join. After joining, ask any mod to give you default role to unlock the whole server. Join if you (and your friends) need a place to hang out for whatever reason.

The server is quite new with very few members so please be patient and give 12 hour maximum time until someone grants you full access to the server. Not going to oversell anything, Just trying to create a place that is not limited to doing one thing.

The idea is to eventually have different mods that can manage separate interests so that the community will have their own representative who understands them.
What do you need to know about the server?
This server is where you can chill around and have a nice day chatting with each other. We also include VoiceChat, Events, Meme and many more! NSFW Included!
this isn't a full on raid server, raids intend to harass a server. this is different, the intended purpose behind this is to entertain, imagine 50 or odd people joining a server. changing our names and pfps to say half furries half soldiers, then imagine a full out war in general chat on other servers. that's what we want! if asked to stop we stop however. this is for fun not to attack peoples servers. server just made so come join and invite interested friends!
๐ŸŽฎ๐™’๐™š๐™š๐™ ๐™ก๐™ฎ-๐™๐™ช๐™ฃ๐ŸŽฎ
Come to The Adam Resort! We just started, so make yourselves at this place.
-You can order food!๐Ÿ›๐Ÿฅ™๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿ•๐ŸŸ
-Use the computer (MEE6 Search)๐Ÿ–ฅ
-Advertise your server, anything in the ad lounge!
-Have fun making memes with Dank Memer Bot in the meme lounge
-any lounge๐Ÿ”ž
-Use the Music bot in the music lounge!๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽผ
-Speak any language in the world lounge
-Annoying people are allowed too! In the spam lounge.
-Book a room at the hotel!
-Have fun at the pool!
-Hangout with friends!
-And many more!
Dank Memer(memes)
Discord Fast Food(food)
Anyone! (Except trollers and people who want to hijack our server)
Come join today!
Interesting Space is based on
-Memes(pretty dank)
-Members(everyone is generally active and interactive)
-Voice Chat(where you can find the server members on daily)
-Place to socialize and chill.

The owner is pretty active and talks with everyone and the server is just a chill place to be and hang out.