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A fun, friendly place to meet new people, have a chat and join in with some 1, 2 or more player games or share your music tastes with others
Best server for socializing and making new friends! There is a free promotion if you DM the owner. You get free roles for a limited time only! Join now to experience the best!
A very chill server with a relaxed staff team. There are no real rules, just have fun and try and follow the basic guidelines. The server is based on having a good time with some amazing people. We have NSFW channels and some interesting games and bots! I hope you enjoy your stay! Xox
🥗 Gordon's Galore 🥗

Hello amazing people!~
(/∩_∩)/❀❀ Are you...
Looking for a community based server that radiates fun? Want a server that is dedicated to the hothead himself Gordon Ramsay? Well you've come to the right place!!!

✮We’ve Gotchu Covered!✮

♛We offer:
▸A big variety of advance, useful, entertaining and fun Bots! ;3
▸Organized Channels! (Find right where you want to go easily~)
▸No discrimination!
▸Justice served well!
▸Cool and supportive members! (Shoutout to them all) ^!
▸Cooperative and hard working staff! (Thanks to them)
▸We’re taking in more applications for staffs atm~ (come join our team! ;D)
▸Fun events!
▸Still developing and has much more to come!! O:

❁⋰Those are just of the many awesome features contributed into our community, so don't hesitate to join!!⋱❁
╰(^~^)╯We will love to welcome you all and make new friends!
☞In case you have any inquiries, issues or concerns please contact our staff.☜
We hope to see you there! <3

📎 📎
The Triplesun Hotel is a hotel-themed Social Community (with Entertainment aspects) server! We have many fun features and much to offer! Here is what we have to offer:

-Economy and shopping!
-Your own personal channels!
-Fun and entertaining bots! Including Music Bots!
-Self-assignable roles!
-Color roles!
-Level-up system! Show off your level-up roles!
-50 Custom Emojis, along with 10 animated emojis!
-And much more, with more features coming soon!

Do you like to socialize? Like level-up roles and color roles? Entertaining bots? Then this server is for you!

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on and join The Triplesun Hotel today!
(We are accepting partners as well! So feel free to partner with us.)
Run by Lime, the Supreme Team is an amazing server with amazing bots (we have a custom bot).

Come check it out!
Hello, I'm Sad Boi. You may recognize me from the game, Just Shapes & Beats. My discord server is based around rhythm games, such as but not limited to: Just Shapes and Beats, Osu!, Geometry Dash, Beat Saber, and any others that you guys want!!! We have plenty of entertainment as well. This is a new and growing server that I hope you will give a shot!!
My server, The Multi Pros is a server mainly focusing on games. Here is what our server has for you.


-》 An active community with tons of nice people!
-》 Active staff that will help you at all times!
-》 Pokécord Bot!
-》Other Amazing Bots!
-》Self assignable roles!
-》Cool Giveaways!
& much more


This is a family friendly discord, and hence you should keep the chat clean, and avoid any obscene content.

Web Safe Weebs is a socializing server to hang out in, play with bots, and make friends. We are a bunch of nerd-weebs who never go out! Come join us, join in conversation and play with the many bots. Must be 18+ to join.

There will be an age verification process in the beginning, but it is short and easy. (please, do not lie about your age.)
Welcome to Stream City! We're a brand new community dedicated to partnering and assisting new and up-and-coming streamers. Our staff team has more than 8 years' marketing experience and is centered around helping your stream grow!
Fun server that you can hang out with others in. Feel free to join as the server grows.
A zany free-wheeling server where we focus on having fun and entertaining ourselves without all the excessive moderation you see at most other servers. This place has all types of people from across the internet including podcasters, and paranormal enthusiasts along with those that make fun of them. Everyone finds their place as we all intermingle with memes, gifs, podcasts, and other methods - but we all end up enjoying ourselves in some fashion.
Welcome Everyone. Meet new people, have fun and experience our different bots and games we have. Come and help us grow as a community! Cant wait to see you there ^^
We are a fun server that you can sit down and talk to others and enjoy the different bots and plugins we have in place for you to do! We also have pokecord and a separate channel for it so you can enjoy the world of Pokemon! We also are recruiting staff and need them desperately! Join us today!
Join this server if u want free discord nitro yes you heard it right FREE Nitro with Proofs
7times is 7X better than other server.
-daily dose of memes
-Tech channel
-Active members
-Memes channel
-Awesome bots

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🦉 ໂ Eu sou OwlLow. Sou responsável pela 🍁🍂 UMBRELLA™ 🍂, bem aqui em baixo tem algumas das centenas de funções de nossa comunidade!

🍂 ໑ Temático. Conforme as festividades e/ou épocas do ano!

💥 ໑ Formações de Desenho e Programação do Discord!

🖤 ໑ Servidor Organizado e Maravilhoso!

⚰️ ໑ Sistema Económico e de Vendas!

🦇 ໑ Dois Bots de Pokémon totalmente configurado, confira!

🦉 ໂ E assim nos despedimos, voltaremos a nos ver no servidor!
• Convide seus amigos! Utilize:⠀⠀⠀⠀
• Copyright © 2018 Umbrella™ - Todos os direitos reservados.
Welcome to lazy days

A place to unwind and meet new people with no pressure.
Music server for discussion, listening parties, music discovery - also includes a custom bot with integration!
This server is for the purpose of showing off talents, making new friends, and enjoying your time. Join us if you are interested in music, singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc! We welcome everyone and hope you enjoy your time to the fullest with a friendly environment and mods/admins that are willing to help with anything. We wish to grow this server into something big!
Hey, this server is for you all to have fun and I'm here to entertain y'all and hf with the other members :3 However, it's a new server, so sorry it's not rly good yet, but if you join earlier, you'll soon be a great, old member that we will all love and I'll rank you up if I think you're awesome :3
Hello Looking For À Place To Relax And Chat? Well We Have The Right Place For You!

Come Join Are Community And Have À Little Talk And Have Some Fun With The Bots!

Bots: Mee6 , Tatsumaki , PokéCord And Owo!

We Have Good Mods And Admins That Have Much Respect And That Are Polite!
We Do Have NSFW But In Order To Go Into The NSFW Room You Have To Be 18+ And Have To Have The NSFW That Will Be Available Once You Chat For À Bit!.
Hope You Have À Great Time At The Server If You Ever Decide To Join!

Minor Features: We Do Have À Bot Room So You Don't Have To Change Room To Room For Each Bot. Make Sure To Read The Rules If You Ever Decide To Join We Are Also Very Active!

Until Then Have À Great Day!

Hiii all. Lemon Gang is my discord server which I aim to make a thriving gaming community (whether it be a small or large group). Rocket-League aswell as many other games are palyed here.
:D Make my day and join Lemon Gang for some fun banter.