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🏚 This server is made for Chilling, Friendship and Gaming. This is a community that also provides Emotional Support and does not discriminate people that are going through Depression, Anxiety, and Behavioral Disorders. 😉😉😉



Emotional support community! Need to vent? Someone to talk to? Want to help others? You've found your new home.

We welcome all new people!

We are looking for those who feel lost and alone, and we want to give those people a new home, someone they can talk to.

- We have many unique emotes!
- TTS Bot
- Lewd channel
- ERP/RP Chats
And much, much more!

The admins are always on and try their best to connect with every user!
We hope to see you there!
The venting cafe is here to fulfill all of your venting needs! Here, you can make friends, vent, and receive help. It's now a fairly sized community, and we're really thankful for that! Please enjoy your drinks.
Hi ^^ You should join this server because this is the face of newcomers -> =[] they are surprised by the excelled uniqueness of the server xd. Loneliness and Depression get whoosh away Hihi.
what is the server about ? WE are really extraordinarily friendly so finding friends can be simple here undoubtedly And we helped a good 49 people who needed emotional support also have Evidence in a channel if you would like to glance at it :()
WE HAVE +50 bots games and special roles to keep you busy with entertainment and compassionate toward others ^~^
THERE is just no time to get bored so why are you not joining already ?
Incidentally , I'm looking for an assistant to help me with the server so if you are an person full of determination and have a will to help please join and tell me.
Blue Lava • Healing Network


Distance Energy Healing & Emotional Support

• 24/7 ambient radio
• Community chat with translator for assistance
• Media (and music) with listening capabilities for the group or alone
(YouTube and Spotify)
• The Daily Tao - to find your peaces to the puzzle
• The Flow - bluelava's personal healing picture and quote database

Practitioners are welcome to hold their own distance sessions or classes for a one time fee of 31$.

Also now featuring Kali Holistic Healing, a female only theta healing service

+Dalai lama twitter feed and bots

thank you <3
An open and welcoming community full of open minded people. We support everyone and have channels for a variety of things! Art, music, gaming, memes and much more! Come Dream with us!
This server is a Social server concentrating on talking and having good times!
When you join be sure to:

1. Read the rules and respect them
2. Go to the Reaction Roles channel, scroll up and fill it up!
3. Be sure to invite all of your friends, to get special roles!

In this server you can:

1. Meet new friends
2. Talk with different people
3. Be in a friendly community
4. Build your own character

Welcome to Relax shack!

we are a very loving community who luv to talk and do stuff!

we also have:

Lots of fun and useful bots!


A welcoming and accepting LGBTQ community!

Friendly and trained staff!

Actually dmable staff!


And a suggestion channel the owner reads with a twitching eye!
Here we give the opportunity to people to express their feelings in a safe, open place.
We also have a general talk, loads of VC channels and some outlet channels with more to be added soon!
We welcome all people, no matter what might be up. We have on hand staff to help and support other members and are always looking for new staff members!
Sins Carnival is a server that accepts LGBTQ+ and religious people, we have many things like The Carnival Masters, The Crazy Clowns, The Killer Dolls, and many more! Why don’t you join?... Don’t worry.. We won’t bite.. 😈




__**⌘Welcome to the AntiDepressionSociety⌘**__
➥ socializing and emotional/mental-support

▬▬▬ ▬»»-————-————-««▬ ▬▬▬

🔷⁂__**What we have**__⁂🔷

`1.0`|✪**A proffessional team,**

`1.1`|✪**multiple venting and support-channels. **

`1.2`|✪**A friendly, active and open community,**

`1.3`|✪**24/7 Support.**

`1.4`|✪**Multiple options for submitting reviews or suggestions,**

`1.5`|✪**over 80 different emotes!**

`1.6`|✪**We gladly accept partnerships.**

`1.7`|✪**Many many self assignable roles from general information to mental illnesses(which don't have to demonstrate diagnosisses**)

`1.8`|✪**Events such as giveaways and temporare channels**

`⌘Our goal⌘

Our goal is to change that so many people are getting bullied/are depressed.We want to help people which are getting bullied/are depressive.We created this server with the intentions to build up a place where people can feel safe, have fun and meet new people.A place where you can get help if it's needed or someone to talk. The key for a good atmosphere and a good one with each other is a respectful behavior, helpfulness, safety, trust and acceptance.

Over 800 million people suffer from depression which is more than 10% of the world population!
It's an obligation for us to help those people.
If youre getting bullied/are depressed

Pls come on this server.We will help you and talk about your problems.We will give you power cause youre not a
waste of life.You deserve love, friends and a respectful behavior.

If youre interested to help people which are getting bullied or meet a friendly community, join and have fun with us or become a mentional/emotional- helper!


─ ✎⋅⋅⋅ Hello, Welcome to Serene Harmony, where you let your mind wonder and let the pain be drained away. We support one another and help each other through the journey of life. You can come here to make friends, find support and have fun.┊⋆ ˚✯✩.
**︵➴Emotional Support-♡**

> Emotional Support is a safe place where YOU can be you, there are people to help you.

> We support LGBTQ+.

> We like to have fun.

> So? What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

> Links:
The depths of emotion
I do strongly believe we all have issues deep down inside, though most of us do not want to admit it, we all have issues. Our goal is to give anyone in need a chance to talk about their issues and try and come up with a solution. I have always been a very empathetic person so i've always had a goal to help people with their deep emotional feelings and struggles. You want to have the best life you can and always being trapped in a emotional cage is not good for your mental health, you wanna free yourself from it. I know that people don't want to admit it but I do know most everyone has issues no one is perfect. I really want to help each and every one of you to give you the opportunity to live the best life you can.
We will help each and every one of you will issues such as break ups family issues or any other issues you might have.
We are a completely christian group.
Please, no one wants you upset the world is not against you, we are here for you :hearts:
Introvert motelis where people, introverts or extroverts, come to let out their emotions. We do:
-Emotional Support
-Help you in times of need
-We sometimes do gaming!
-Listen to Lofi tunes
-And many more.
So come on down, you never know what you might like. <3
Welcome to a server that accepts anything emotion and/or drama!!! Emotion is very important here, and we want you to show it! We offer emotional support and Roleplaying. Media and various other things! Please note that the server is still in progress and cannot be finished without your help. Welcome to a place where you can vent ANYTHING. Be emotion...Drama...Unleash an emotional storm...
A place for lonely people to come try to find a social place to be, and/or have a place where they can vent. Official discord server for the r/lonely subreddit. No matter how you found us we're happy to have you!

- 3.5k members from all over the world, always active no matter your timezone
- various interest channels from gaming to anime to art to fitness and more!
- support channels where members can seek emotional and life support/advice from others or just have listening ears
✥ Hiraeth is a chill community focusing on each individual member, having categorized channels based on gaming,anime, bot spam, role play, karaoke & mostly a support system that cherishes every member & provides therapy session accordingly. So join us ASAP ღ
Do you have depression? Are you always sad? Well this is the server for you!! Lots of self roles you can choose from! Lots of people like you! Also Slowly gaining members, what are you waiting for?! Join now!!