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A fairly conservative community surrounding a literate RP in the world of Coentus, a land of empires that rise and fall, and covenants that bind men's wills to ideals until death. Beware your heart, mortal child. For any aspect of it can be twisted.
~ The year is 1995. The world is the same as the one you and I live in - except for one thing. Humans are not the only ones walking the streets - a variety of mythological races have been walking the earth with us since day one. ~

This is an Urban Fantasy RP server that takes place in New York City.

Play as an Elf, Orc, Angelic, Vampire, Undead, Goblin, and many other unique races in this re-imagining of the city. There are themes of crime, slice of life, mystery, horror, and whatever else you can come up with!
16+ - Cala is a SFW roleplay server based in a magical medieval kingdom. Want a friendly rp server? Casual? A newcomer to the roleplay world? Or are you an experienced roleplayer looking for a medieval world to explore? Cala welcomes all and makes sure to keep it family friendly! Welcome to the ride!
In the land of Da Xing Jia, on a planet called Lillium, there exist the different Elven kingdoms and races, the Rako cat people, the Laru orcs, the Davi dwarves, the Tena and the humans, Sadly the human kingdom of blackburnae found a magical energy source near the small elven village of Isoldea, they coveted it, for humans were magicless creatures cursed by the gods for their many sins against one another.
This led to a revolt, the elves of Isoldea uprising against their captors, they went on to form their own kingdom.

While all this raged, the kingdom of Amedwrawria fell, their High King, Irisnalur murdered, the King, Nanaranat lay dead in his bed. From their deaths rose their son Delia, who continued tradition, but took the elves underground. He ruled for many thousands of years, until the day came when he crowned his youngest, bastard child as High King. Delia retired, only for his eldest son to seek vengeance for being denied the throne...

The other kingdoms around them suffered little, growing fat from the toils of the enslaved elves, from the ashes of the once great Elven kingdoms, a bitter evil rose to power, counter acting that are the Heroes Of Light, led by the young human raised elf Darre. As they clash, the world moves on without them...
Evil rises and the Light rises to defeat it. But heroes are villains and villains are heroes who will sing their songs, who will hear it? Listen well ye travelers all, enter here for adventures big and small.
A group of friends are on a trip to hawaii and they hit a storm the storm electricutes the plane dials and the plane goes down and lands on a mysterious island that is no where on a map and no one has heard of it. With no reception for the cell phones they have nothing but each other and there clothes and they have to find a way to get off of the island and to get back home.
✦ .
୭̥⋆。Welcome to Archwood, an elven nation where everyone chooses a life of their own. There are 5 kingdoms, two are at war, one is isolated and the other two have poor royals. Where will you go?୭̥⋆。
The Elves of Archwood: A genuine RP server where you get to create your own elf OC and make a world of your own.
What do we have to offer?
♡All sorts of bots for entertainment
♡Friendly staff
♡Loving environment/Safe space
♡We accept all identities and genders! No hate!
♡More coming soon!
♡Must know basic grammar rules.
♡Difference between "you're" and "your."
♡No Joke RP!
♡No one-liners.
NOTE: Nsfw in RP (aka ERP) is allowed in this server! You will not be given access to those channels unless you are comfortable!
This is a new server, your join will help.
This roleplay takes place in an Elven village called Wisteria, yes, like the plant. The Elves of Wisteria believe nature and Elves should be at peace, meaning forests shouldn’t be burnt down, cut down, or treated wrong. Wisterian Elves, or, The Elves of Wisteria believe plants and trees are also beings. Animals are believed to be their friends, and when killed for food it is quickly and peacefully.

There are different types of Elves, usually, but in this role play we’ll keep them at one category, Wisterian Elves/The elves of Wisteria.
The world of Krazon is in danger, and the Elven Kingdom is one of many kingdoms that face that danger without fear, but the courage and strength that the Elves have been maintaining for so long is dwindling. Will you help save the beautiful world, or let eternal darkness swallow it whole?
This Server is a part of the Tlas world. (Subject to copyright)
Tlas is a fantasy world deriving from book series, dnd campaigns, and discord RP. All Tlas servers are on going interactive RP, creating a living and breathing world and server.
The Original Elves of Tlas
Thousands of years ago, at the beginning of life, Were the Elves. The Elves were a delicate peaceful race. They lived along side the Dwarves; The first Intelligent life forms to spring into Tlas. They weren't always so guarded and shroud. The elves roamed freely across the lands. They lived in peace, joy, and completely oblivious to dangers or dark beings. They filled the lands, becoming friends with their neighboring dwarves. They researched their surroundings. The wildlife were kind and curious. The plants were beautiful and held many different remedies. The elves took note of all they came across. Life was great for hundreds of years, until one day...
An impeccable dooming force emerged. The Talon Wars broke the Elves into factions, Spreading them across the lands. Some elves were cursed, killed, deformed, exiled, and some just chose not to return home. The Lumiera elves had been divided. The elves that were untouched and still pure, remained in Lumiera. They barricaded themselves into their city of light. They locked away their lives work of documentation, in hopes of protecting it. They looked upon the deformed and cursed, the ones considered traitors for not returning home; and came to only one conclusion to keep themselves pure and safe: They built The Golden Wall.
The Lumiera Elves consider themselves to be the greatest of all races. They have been around since the beginning of time. They hold history of documentation that others know nothing of. They hold within themselves, both time and knowledge. By locking themselves away they have become proud, selfish, and wise, But by behaving that way, they have kept their knowledge and power sacred, pure, and safe.
This Server is a part of the Tlas world. (Subject to copyright)
Tlas is a fantasy world deriving from book series, dnd campaigns, and discord RP. All Tlas servers are on going interactive RP, creating a living and breathing world and server.
The Night elves of Eventide, were not always blessed with elemental gifts. Like all other elves, they were once elves of the Light, ruling over all of eastern and northern Tlas in the Kingdom of Lumiera.
Thousands of years ago, before humans were in abundance on Tlas, much of what is now known as the Abyss, and other Northern Tlassian areas were inhabited by dragons. While we still see dragons today, none were ever as enormous and mighty as the ones that existed once upon a time.
On one fateful day, 1000 years ago, the Light Elves of Lumiera received word that there were dragons causing damage and destruction in the Abyss. The royals of Lumiera sent a fleet of their best and brightest to put a stop to the dragons and eliminate them.
When the fleet arrived, they found a group of dragons acting out violently, destroying any and everything in their path. They also found a young Night Dragon who was suffering from their wrath, using her abilities to hold her own and to try to tame the others. Sensing something was wrong, the elves stepped into the fray and saved the young dragon. Together, with the help of the weakened dragon, they found the source of the dragons’ distemperment. The battle was fierce but with the help of the Night Dragon, who granted her power to a single elf, the first Tribrid, they tamed the ferocious dragons and destroyed the source, freeing them from the mysterious enslavement.
As a reward for saving the lives of the dragons, the young Night Dragon blessed 3 of the fragments with her powers, one of the moon, one of the stars, and one of the shadows, and granted them to the Light elves.
As the dragons parted ways, the young Night dragon stayed behind. Weakened by the battle, she was unable to leave. The blessed Tribrid elf, moved by her gifts, refused to leave her side.Those who were loyal to their general, stayed as well.
When word returned to the Kingdom of Lumiera of most of their best & brightest now harnessing the elements of the night, the royals were enraged. They perceived their blood as having been tainted by darkness, evil, black magic.
They declared war on the new Night elves in an attempt to rid Tlas of them for good, fearing they would bring evil and darkness to the world.
The other elves who were granted abilities and blessed stones from the other dragons stayed and defended the Night Elves. The battle was evenly matched, what with all the new abilities, & the royals hesitantly let them be.
Seeing how the Night Elves were treated, the rest of the elves with new blessed powers decided not to return to Lumiera as well. Instead, they all went on to claim land of their own.
Enraged, the royals of Lumiera constructed a wall to shield themselves from the ‘atrocities’ that was the new branches of elves.
The Night Elves of Eventide withdrew from the world entirely. Very few beings know anything about them. The trek to Eventide is a dangerous one. The dense forest border of Florafauna is impossible to get through, even for an experienced Nature elf, and traveling through the mountainous border of Halestone is suicide unless you are a highly experienced Frost elf.
Now the Night elves live peacefully, in a land only known by them. They house their stones in shrines and protect them at all costs, along with their sacred power source.
Lore: There is three species of humans...Orcs They are more heavy and slow but strong and theres one rule of being an orc 'clan before laws' and Then theres elves They are the riches of everyone and they have there own district of the city named 'elvetown' then theres Humans They make technology and are were the building blocks for elves and orcs but theres a war between the orcs,humans and elves that involves Violence and sometimes acts of protests
The Grove used to be a kingdom for all mythical people, Elves, Winged Halfbreeds, Dragonpeople, Pixies, Faeries, Naiads, Spirits. They were all united under their ruler, the Goddess. When she died, though, her three sons broke apart the empire, destroying the Grove. No one remembers where it is now... but maybe you will find it.
The world of Krazon is in danger, and the Elven Kingdom is one of many kingdoms that face that danger without fear, but the courage and strength that the Elves have been maintaining for so long is dwindling. Will you help save the beautiful world, or let eternal darkness swallow it whole?
💎 Ceazirus | Magical World💎

Ceazirus is a Role playing server based around the wonderful “The Dragon Prince” Series. Here we take role play very seriously, ain’t here for the roleplay? Ceazirus also is a place to just chat with friends. We give our members a place to enjoy for the roleplay and the chats. Weather you come for chat or role play. Ceazirus is for you.

What we offer?
📜 70 + Roleplay channels, explore them all!

🗺 15+ Area’s to roleplay in, your fun wont end.

📜 A amazing detailed lore explaining past events and and incidents as well as giving you the base knowledge of Ceazirus!

🦄 Choose from 3 different species: Magical Creatures, Elves and Humans.

🗓 Events within roleplay and community.

🌟 We’re all hiring wonderful and trustworthy staff!

💎 Main Concept of Ceazirus 💎

Back then Ceazieus was one magical united land, ruled by the High Elder elves but one horrid day a dark human mage discovered a magic far beyond the law of land. Dark Magic. At first sight the high Elders forced every human to the east of Ceazirus splitting our world into the two lands. Craeris, the Human kingdom and Zadia the Magic land thriving with Elves and Magical Creatures. Now your story begins shall you be Human? Elven? Or a Magic Creature. Your story shall begin now

💌 Invite to server

🎟 Owner of the server Matthew+Matt#1165

✨**__Grand Re-Opening__** ✨

Something to start off with, subject to change
Things hadn't always been as they were now. No one can ever be completely certain on what happened in the beginning, so many tales of the elves begin on Earth. The elves and humans in the days gone by lived together, side by side sharing the land they called home together. Ideas and resources were valuable items between them, but the elves always had the upper hand in living. But humans were born with a special trait: the uncanny ability called the will to survive. Despite being so weak compared to those around them, humans managed to almost reach the top, never fully surpassing the elves like they have with other creatures. First came the fright of elf magic and abilities, then came greed, and soon the peace between the elves and humans shattered. Skirmishes were common, becoming more and more fierce and violent as time went on. Fearing an impending war, the four high lords of the elf clans found another world safe for them to live in. As the elves moved, they took with them nearly all traces of their existence on earth, leaving only the oral stories that humans passed down that had a little less truth each time it was passed down. It came to a point where elves were considered to be false beings, and the elves left it that way. <Rest of lore in server>

Welcome to the realm of Lopexia! This is an RP group that bases around the idea of four different clan of elves, each with different elements. Differences has led to tension and hate between clans, and some can see another war looming in the near future. Your character's decisions, along with everyone else's decides the fate of this world. Create OCs, explore Lopexia and meet new people! Have fun! This is a semi-lit/literate server.
Note: This server is just starting up again, we are hoping to grow a unique roleplay server! We are open to your suggestions. There is one more clan leader spot and high lord positions waiting to be claimed.
The Land Of Larione is designed to be clean, simple, easy-to-navigate, and full of literate role-play! Larione is a fantasy world that includes species such as mermaids, centaurs, elves, humans, orcs, satyrs, even werewolves and vampires. The possibilities here are truly endless. The staff is ready and willing to help make your roleplay dreams a reality!

While we are a brand new server, we would love to have you grow with us! Moderators are currently needed as well as general members!
For years Alastia has been the safe haven for many races. Even the Vampires and Werewolves got along decently. But time brings with it new challenges for the residents of Alastia, and with it comes re-arising rivalries and alliances.
There are always different sides of each story...
The Elven Islands: A Land of Myths and Magic. ✨

Mystery lies around every corner in this fantasy rpg. A collection of 10 islands, each representing an element of fantasy, hold undiscovered secrets and adventure. Become an assassin for hire in the big city or a shaman searching for spirits in the jungles. Journey to the forgotten land of the deep and unleash the horrors contained within it. The story is yours to tell.

Pick from over 25 races to play. Enjoy riveting combat and extraordinary abilities with our generic rpg system. Risk your life for that bounty you're collecting or perfect a new spell for your repertoire. This game offers the realism of a tabletop rpg condensed into an easy to learn format for discord.

All players are welcome however we recommend you have some experience playing a tabletop game or two. We'll be more than happy to answer any questions and make any adjustments deemed necessary.
Hey! You! Yeah, you! Join the kingdom of elves non-elves will be banned ESPECIALLY, HUMANS!
An amazing elf roleplay server with epic background! Wars of Gods, poisoning kings and even building new Kingdoms! Join us today!
There has been a war raging between the Haltbent (Elves) and the Mosabet (Humans) No one knows how the war really started. The Elves claim that the first Mosabet king, Kai, stabbed the first Queen, Meij, in the back. The Mosbet claim that Meji had her people slaughter all seven of the first heirs. The war started and has been going strong for thousands of years.

Join today, pick a side, and find out.
Ellisport, The City of Frost. Some of you have known it as your home forever, but others have known it as your shelter. Based on the southern continent known as Lower Anaemis, the second season of EtheliaRP has you stationed as a resident of this new town, under the rule of five chairmen:

Caspian Pearl- Representative of the Oceyrians

Caius Rhosyn - Representative of the Savridd

T'sha and Tiulne Semru - Joint Representatives of the Dark Elves

Orchid Rockefeller - Representative of the Orcs and Half-Orcs

And to head the city along with them, Elder Chairman Nym Zylkrana, Representative of the High Elves. Each of these characters has their own story, their own past, and it all intertwines. They all intertwine. Even yours. What does yours read?

EtheliaRP is a Discord Server evolved from an old Medieval Fantasy RP gaming server that continues the saga from season one. We feature:

-Friendly staff

-Real time and weather progression

-Player-influenced story


-Random Stat rolling

-Flexible character quirks

-Full and complete lore, including the events of last season

-Active communities, with people available to roleplay at almost any time of day

-INTRODUCING OOC CONTESTS - win prizes for roleplaying and participating

-Much, much more...
I will update this later when I finish creating the server but feel free to join anyway. There will be drow, light elves, humans, and more! Literate roleplayers please.
"The Kingdom of Flora is an RP server where plants are humanoid characters serving roles to their Queens, the Roses. One Rose felt betrayed by the rest and started to corrupt their citizens into her own army. There is quite unfinished and new members with suggestions are a big help!"