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Looking for about 4 people worthy of being leaders of 4 elements. The elements are:
- Fire elements
- Water elements
- Lightning elements
- Earth elements

I hope you will come and join us.
Welcome to Shiafinata Island! Here, you can create your own OC and be gifted unique elemental powers! You can also RP in this server, so don't shy away!
Talorien Academy is a fantasy based rp with many different races coming together to attend a school where young minds seek to improve their magic and the like through study. Each person is born with an eye color from birth and that eye color choose which element of magic you will go on to hone and master along your studies.
"Welcome to Camp Autumn young hero. Well not really but whatever, This is a place for elementalists to stay and live. Whats an Elementalist you ask? Elementalists are People that have been blessed with an element such as Fire, Water, Air etc. Just remember to not leave Camp Autumn unless sent out by the camp director, Watch out for the shadows." ~Scribe June
__**Welcome to The Elemental Kingdom!**__

The Elemental Kingdom is a server based on the core elements of the world! (Creation, time, space, fire, water, air, and nature.)

Each element has it’s own kingdom! You may join a kingdom and help keep the world running smooth under the eye of element royalty!

Members may play princes, princesses, and even queens and kings if the positions are open!

Each kingdom must help their element part run smoothly and keep the world running smoothly!

Come and join us! We love new members!
Many years after Korra created the Spirit Wilds the world has been at peace. thriving and growing as time passed. Korra died a peaceful death and the world has lived on... Even though the next Avatar is unknown.. they might not even be alive yet for all we know.. but the world is doing great so it's not like they are needed... right?
What happens now?
You decide.....
This server includes:
A Plot you can help build!
Nice Staff
All Bending Types!
An Entirely NEW Generation of Benders!
LGBT Acceptance
Will you join us?
An unknown island near Europe. Hidden from all other then those who live upon it.
This island is... different. In the center, there lays a waterfall. The water is purple, it sparkles like no other. If a child is birthed near the water, they are connected to it's magic.
Children have been born near it. Yet all died. Until one night. A small group of children were born. All at the same time. And, somehow, lived to their sixteenth birthday.
These children are connected to the elements. Mastering their powers without parents knowing. In fear that it would make them outcasts, demons, or even worse, dead.
A ship of explorers come one night. Taking the group of children. As they were the only children there. But, the truth is unknown.

They wake up on a boat on it's way back to England. Clueless.
Roleplay as a character who can harness the power of an element of your choosing in a dystopian future! (DISCLAIMER: There is a verification system you must pass through in order to chat/roleplay on the server.)
Long ago, the Kingdom of Auqra was set up by Brian and Miyuki Reed. It is settled in North Dakota, far from the government. It's a safe haven for Magical beings and Elemental users alike, all seeking safety there. They have ruled over peacefully for about 15 years now, and everything is fine. But darkness is looming ahead, and who knows what will be going on? If you're a brave knight, a noble of wealth, artisan of a specific craft, a devoted medic, or a lowly servant, there's a place for you here in Auqra. Just beware of the dangers that lurk in every corner of this world, there are monsters abound and thieves to be watchful of. Good luck, traveler.
Owned by OracleSakura#9667
This Roleplay takes place in modern times!

A long time ago, four nations co existed in peace. Ignia, Aquro, Caeas and Teragi. They were allowed to interbreed and socialise with each other, and the borders did not exist. Mystical creatures, dragons, phoenixes and pegasus filled the skies, whereas sea serpents, mermaids and krakens roamed the seas. Those days were peaceful, where all four Kingdoms joined in harmony.

But then, one day, an conflict occurred between the Ignia and Aquro. Naturally, the two other elements were also pulled into this war, the Teragi by Aquro and the Caeas by Ignia. Now, the war is known as the 'War of Elemeía' and has been raging on for many many centuries. There are now borders around each nation, and crossing the borders or love between nations are strictly FORBIDDEN.

And this is where your story begins. Out of the blue, a new generation with new ideas appeared in Elemeía. These new generations were each blessed with a magical creature by the Goddess Araria, from her last dying breath. Will these generations continue the legacy of the ancestors and allow the bloodthirsty war carry on? Or will they reflect upon their ancestor's mistakes and allow the citizens to live a peaceful life once again?

"To those who've read through and plan on joining us! We hope to roleplay with you soon! Hope you have a good day ^w^" ~ Admins of WoE

Just a small roleplay server based on the game “dungeons and dragons” with some added aspects. Uh yeah
🐲**Dragon Tamers**🐲

Welcome to dragon tamers! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a dragon tamer? Or even the dragon itself? Well, then this is the server for you.

⭐️**What it has to offer**⭐️

**23 Dragon Elements** ⭐️🔥🌪💧❄️🌷🌲

**20 places to be**

**Separated into 11 islands**

**In 7 areas**

**And different ages for dragons and humans, even hybrids!**

Backstory :
Dragon Creator P.O.V. : Dinosaurs never went extinct in this little timeline of mine. And I'm not the person who created this timeline.. you'll never find out who I truly am, but I can tell you I created dragons, I stopped that meteor and all future dangers of the dinosaurs.. I gave them wings, I made the elemental crystal...
Narrator P.O.V. : Dinosaurs evolved into dragons in this timeline of the dragon creator. Then they found the elemental crystal, releasing 8 original elements, then slowly 7 more elements were released after an earthquake, shaking the crystal, and moving those 7 elements to the surface of the crystal. 2 weeks ago, a teenager with 2 other dragons found a "dark" crystal, which made an earthquake and somebody shattered it, releasing 3 elements. Another similar thing happened just a day or two ago. A ghost crystal was found, shattered, and 5 elements were released.
Character P.O.V. : "Argh! Why are we even digging down this far anyway?" Said one dragon. "Well, we need to find some treasures." Said another. "Why?" Said the first dragon. "Ugh, just be quiet, Dolphin." a third dragon replied. "Hey! Don't say my name!" Said Dolphin. "It's embarrassing!" *thump* "Uh.. AHHHHHH!"
This server is a rp community where everyone is treated fairly so Come Join the fun !😁
Olá meus consagrado, bem-vindos ao meu servidor de elemental world(oficcial claro.)vim aqui apresentá-lós o que terá aqui terá neste servidor, enfim, chega de enrolação e vamos para oque interessa. Aqui no servidor nós teremos um conteúdo focado em elementos, tudo é totalmente original raças, elementos, itens e etc, aqui no servidor nós temos regras para manter a paz e a organização do servidor(aproveitando esse momento, eu quero que vc vejam agora #║『regras™』║ para que vcs não tomen ban) e a outra coisa que nós temos no servidor é muita....DIVERSÃO! e pessoas para jogar, hehehe. Então, agora q vc já sabe oque fazer vamos jogar?
Welcome to Camp Mystic Falls! Come here to gain and elemental power. You get to create your own character, also pets are included.
For as long as anybody can remember the elements have been at war with each other even before humans learned to wield them. As humans evolved they began learning how to harness the elements for their own gain. An element would usually be associated with one's personality. The rise of elemental control sparked warfare between nations and that's where we are now. Will you be a peace keeper, join the fight or go on your own path? you decide!
ヾ(☆▽☆) Hiiiiiii! Welcome to our paradise! This is a roleplaying server, just Incase you wanted to know. We're all here to roleplay and make friends. Or.. one of the two, but still! It's an elemental based roleplay that doesn't follow a specific plot, so it's a lot of improv. :DD hope to meet you there. -w- ( )
Ellington Academy is a place where many students come into their power, their element - Fire, Air, Water and Earth. A school where students are hidden behind a barrier from what they called ‘Sabers’. A Saber is a shadow being that kills for the intake of power, stealing souls to feel human again.

There are 4 years in school, student will come to their power at 18 and then by the age of 22 they will be able to control it and harvest it on their own accord.

Your character can be anyone, a hothead fire student wanting nothing more but freedom, a kind hearted water student in love with an air element.

You can be a teacher, the headmaster or a cleaner, whatever your heart desires.