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You awaken to realize you can't remember what has happened to you, you see that you are in a room lit by one torch with a big door that you can go through, what happens after is mostly up to you

In this server we have:
- kind and helpful moderators
- exciting roleplay
- soon more bots will be added
- multiple forms of character you can be
This is an RP loosely based on Elemental Battlegrounds. Choose your element, and go to town! Make friends, and engage in exciting combat! Train up your character and dominate the world!

We offer;
- A friendly staff team
- A wonderful small community
- Expansive RP areas
and much more!

Come and RP with us!

An elemental roleplay server of good friends that are reviving an old rp, whether going on an adventure into the frozen wilds of the north, warring amongst our kingdoms, banding together to fight the evil “Father,” or simply goofing off, we always have a fun time together