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This server is for anyone, doesn’t really have a specific thing to it. Mostly fun, chat and have a good time. Some rules as well. Just get people to get together and have good conversations. Tons of emotes, lots of nsfw. And pretty depressing sometimes too.
If you join pls don’t leave right away, Ik it would seem boring at first but just give it a chance, could be worth your while.
We welcome all new people. And we’re open to new suggestions to make the server better.
Also invite your friends and make this server more active and grow

*1~ Respect others*

*2~ Stay Calm and Chill.*

*3~ If u need any help, You can direct Message us •admins / owners•*

*4~ Please spam in the spam channel, if u do it u will get muted.*

*5~ Don’t ask for admins or perms, you’ll be warned*

*6~ 13+ you will get banned if younger. Please tell us and don’t lie*