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This server is based around a Body Dysmorphic Disorder Support server with less rules and more shenanigans. This server is not limited to BDD by any means just don't be a normie.
Small Dog Problems was born from a Reddit server called r/SmallDickProblems, we're a group of guys and gals who either have small dicks, are insecure with our sizes, or love dicks on the smaller side.

We're looking to expand and bring everyone in who has some kind of Body Dysmorphia and help each other cope and overcome our problems, and well if we can't overcome them, then let's try and forget about them for a few.

Our server is a judgement free space where can let lose and show off who we are and be proud. We are a welcoming community and have plenty of channels for whatever you may need to talk about; whether it be politics, video games, or if you just need to let loose and vent about what's currently grinding your gears!