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Welcome @everyone to e-drugs
Looking for staff (Partner managers)

⭐Brand new server for all you edgy folks out there⭐

⭐Here is what we will be bringing to you⭐
⭐Custom Emotes⭐
⭐New Staff⭐
⭐New Partners Everyday⭐
⭐Daily Polls⭐
⭐Drug Talk⭐
⭐Serious Talk⭐
⭐Custom Roles⭐
⭐I hope @everyone enjoys their stay at e-drugs⭐
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Trillabit's Discord Server
Join 🌵 Peyote Empire 🌵 for epic YEETS and loads of SIK MemES
• We’re active and we’ve got drugs.
• Family friendly server.
• No dabbing.
We are a Marijuana influenced server. We are based around good vibes, friendly conversations, and good story's to tell. The name Team Trees, came from me and my bestfriend back in our school days. The name stuck forever between us, and now I introduce a server with the legendary name. We have a ton of stuff to do, and good channels to post to your liking. I hope you enjoy your time here, Keep it blazing, keep it amazing.
Sup posers. 3:1 Female to Male Ratio, isn't THAT enticing?
Welcome male orbiters.
Chill Stoner based discord, Staff is chill and all. No age limit, All is welcome❤️
Chillest server by far.
a community of individuals who like music, fashion, lgbt stuff, whatever.
Want a safe, chilled place to talk and share ideas, art and stories?
Well, with an:

※ Aesthetically pleasing channel lay out
※ Bots
※ Custom Emojis
※ Self-Roles
※ Active(ish) Owner
- This should be a half decent server.

▬ This is a new server, so it'll be what you make it.

Owner: Quotch#0025 - if the link dies give me a shout
Welcome to Sky Valley!
Here we have a variety
of things to do! We are
mainly an art centered
server, but there are still
other channels covering
a wide variety of topics!

Here we have:

- A music channel as well as a music VC!

- An art channel!

- Games! (IdleRPG and Pokecord!)

- Fun and interactive bots!

- A venting channel!

- An advertising channel!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then this server is perfect for you!
It's still in the making but I plan to make a roleplay that's based off Battlefield: Hardline. Hiring Admins and people who want to help me build it. There will be 2 sides The Police far and The Crime World. There will be divisions within and gang's within. Money system will be added. Also Hiring Game Moderators
UAD is a server dedicated to Stimulant type drugs as-well as the downer class of drugs, which includes RCs(Research Chemicals). We are a friendly and accepting community that enjoys having fun and sharing our experiences with others, just as you can if you join us!
A Woodstock Music Festival roleplay.

"1969 is the best year yet, man! We gotta go see Jimi Hendrix right now, but you want to take some acid first?"
join this hella litt server to meet new stoners and hella litty people though.
this place is for people that like:drugs,nsfw,fun,weed,girls or boys
A place to just chill out, relax, listen to music, or just get fucked up on.
----=+=---- ⓉⓇⒾⓅⓅⒾⓃⒼ ----=+=---- Welcome to ⓉⓇⒾⓅⓅⒾⓃⒼ. This is a server where you can relax, vent, and hang out or meet new people! We have plenty of things to enjoy! -Venting! -SAR (Self-Assignable Roles)! -Bots! -Custom Roles! -Meeting new friends! -друг chat! -Drug talk! --------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
A roleplay where you can be anything you want, from a cop to a cartel owner
A friendly group of likeminded, austistic people.
Deutschsprachiger Server zum Thema Drogen.

Hier findet kein Handel statt. Die Plattform dient rein der Informationsverbreitung und der Unterhaltung.
This is a server where you can talk with people and hangout (as friends)
Here we have:
-Lots of bots.
-Cool tc and vc designs
-a lot of vcs
-and more.