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UAD is a server dedicated to Stimulant type drugs as-well as the downer class of drugs, which includes RCs(Research Chemicals). We are a friendly and accepting community that enjoys having fun and sharing our experiences with others, just as you can if you join us!
**Welcome to Rip & Dip -**

Rip & Dip is a smoking/vaping orientated chill server with VERY FEW rules!, its centered around positive vibes and having fun with others, it is a place to talk to new people and make friends.

Server features include:
~ Custom Emotes
~ Custom Roles
~ Custom Color Roles
~ Playable Bots
~ Stoner Aesthetics
~ Memes
~ Music
Annnd much more ! :)
Le lotus Bleu à pour but de réunir les consommateurs de differents produits et de s'entraider dans le sevrage (ou non)
Chill Stoner based discord, Staff is chill and all. No age limit, All is welcome❤️
Chillest server by far.
A chill server to come and get high. Either tripsit someone having a rough time, get tripsat by someone else, or just relax.
Zoot Central is a lounge and hangout Discord server for people that are HIGH as fuck! There are a bunch of features. I will list them down below about what separates us from others

Also a main point I should highlight is that this is a new server we need you guys to help us make it active! Every server has its start and help us make our start with a boost with your support!

Smoke a fat joint with 10 grams of O.G Kush while hitting the bong as you read the features below!


Chess Bot: You can now play chess through discord with other members in our discord!

BoxBot: In BoxBot you get boxes and crates and you can open them up for special items! You can then use those items to fight other players or keep on collecting a bunch of rare items to show other players!

DiscordMiner: Mine minerals,trade with other people, make money, and even create your own clan!

GamesROB: You get a choice to play a lot of different types of games (Shown under)
(ConnectFour,TicTacToe,Minesweeper,Hangman,Detective,RussianRoulette,Quiz,Uno, and more!)

Gambling BOT:You can play and gamble your in-game currency away, or gain more by playing games like blackjack/coinflip and more!

Tatsumaki:This bot is more of a server bot and is responsible for your roles. Its fairly simple. The more you talk in text channels the more points you get. Once you reach a certain milestone of points you progressively get ranked up to the next rank. More information is available in the server.
Drugs Community (18+) is a platform for open-minded and non-judgemental discussion about all drugs and drug use with a focus on harm reduction. Most of all be civil and polite to everyone Please read #rules before partaking in the discussion.
This is a discord server I've created so stoners across the world can hang out, smoke some bowls and meet each other.
We are trying to get as many stoners
Join if you like to blaze 24/7
Nothing but trippy & funny convo's
Always lit

Ganja Glutton – A glutton is someone greedy who loves to indulge their vices. This nickname is for the greediest guy with the joint.
please join our new server it is very cool and fun

-pokecord and music bots its all you really need
-chill people
-activity any time of the day
~`Howdy welcome to bitch thats hot, a new discord server where you only got one chat to type in so be active or I'll beat your ass. Uh we have a great community yknow and uh we have half eaten bagels.`~
Want a safe, chilled place to talk and share ideas, art and stories?
Well, with an:

※ Aesthetically pleasing channel lay out
※ Bots
※ Custom Emojis
※ Self-Roles
※ Active(ish) Owner
- This should be a half decent server.

▬ This is a new server, so it'll be what you make it.

Owner: Quotch#0025 - if the link dies give me a shout
It's still in the making but I plan to make a roleplay that's based off Battlefield: Hardline. Hiring Admins and people who want to help me build it. There will be 2 sides The Police far and The Crime World. There will be divisions within and gang's within. Money system will be added. Also Hiring Game Moderators
We are a recently established Discord community looking to exceed in growth and get hella big titty goth girls.

We like girls with big pee holes (20 inches plus)
EU lads and US niggas.
Come join now or you're mom gay faggot.
Great community full of wonderful people.
Talk about anything you want and say anything you want.
Talk about drugs, anime and anime girls.
People are active in voice chat.

Free robux.
Join for memes and stuff... I post shit almost daily lmao
We are a Marijuana influenced server. We are based around good vibes, friendly conversations, and good story's to tell. The name Team Trees, came from me and my bestfriend back in our school days. The name stuck forever between us, and now I introduce a server with the legendary name. We have a ton of stuff to do, and good channels to post to your liking. I hope you enjoy your time here, Keep it blazing, keep it amazing.
Howdy partners! This server is pretty much just an edgy laid back chat you can talk about pretty much anything(accept NSFW things). This is a 13+ server, no NSFW please.
This is a server where you can talk with people and hangout (as friends)
Here we have:
-Lots of bots.
-Cool tc and vc designs
-a lot of vcs
-and more.
a friendly server with friendly people. theres almost no rules and everyone gets some kind of permission, like moderator. has very active moments and dozens of channels to suit your needs
Why have many NSFW content. / Anime / Drugs / Music / Hentai / Porn / .