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Talk about pretty much anything you desire. Drugs, sex, nudes, dating etc. Give yourself roles. Link your new favourite music. Hate on minorities.
Zoot Central
- Chat, get high, and make new friends
- Show off your bud/weed/gangja pens/battery, edibles/cooks, etc.
- Numerous bots, games, and music channels
- Talk with all levels of zoot
- Chat to rank up
- Partner with us!

Salut. This is a Romanian AND English server, we all mainly speak english so feel free to join our server. We are looking for interesting people and frens with similar interests. We r also sharing cool dark stuff this halloween💀 +16 y.o. only
卐 Heil Hitler! 卐
卐 Sieg Heil! 卐
broskie we got German WW2 military ranks for the 3 branches compared to the USA ranks
Just a chill server.
Music channel*
Research papers*
Programming channel*
💊Come on in and join the cosiest harm reduction server on Discord!💊

Our Voicechat is always active and filled with chill people. Don't be afraid to try the optional videochat as well to take the friendships you build here to the next level and really see the full beauty of our tight-knit community.
Definitely be prepared to feel right at home and forget that any other servers even exist (yes, really).

Meet you there!

⛔No Sourcing⛔
Welcome to High n Dry!
This community revolves around the safe use of psychotropic substances with firm stance on harm reduction

We have an excellent, active community. Most who visit become regulars.
join lotus we a laid back community but needs staff to assert their clout and get this place active for a new community of friends
A fun place to talk to open-minded people and share drug experiences. We highly encourage harm reduction and safe use!

// 18+ ONLY //

In our server, we enjoy having tangential conversations of all types. But, most of the time, our conversations revolve around drug pharmacology or experiences. We have a wide variety of members that are from all across the globe.

// We strictly PROHIBIT the sale, sourcing, or distribution of drugs. We are simply a community of open-minded individuals that partake in self-exploring.
i swear i cant do anything recently like write/type this the opioids and lsd i swearrrr
We are [up until this point atleast] a small community lead by Arez & West.
Our small refuge is for likeminded people that enjoy to light one up after a long day & just enjoy smalltalk while doing so ♠
Strongest drug community on discord is back again. This is a chill chat to discuss anything you want. We promote harm reduction for psychoactive substances as well and just general drug chat. We have economy, custom emotes, and many bots included dose-bot, active vcs and recently boosted. Come stop by and talk with us :)

We follow discord TOS completely. NO SOURCING
We have groovy, rhythm, pokecord, tatsumaki, and kafra bot for gamers. We consist of many smoking connoisseurs, weed and cigarettes alike. We all dabble in drugs and music. We also game, but not all of us. Some of us are chefs, artists, fashionistas, directors, dancers. We have a love for anime, movies, cartoons, and dramas all alike. Everyone is pretty chill, there are minimal rules but no self assignable roles. An intro channel for introducing and getting to know others. A self promo channel for yourself, youtube- twitch- discords... anything! 7 voice channels, 1 afk vc channel- 3 personal ones with limited entry(2, 6, 10) have a date, sesh, or kickback! other rooms are unlimited balconies and rooms for chatting and listening to the radio. Enjoy your stay! we share food, selfies, nsfw, beauty regiments , music, gaming, secrets, conspiracy discussions, rants, movies, current events.. I love this discord and so many other people have come up to me as well. Just to say thank you. Thank you for making this so awesome and considering joining my server. Have fun!
We're an 18+ server for anyone who wants to come hang out, an and be free to do whatever you want. Feel free to join us
We are community we just chat for fun and we host Minecraft server too but sadly dedicated server broke lol.
This server is for the people who want to enjoy drama free chatting and SFW and NSFW social features, Drug and Alcohol friendly chats, and more! We also offer revovery channels if needed by anyone. We're a friendly bunch so come and say hi!

Feature include but not limited too
- Emotes for Nitro users
- Drug and Alcohol friendly Channels
- NSFW channels and Fun
- Easy self-assignable Roles
- Custom colors
- Game nights

Thank you for reading and enjoy the server! <3
We are a server with a community that loves NSFW content. We are a non toxic community with a leveling system, partners, NSFW bots, NSFW picture channels etc...
Drugs Community (18+) is a platform for open-minded and non-judgemental discussion about all drugs and drug use with a focus on harm reduction. Most of all be civil and polite to everyone Please read #rules before partaking in the discussion.
newest server. if you fuck with memes,music,gaming or drugs this is place for you join now to get all the perks of becoming one of the first members on this upcoming community, anything goes, just refrain from being a dick head.
Welcome on our server, here you have; chill vibes, other stoners to talk to, chill vibes everywhere! And (your not gonna believe it but...) chill staff.

Limited: “Spliff Master” rank!

Show your stuff channels!

A reggae channel, discover new reggae!


Come here for a nice and chill expierence!