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Welcome to the LTD server!

We're a small not very professional server, and we have a more hands-on approach to our process. Come to us to brainstorm on what you want with your art, or what you think is wrong with your art, and we can figure it out.

We've also an active NSFW community, with channels for your art, and to discuss your art. Gore is allowed, but not encouraged.

Among that, we also have other services such as:
♥ Drawpiles;
♥ Levels (with yet to do anything);
♥ Prompts w/ contests;
♥ And a logo contest that changes whenever YOU want it to change! (details in the server).
hey, welcome to DDA aka dumb drawpile artists.

our main server idea is for people that use the art program drawpile, although you don’t have to use it to join. Drawpile is a multi-artist program that lets you draw with other users in real time.

besides that, we are just a chill server looking for new members, and new ideas! <3 so excited to if you join or not :)
hello all! this is a new server where you can talk to others about various topics, share your art and such, listen to music with others, mess around in drawpile, play games with friends, and hang out! that's pretty much it for now, but i hope you enjoy your stay here!
This is a friendly community server created by @Yourdle (Twitter/Tumblr). We’re looking to bring together artists, gamers, and other folks who are interested in meeting new people!

There is no main goal or theme to this server and the community is very relaxed. With our good administration, we make sure that the server is friendly for everyone. Hope you enjoy your stay! 😊💖
Consider joining Shit artists do! A place where we shit post, meme and just have fun. Here we host crack DnD sessions, art events, drawpile sessions and much more.

We are also indoctinating new people to worship our one and only savior, Tye-Pod dog.

If you see anything that interests you feel free to stop on by and say hi!
doodle club a server that a group of artists draw online together.We usually go too drawpile but also we got to doodle too and but we like to put our art and just chill sometimes be free too join us!