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created on 28/5/20 <3
Drain Gang (formerly known as Gravity Boys Shield Gang) is an artistic collective, primarily focusing on music, consisting of Swedish singer/rappers Bladee and Ecco2K, Thai singer/rapper Thaiboy Digital, and Swedish producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman. The group is also known for its fashion output, often walking for brands such as ALYX Studio and modeling for HOMME magazine.[1][2]

The group formed in 2013 in Stockholm. Thaiboy Digital was residing in Sweden at the time. Bladee and ECCO2K had previously collaborated as the grindcore band Krossad.[3] Signing to the YEAR0001 label, the members of Drain Gang gained prominence in the cloud rap scene from their collaborations with labelmate Yung Lean.[4] Producer Yung Sherman is also a member of Yung Lean's Sad Boys collective.

A server about the music groups Drain Gang & SBE (Bladee, Yung Lean, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital, Whitearmor) and general discussion about music.
Welcome to [Shitposter's Den]

Stay in your fucking designated shitting lanes otherwise 10 hours of ecchi singing Zelda theme song

The rules are as follow:

0. Send eye nudes for acceptance.
1. Racism, incelism, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism and shaming of anyone in general is allowed.
2. If you have any beef, take it to Sieg Heil. We love drama.
3. Porn and gore go in Sieg Hiel, please send your porn hub links.
4. No one over 90 years old allowed but under 16 are most certainly welcomed. Verify your ID by dming one of the admins.
5. No ban evading (unless you send nudes to admins).
6. Keep discussions NSFW.
7. Nothing against border patrol and FBI.
8. Face reveal is mandatory after your first post. Violators risk getting jail time in Hall of Shame.
9. Always joke about suicide, disabilities or generally serious topics as well because everyone here has at least one over time.
10. In Shitposter's Den, we're pretty much 7 out of 8 chad and drink ice coffee.
Underground music community centred around the collection known as sewerbratz, specifically the artist, rosesleeves.

Cool place to discover new music and make friends with like minded people.
| lots of fun activities!
| ❤︎ amazing staff!
| ur own roles
| ❤︎ music fans, anime fans, gamers, artists, lgbtq+
| bots and games
| ❤︎ lots of text and voice channels
| looking for staff
- music posting / mainly rap-hiphop
- feedback for ur music
- collab with others
- drain gang

hey we are a non toxic drainer server. come here if you wanna vibe or just find more people that listen to drain gang <3
This is a brand new server for people who enjoy Bladee's music

Slowly growing, active community

come drain with us
aesthetically pleasant server, we all just vibe vc and listen to music. its a small server but you can help us grow <3 no rp, no edates etc. we just wanna have a fun time 16+
(unique emotes, clean layout, color roles)
Chill server based in Norway.
Join to talk about random things, play games, and send memes.
We do speak both Norwegian and English.
welcome to lethal (>人<;)

☆彡 semi toxic + low moderation

☆彡 active chats + vc

☆彡 nitro drops

☆彡 active + cool members

A friendly, welcoming, and accepting community
You can find some friends to chill with <3
fun server with pretty much rules just don't be a retard and we won't ban you. we speak mainly english and swedish in the server, please join and have fun <3

drain gang