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The Federation Of Soviet Socialist Republics
A far left discord nation formed by @ᛋᛋSanityMindzᛋᛋ
We are a server who has been deleted and reformed many times
we have a long history of raiding,conquring and protests
we are a glorious communist nation with its own regulations and politics
we do not allow anyone to form an opposition against
the government
**The Athenian Republic**
The Athenian Republic is a discord nation like no other, following a system of direct democracy almost anyone can vote! Come and check us out I'm sure you will love it!
Welcome to the Grand Mideria Federation! Mideria is a micronation with territories located in Arkansas, we have citizens worldwide and we would like to have you in our vast community.
The Super Cool Reich (SCR) is a discord nation who is looking for active members. Once we get enough people we will start democratic elections for prime minister and assembly seats. What are you waiting for? Join today.
This server is for the mock government of Canada! Other Canadian servers are riddled with silly behavior. This is a serious mock government for real role players. There are some non role play channels here if you just want to hang out and observe as well!
Welcome to the Kasteynian Federation, the best Discord Nation out there!

What we offer:
-A full government system which includes Congress, Court, Prime Minister, etc.
-Monthly Elections
-Unique channels such as Debate and Meme channels
-Share all of your art in the Map, countryball, and flags channels
-A court system to punish Raiders, trollers, hackers etc.
-And most importantly, a safe and fun community where freedom of speech is guaranteed.
Since Persia's independence from Iraq, Qatar has been increasingly isolated from Middle-Eastern affairs. Now that the Callinicus family took power in Qatar, Relations with Persia would increase, and under Homayoun Callinicus, Qatar might become, in reality, a Persian state.