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Frostpunk is a LITERATE RP group based in a hardcore universe where the Cold is your greatest enemy. Diesel and Steampunk technology reign supreme, and many inventions have been made to help those in the Great North survive the harsh cold, ranging from personal heaters to colossal heat generators.
The North is not without dangers aside the cold, however. Ice Beasts, the result of the strange mysticism of the Great North, roam in great hordes, destroying any towns they find; the foreign Coalition colonies are in constant war with the local Wildling indigenous population; and the other races and civilizations in the Great North are constantly challenged by the invading foreigners and the climate that just keeps getting harsher and harsher.

We offer:
-A hardcore RP setting where temperature can be as lethal as any firearm
-A mix Diesel-Steampunk setting full of inspiration from media like Iron Harvest, Frostpunk, and Leviathan
-An extremely in-depth and complex lore featuring channels describing everything from the various races to the flora and fauna of the Great North
-An expansive open world with more than a handful of channels to roleplay in, and many towns and locations to explore for treasure
-A friendly and open staff team that will always take suggestions from players and be as active as we possibly can

We hope to see you there soon. Stay warm!
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a colony in an alternate world set in 1940, (with early 1900’s styling) on a large and mostly unexplored jungle covered island filled with monsters, tribes, and other things? Lorora is the place for you. It’s an island in the middle of nowhere, and it also happens to be the home to a rare material called Cavorite which has an anti gravity effect. So it is always being contested by countries who want this resource. Long story short. Chaos happens a lot on this island. Welcome to the jungle, and welcome to hell.

Our server is new and features

Plenty of bots
Pretty lenient general chat
You can get away with a lot of things in the jungle such as murder, theft, and etc.
A Plot
Technology is also something that varies, we’ll have stuff from the forties as long as it’s not too OP.
Want an steampunk style airship? They’re allowed here too!

Dieselverse is a dieselpunk-themed roleplay server set in an alternate universe to our own. Magic and nonhumans exist in this world, and world history is different in many ways. Europe is in a warlords-type period during the 1920s, leaving plenty of room for potential drama, adventure, and intrigue. Travelling can be dangerous, and complicated alliances mean armies can be sent far from home to fight warlords and burgeoning nations.

Magic is powered with either the flesh of sapient creatures or with petroleum, despite the environmental concerns both these methods entail. Technology is advanced for the time period, meaning that travellers can journey in huge zeppelins, and that hovercraft are decked out for border skirmishes. They stink with the whale oil that powers them, and gigantic stalker drones often have the dessicated bodies of the dead pinned inside to keep them going.

There is not a fixed plot, but rather a thread system where users can start in an area and with a story idea they think would be interesting. Users can submit their own locations, species, and creatures. The worldbuilding is left semi-open to foster creativity, and users can collaboratively add to what is already on offer. Threads can be based around socialisation and community-building, or around mystery, conflict, or drama.

The server is 18+ for comfort reasons, please respect this! Smut RP is NOT allowed, though other NSFW themes are acceptable. The style of roleplay is lazy lit - lit, 2+ para. You're free to write as much as you like, but I'd prefer a few paragraphs at the very least.

I would also like to add that as it's an alternate universe to our own, that themes such as misogyny, racism, etc. are NOT welcome in the roleplay. I don't want to handwave the impact these had IRL, but I also don't want to restrict people looking for roleplay and a place where they can have their characters fit into any walk of life. For example, you're more than welcome to have openly trans characters, black characters in leadership positions over white characters, and female characters working any job you'd like them to. I expect users to be mature about this, and to consider the feelings of others in the server. If you're ever unsure, you can always ask me or another mod about whether something would be acceptable or not.

ANYWAY, I hope you feel enticed and choose to look around! Feel free to just poke your head in and later leave if it isn't your style. I will also be looking for mods at some point. 👀

Once you join, post an intro, and you'll be given the member role and the ability to see the roleplay sections. Please be patient! The majority of our members are in the GMT timezone, as well as myself and the other mod. I won't be around during the wee hours in my time, but I'll be more than happy to talk and to give the member role when I am awake.

We also welcome affiliation. If you wish to affiliate your server with Dieselverse, please DM the admin!
The City Of Diesel! Completely pulled from the genre of diesel-punk, where diesel is the primary use for any type of technology. Set in the year of 1940's where war for the Americans seem imminent from Europe, as the alternative timeline for this year grows, new chapters will unlock, new events, new objectives of survival, growth, or power.

-criticism would be nice-
Owner : The Big Pham#2555
Chronicles of Valkia is a Steampunk/Dieselpunk art and RP server set in a fictitious gaseous planet endowed with several floating islands on which humans have built various different cities! At the moment this is a very small server but I hope for it to grow in the future.
Cicada is a superhero roleplay server based on a dystopian 1920’s diesel-punk concept i wrote myself, in a world where there are few remnants of civilization, Cicada is a city roughly the size of the united states east coast, situated in the center of Europe, and filled with anything you could imagine, where you can play out a hero, or play a villain, or even anyone else, and watch the world burn to the ground.
The year is 1947, and the Second World War rages on. The Axis seemingly overpowering the Allies, the Yamato-Class being produced more with around thirty commissioned and ruling the waves, the Germans producing their own fleet of Bismarck-Class Battleships. The Aircraft Carriers of the war were never widely used, one in every five fleets, most are instructed to simply retreat due to their militaries seeing them as useless in combat. Though where the Allies lack in naval superiority, they exceed in aerial and ground, the Americans producing their own jet models and Main Battle Tanks. One of said tanks, nicknamed "Wolverine", is so feared by the Germans, when three are seen on the field, German armored infantry is simply instructed to make a tactical retreat, or hope to God that their Super Heavy Tanks are nearby. The progression of the war is changing every day, the Russians are said to of been considering assisting the Americans in producing heavier warships, as they are known for their sturdy Battleships. Perhaps this will change the American view on Russians....but the Germans are planning something major, something that could possibly heavily impact the war. We will have to see.
Ritause, a nation in turmoil. Once a proud nation, it is now a nation ruled by a tyrant and fueled by expansionism and xenophobia. To combat the now continent spanning kingdom, the prince has created the Berzig Resistance. Will you side with the revolution, or fight for King and Country?
It all started with a few people who had a lust for power and money, they had very little but cuz of thier greed they didn't care. They brought in people form other parts to work for them and build up everything. (call them slaves if you'd like) and it was fairly small when it started. Slowly more people with lust for power and money came and started building as well and soon it was divided by the biggest landlords. People started settling in and so was the money and power. Eventually it all fell due to poor leadership. And the ones ruling or taking care of the city and villages where the own people and a few rich folks. Of course that didn't go so well. Not having someone to give them sence of direction everything was getting worst and worst for the people of clockwork.
After the original landlords lost power due to poor leader ship. 5 came out of no where which to thier luck they had both money and power to make it to the top and rule thier own lands. But one had Supreme power over the other 4 which became the Supreme leader of the city of clockwork. Everyone did thier parts on ruling thier districts to thier own will while helping other districts as well. Some wanted the well being of thier people and advance in technology for the better of society while others wanted to gain more power so they also advanced in technology as well but only for thier own gain. Most lived in peace others liked drama but over all every district was known for one thing or another.
Hey There, welcome to Age of Steel: Legacies🎉🤗 it is a dieselpunk based server that incorporates sci-fi and 1920s tech together
We are always open to Rpers new and old and as we grow we hope to create a great server with a friendly staff and community
A huge organisation who made their money off of healthcare, oil and tech slowly branched out until they controlled all the main resources and media, including the law. They were called CyberCore, and were considered the most powerful corporation of all time; until the incident. There was a major bombing on on of their control centres, and it was carried out by an alliance known as the Operatives of Industrial Liberation, also knows as OIL. Due to this, many other factions sprouted up in an attempt to gain back their power, leading to an ongoing skirmish for land, materials and most importantly, rad mech parts.

This server is based on the movement and development of several main factions. There is mechs, guns and all kinds of tech that don’t exist today. So, in short, go wild!
Sehnsucht is an alternative subculture community dedicated to the exploration of literary, musical, and aesthetic media inspired by utopian visions of the world, both past and present. This includes retrofuturism, alternate history, weird science, biopunk, and speculative fiction.

Though our community is mainly focused on cyberpunk derivatives, we encourage fans of all speculative fiction genres, particularly those which focus on modern and pre-modern society, to contribute to discussion and participate in our group.
The World in General
The world you knew is not the same as they forgot about Space Exploration. They moved further into the Age of Factorization and Weaponry. This meant that the resources are being drained faster then before but with the help of some new technology and material/resource that is found in meteors, they can multiply and make any resource they want. So everyone doesn't even need to fight anymore right? Wrong. There's many greedy people. A lot of them are high ranking military personal. Not surprising that there's a resistance starting either. So with this in mind the year is 2356 and the season are always winter. So it's cold! It's always around 23F! Either way, the world is cold, dangerous, and absolutely non-forgiving. So get out there and try to survive.

Olympia Lore
The Reason
The resistance started when the new leader came. Being one of the tallest men anyone could see and being a pure German makes him very distinct in a crowd with his accent. His name was Kawn, then there was Kane. Kane (now known as Jacob.) is the resistance leader who is the best strategist in the world. The reason behind the resistance was the treatment of The Empire. They took everyone's children to become soldiers forcefully. They also had many work with low wages...Below the human need. That is the main reason but there's much much more.
The Resistance
The Resistance is called Olympia. The leader is Jacob. They have small numbers but they have weaponry, vehicles, and a few bases (surprisingly). Their supplies are almost always running low. The overall morale at the start is high and people are ready to steal and kill for their freedom (for now).
The Objective
The Full absolute objective is "Become independent and make a actual country for ourselves". All side objectives are "Kill The Empire's Leader Kawn, get ahold of some of the meteor material, and destroy The Empire".

The Empire
The Creation
When The Empire was created it was when all the remaining countries were destroyed from the power of the Neo-German Empire. Creating the nation now called The Empire. The creation was smooth and the resistance was dealt with swiftly. They took over everything in August 21, 2132
The Technological Demand and Spiral
The Empire needed new things and ideas to be created which was and that made a explosion of new ideas and technology being made. With this The Empire became a absolute powerhouse. No resistance stood against it. The leaders were ruthless and cruel, which made the citizens scared and depressed. Meaning something bigger then all the other resistances were coming it just needed a push...and the push was given. Either way with all this new technology came new weapons, armor, and crazy new vehicles. This of course needed resources. The meteors that hit Steam - 01 had the material they were looking for and they could now multiply resources. This improved the morale and spirits of many. Some still din't like it so they started sprouting resistances making The Empire create Super Soldiers. Many of these soldiers were VERY powerful. With this they continued making cities and a floating city as well.
The Present and the Empire Now
As you think there has been a huge resistance building and The Empire is as strong as ever. The cities are made and super soldier programs dealt with. The leader is "Great Kawn" and he is as brutal and cruel people tell him as. Androids, AI, and technology is blowing up still. Meaning there's a lot of creations and robots with feelings.
The Empire's Objective
Deal with all resistances then go for Space Exploration. The side objectives are: Kill resistance leader, create a lot of factories, and keep dictatorship.
The year is 1920. A large, anarcho-capitalistic nation state presides over what we consider Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain. This nation state is known as The Factory. It produces towering war machines, and most of its population is poor and impoverished. But a few are pilots of these steam-machines, or commissars in the army. You are those few. But, as of late, The Factory has closed its doors. Invaders from the east knock on the doors of Europa and The Factory. The world is crumbling apart, as all-out war seems inevitable.

Survive The Iron Harvest.


The Iron Harvest is a new, up and coming Roleplay server with a focus on the day to day lives of citizens in a pre-apocalyptic steam/dieselpunk setting. Come and join us! We're always looking for new members and staff. :)
The Blackwater Frontier is a role-play with a Dieselpunk theme with a bit of survival horror involved where you can to play as a lawman protecting the city of Watchpoint, A criminal looking to earn an extra buck the tough and perhaps not so legal way or as one of the Blackwatchers, Blackwater survivors turned hunters who venture out into the Frontier to weaken the Blackwater enough to strike at their hive-points or just an average guy with no allegiance whatsoever. We're also looking for mature individuals to act as Game Masters.

If you're interested in joining. Click on the link!
In the first Holy Calendar Year the King was born, leading us out of our foolish dark age thinking and bringing us into a golden age. From then forward he stayed in the shadows, the invisible hand pushing society in the right direction, slowly ensuring humanity's forward march. He only made himself known in HCY 1679, since then he has pushed the domain of Arethein across oceans and mountains alike. In HCY 1897 he was mortally wounded by the traitor. The end war started in HCY 1903 and has continued till this day (HCY 2367). Technology has stagnated in this dark future. Arethein is now surrounded, lands are now lost at the rate they're gained. War is a constant, most technology is merely maintained. Truly this is the darkest of times, and should we fail the light shall fade and darkness will swallow the world. Only the holiness of the king keeps our world from this fate, and by his almighty strength we may prevail yet
"Everything is frozen. . .Nothing is left. . .Just a few of them and a Few of us. . . They say we still fight; I'm not sure anymore. . ."
Alt-WW2 which caused the world to go cold.
“Hi I’m jimmy Charleston and I am here to give you the daily gear! This is my job after all, and for our first thing to chat about is how our southern neighbors are planning to try and overthrow us, so keep vigilant, and also, our technology is advancing out of control! Who would’ve thought diesel fuels, atoms and Steam can run our world!!! Also as I’m now hearing, electricity is being used, well golly thats a new thing, and now our reports show that our southern neighbors are planning a war with us, hope we can defuse this situaton, this is the daily gear, coming back at ya tomorrow!” Day 2 “Hello, it’s me jimmy Charleston yet again talking on the daily gear, like I have anything else to do, and by golly we got some red hot stories today, the Cogs Are now recruiting for their cause, guess our south buddies are in for a treat eh? And they have made some new weaponry to kick our southern neighbors heads in the right direction! And now I’m jimmy Charleston, from the daily gear, I will catch y’all tomorrow!” Will you help fight for the cause?, or will you chicken out? Join us today