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--This is a server where Depression comes to happiness.--
This server is a friendly fresh new server on Discord to help people go into the light side
We help people through Tickety, including staff taking the tickets and talking and helping you through your problems. You can always find friends!
We accept everyone here and will make them feel comfortable like home in this server
The owners are two people named Kayyz and Antez, they have professional contents about it.
Find your happiness now, what are you waiting for?
We are here to help, no matter your age, all we want to do is help. Our staff will help with so much love, we have supporters and areas you can just vent, and talk about your problems. Talking with other people like you can be the best way to solve a problem. We hope you are brave enough to find help!
Hello! in this server we have many fun things to do. such as memes, selfies, a art channel to show off your amazing art and more! We also have a whole section dedicated to venting and help!
We are a friendly growing server to hangout,get help from other people on general issues in real life, talk about gaming,art,music
join if you wanna like talk with people and stuff this is a new server to replace a old one that I used to be apart of. Please join help out and spread awareness I’m looking to be different and hoping to help people and hoping to form something.