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Welcome to RP land
This is a normal RP server. Everyone is welcome here.
We offer you:
>Pokecord,Groovy,Dank Memer
>more bots can be added on suggesting
>a whole lot of rp channels
>a friendly community 😊
And now we need your support..join. have fun 😊❤💛
Hi! Thanks for reading this.

I would like you to meet a server called Decent ÙwÚ
Its a server for decent people only

We have things likee

:star: Bots!
:star: A fun and welcoming community!
:star: Colour roles!
:star: Voice Channels!
:star: Giveaways! (Soon)
:star: Game Nights! (When we get a bigger server)
:star: And much more!
Friendly people, be respectful towards one another, no adult content. Harassment, bullying, threats, or sending NSFW content will warrant account being banned.
We are a small still growing community, We usually just hang out ,play games , just having fun. That's all there is.
Hello, my username is Cybernesis, I've made a Discord Server called Cybernetic Worldwide Domination, although the name of the server sounds like SkyNet from the Terminator franchise, it's really not. It's a server, where I would talk to others about random topics.
My Discord Server is not good, nor bad, it's decent, I would say. It will contain NSFW Content, but that's separated from the other channels via role. I also included Gaming Channels for players that queue with others, or talk about gaming topics with others, each game will be separated via roles. That is most of everything I have to say about my Discord Server. Thank you for reading the server's description. : )