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Welcome to RP land
This is a normal RP server. Everyone is welcome here.
We offer you:
>Pokecord,Groovy,Dank Memer
>more bots can be added on suggesting
>a whole lot of rp channels
>a friendly community 😊
And now we need your support..join. have fun 😊❤💛
We are a small still growing community, We usually just hang out ,play games , just having fun. That's all there is.
Friendly people, be respectful towards one another, no adult content. Harassment, bullying, threats, or sending NSFW content will warrant account being banned.
Hello, my username is Cybernesis, I've made a Discord Server called Cybernetic Worldwide Domination, although the name of the server sounds like SkyNet from the Terminator franchise, it's really not. It's a server, where I would talk to others about random topics.
My Discord Server is not good, nor bad, it's decent, I would say. It will contain NSFW Content, but that's separated from the other channels via role. I also included Gaming Channels for players that queue with others, or talk about gaming topics with others, each game will be separated via roles. That is most of everything I have to say about my Discord Server. Thank you for reading the server's description. : )