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DayZ Console Community
This Community is open to all console players on DayZ. The Community was designed for console players to group up, help each other, create friendships, new groups, socialize about the game, and our experiences. The goal is to maintain a simple user friendly structure. Please be understanding that a lot of work has been put into the discord to make it user friendly. I will try my best to make everything work flawlessly.

Areas of support include but are not limited to:

✅ Server Owner Support

✅ Stream Promotions

✅ YouTube Channel Promotions

✅ Organized Faction Advertising

✅ Multiple chat channels

✅ Private Server Advertising

✅ Discord Advertising

✅ Faction Roles

✅ Event Support

**__reCAPTCHA verification__** is on this server to prevent spam bots from being sent in. If you do not complete it you will be auto kicked from the Discord by the BOT. This is to protect the Discord and its members.
This Discord is dedicated to the DayZ Killfeed Bot. This bot is a must have for any server owner looking to get that extra edge for his or her community!

Bot tracks all player stats live via Nitrado logs and will push them directly to a room of choice.

Players will be able to request personal stats, community stats, rivals stats as well as view the Top 25 in Kills/Deaths/Streaks and more!

Striving to give the DayZ community the best XP possible!

Please @Admin for more information.
Server for all your DayZ server needs.

Currently offering a bot for KillFeed and Server Control.
Nearly 24/7 Support.
Will add anything you might need.
Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Any players and server owners welcome.
Are you looking for a private server on DayZ with rules centered on Realism: A blend of Roleplay and PVP? Well look no further, because thats exactly what Risen Phoenix is about! We are a free-to-play private server with multiple factions and full KOS capabilities, we have Server Events each month and channels for discussing trades while offline, and we also have a Reputation Meter that fluxuates minimally based on discord activity, or possibly quite a bit through gameplay interactions; holding up/killing people and leaving witnesses alive will affect negatively, etc... This is a "Light RP" server of good individuals, under the "Realism" jurisdiction that mainly consists of no hoarding and the base raiding times must be agreed upon by leaders to prevent it from happening offline. If this sound interesting to you, let me know and we can send you some an invite/more info!
Rebellion Rp server is a new server with role play and faction wars , black market and traders full discord currency and kill feed , offline protection and password and whitelisted Also 500 credits into your account when you join and join today and build your town or base make your kingdom, will you be the alpha of rebellion?