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DayZ Console Community
This Community is open to all console players on DayZ. The Community was designed for console players to group up, help each other, create friendships, new groups, socialize about the game, and our experiences. The goal is to maintain a simple user friendly structure. Please be understanding that a lot of work has been put into the discord to make it user friendly. I will try my best to make everything work flawlessly.

Areas of support include but are not limited to:

✅ Server Owner Support

✅ Stream Promotions

✅ YouTube Channel Promotions

✅ Organized Faction Advertising

✅ Multiple chat channels

✅ Private Server Advertising

✅ Discord Advertising

✅ Faction Roles

✅ Event Support

**__reCAPTCHA verification__** is on this server to prevent spam bots from being sent in. If you do not complete it you will be auto kicked from the Discord by the BOT. This is to protect the Discord and its members.

DayZ N' Chill
A New Day Z Community for the world to Enjoy! Our focus is on having fun and with currently over 300 members spanning all over the world, we hope that one day we can grow to become one of the largest Day Z communities.

There’s a Custom Server as well. Max Ram, Private Server Called DAYZ N' CHILL.
Brand New/Fresh as of 10/26/19.

🌱 Organically Grown, Team Based, PvP with a Community Atmosphere.
🦹‍♀️ Encouraged Role Playing, Base Building & Trading.
☀️ 4 Hours Day/.5 Hour Night - Third person camera angle
🏕 Player Bases can be raided, However we ask all players to refrain from completely destroying entire bases.
⏲ Server resets every 6 hours.

DayZ N' CHILL will be a server mainly focused on the organic side of DayZ. Not a FuckTon of rules, forced events or over-moderation. We invite ALL players of the community to join us in building Massive Trading Towns, enjoying the casual PvP encounters and talking shit. If that’s you, Welcome.

Good Luck, if you have Questions please ask. .