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We have all love Ricardo Milos memes, this is a Ricardo themed meme server that has a great community of hardcore memesters ( no normies pls)
Our staff is fair , our emotes are mostly all Ricardo, so if you want to just banter off and have fun join us.
So, this server is a server where we aren't that serious and joke around you can see weebs and just random shit in this server. If you are going to join please be active and actually interesting.
BWC is a very new server that we are trying to grow. We have lots of memes very little rules nsfw channel music bots and are adding new features every day. N-word is okay.
This a fun server by dankinindia. We have full masti over here . We play games , we share memes . It's a place for the dank
big chungles official discord itd really awesome and i think you will like it also it's swag and cool also epic cool dope gaming weed r/dankmemes funny ugandanknuckles da wae 2015 mlg dorito swag dealwithit snoopmgh dogg

we'll be waiting, traveler.
〖The Dead End〗

♡ Welcome to the dead end server!! We're all just some random people who like making jokes and hang out! ♡

♡ We offer... ♡

⁀➴ Meme Jokes
⁀➴ LGBTQ+ Acceptence
⁀➴ VC's
⁀➴ Anime Stuff
⁀➴ Cool Mods
⁀➴ Art Channels
⁀➴ Meme Members

✷        ·
  ˚ * .
     *   * ⋆   .
·    ⋆     ˚ ˚    ✦
  ⋆ ·   *
     ⋆ ✧    ·   ✧ ✵
  · ✵

✩ This server is still a work in progress! However, we will stop you if you try to raid and or are racist/homophobic ✩
A chill place to hang, we’re based on the UAE community but are welcoming to everyone we have channels for gaming, giveaways,bot commands and so much more ,We're always looking for members who are active and supportive we really do hold up to our server category and are a fun little place to be in
A place where anybody is welcome, to talk to others and participate in our events, giveaways, and contests.
We also have some pretty cool bots
This is a non-toxic community, but we like memes!
4/4 Admin places available, you can selfpromote!
There are OFFENSIVE memes BEWARE!
This server is for the boys only and it is only for dank memers. we'll have the most stupid conversations ever. There is also gaming chats and discussions
This is the official server of @ilauwuyou on instagram! Join us for among us teaming memes and post your memes there to get featured on the server!
Join Cydonic's Hideout and you will earn nothing! All this is, is a hideout for a twitch streaming Cydonic!
Just a chat to make friends and shit. Please don't cause drama and have fun. And spread love no disease :|
Aigh aight where tf my kfc nigga
Hi I’m twy guy twy stands for that weird youtuber. I make videos about anything that can entertain you if you have a questions or tips leave it in discussion or the comments make sure to subscribe hit the bell 🛎 and tell your friends and family to come check out my channel to bring joy in to your life make . and sure to be what you want to be don’t lesson to the mean. People out there
Hello! This is memer gang, a new server created for people to post memes and share them with eachother.
We offer:
-fun bots
-rank giveaways
-a currency used to buy and sell memes
-self roles

So of you have some memes to share join memer gang!
This is a new meme server. I would really appreciate it if you join and help get this off the ground. Anyone is welcome and there is no annoying bossiness from the admins. Im open for feedback.
The Anti-Karen Association is a group dedicated to documenting the insanity of Karens worldwide.
Join today. Or else.
This is a Discord Server where you can just hangout and have fun! Have a good laugh about the humor and memes that are posted here and have a great time!
Server includes a selection of emojis and roles and music, to rank up your meme status as a dank memer. Join and have a fun time, you won't regret it!