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✭ A world where the great despair never happened. Ultimates flourished, becoming one of the most respected group of people in the world. However, are things really as good as they seem? ✭

✭ Protests against Ultimates became much more common, people feeling that the idea of labeling someone as an "ultimate" was unfair. A terrorist group would emmerge out of these ultimates, becoming one of the most well known terrorist groups in Japan. ✭

✭ When checking your email, you realized you were sent an email from a friend, saying that they wanted to invite you to a party. However, they seemed.. off. Not like themselves. You decided to go anyways. It wouldn't hurt, right? ✭

✭ How wrong you were... ✭
Admin: @/D0ct0rRat#6275
Mods: scringo#1903 , TrashLord9000#4405 , Edgy Rat#6575 , koma#6275
Come. We invite you to these cursed land. Something’s wrong, very wrong,

Heya! It’s me! Your councilor, Blue! So, we heard that you’ve been chosen to be a part of the Talent Conversion Program! It’s not because your bad students but it’s more because of..uhhh, you’re kinda lacking ya get me? Like, you’d be better as an Oncologist..,rather than a Hairstylist.

KG: After is a killing game set in the Danganronpa Universe! Only there’s differences, Junko wasn’t born, the prerequisites to be a part of HPA are less rigorous, So Ultimates are more common. The American Branch with there three great academies has become infamous, somethings wrong. Very...VERY wrong. We invite you to take part in this strange Killing Game experience! KG: After was made to subvert the common tropes of the common Killing Game as well as provide plenty of lore for the students to explore, so we hope to see you real soon!