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It’s your first day of Hope’s Peak! You walk towards the giant school filled with students who all have different, wonderful talents. You’re one of them. As you start walking towards the gate you fee a rush of anxiety through you’re entire body, head to toes. It feels wrong.. ** y̷̅̚o̶͆̇u̴̢͝ ̸̛͒a̵͆̌r̷̄͂e̴͋́n̴̓̎’̵͌͊t̸̎͝ ̵̃̈́s̷̎̎ȃ̷̓f̷̀͐e̶̊̀ ̸̐̚h̵̊̓e̶̕͝r̴̒̂e̸̾̊** You shake off the feeling, thinking it’s just first-day paranoia. You take your first step onto the grounds.... and you continue walking. As you enter the classroom, you are informed that there is a field trip?! On the first day?! This feels.. **odd**..

You and your class are walking onto the bus, but as you step on.. you eyelids become heavier and heavier until you can’t keep them open anymore..
**Danganronpa is a visual novel—a type of dialogue-heavy, largely text-based adventure game popular in Japan that we have adapted into a role play style game. It’s about a group of students who are trapped in a strange location, and have become part of a brutal killing game where only one can survive. Ran by a sadistic robotic wolf called monokami. Or a terrifying mechanical duck called monotari**
Welcome Student's of Hope's Peak Academy, This is a Danganronpa Killing Game Server! The only characters allowed are cannon, no ocs we're sorry. There will be heavy spoilers and were still trying to modify the server into a KG since it was a slice of life before this.
Come join our Danganronpa Role Play server we have all kinds of fun stuff, Murder, Executions, Trials and Distrust, We have only the deepest despair for the new members.

we can get a bit..... dirty so please keep that in mind if you dont like dirty things lol
A brand new, non-despair roleplay server! Once you join, please check the rules and the taken characters list to see who is available.