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Welcome Student's of Hope's Peak Academy this is a Role Play has Despair in it, but not at the same time? It's a bit confusing but bare with me. The role play does not force Despair, like in the Danganronpa series but it also doesn't Avoid Despair as it can and will happen.

The Character List to choose from is RATHER big, and when I say big I mean bigggggg. He allow characters from UDG, THH, Goodbye Despair, V3, DR0, Danganronpa Arc Despair / Future, Other ones like the light novels of Togami and Kyoko. And we let a lot of love from very minor characters from the student council to Makoto Naegi's parents shine.

There are spoilers Everywhere, so be careful and if you join please have fun
Do you like Danganronpa? Do you like zombie apocalypse aus? Then boy are you in luck! Welcome to Zombieronpa, a role-play server where, instead of Junko infecting the world with despair, she accidentally started the apocalypse. She's probably still happy with the results. Anyways! Canon characters and OCs are welcome, you can even use beta designs! And there's no limit on how many OCs you can add. And thanks to this being an apocalypse setting, characters can come in at any time, so it doesn't matter if you join after we've already started, you can still RP.
Come join our Danganronpa Role Play server we have all kinds of fun stuff, Murder, Executions, Trials and Distrust, We have only the deepest despair for the new members.

we can get a bit..... dirty so please keep that in mind if you dont like dirty things lol
A brand new, non-despair roleplay server! Once you join, please check the rules and the taken characters list to see who is available.