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Our server revolves around the Danganronpa video game & anime franchise! Canons and original characters are welcome -- and encouraged. You should be relatively familiar with some Danganronpa lore to join. We are welcoming of any type of roleplay style, and are open to people from any level of roleplay or time zone.

We have many social channels, are LGBTQ+ friendly, mental health friendly, and generally fairly tolerant.

We have a large selection of roleplay channels (once you've gotten a character to roleplay with).

If interested in joining, please do! We do our best to keep everything fair, and hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Within a hidden clearing, deep in the heart of a forest, lies a small village. The walls surrounding make the village something of a local curiosity, though it’s been abandoned for decades. Or so it was thought-

Liliana Birch, the Ultimate Optimist, opens her eyes, an unfamiliar village surrounding her. Fifteen others stood nearby, similar expressions of confusion crossing their faces as they took in their surroundings.

A class of the world’s best and brightest, trapped like rats in a despair-filled maze. Will they be able to escape? Will they find the truth behind the lies? Find out, in Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] is a new fangan, set in a village!! Join Liliana Birch, Ultimate Optimist, as she sets out to discover who- or what- is behind her class being trapped in a mysterious, hidden village. Will she despair? Will the truth be uncovered? You could help decide, and bring this to life!! We are currently searching for artists, writers, voice actors, and video editors/animators to work on this project, and help bring Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] to life!! Sprite artists are especially needed, but any and all help is appreciated!!
Gonta welcomes you! Just be friendly....


This is a kin server for danganronpa kinnies!
Umigawa Academy was founded to be a rival school to the acclaimed Hope’s Peak Academy for Ultimate students. The academy is famous for it’s golden beaches and breathtaking views, putting the name of the school on the map. The school is invite only, allowing only the best of the best students to attend.

Students are scouted based on their abilities in a particular craft, hobby, subject, or even as far as jobs. Just as the brochure mentions, only the best of the best are allowed to attend. Coming to Umigawa makes you set for life, guaranteeing you a successful life right out of high school.

The killing game is halfway over however we're accepting 9 more applicants! Apps are open until 5/25. It's a really epic place with really cool people and you should all come check it out!

We are a server for people with Danganronpa kins. Our mission is to create a welcoming, supportive community for and by DR kin(s)! This is a place to find yourself, have fun, and make friends!
You wake up. You're sitting in... a moving vehicle? It's hard to tell with the apparent blindfold over your eyes. As you start to regain your senses, you can... feel others are with you. Some are squirming, others are crying - some are even cursing! The road that you're traveling on is extremely bumpy - somewhere... Remote. However, before panic can fully sink in, the vehicle stops. Everyone's blindfolds are taken off, and you're instructed to exit the van.

" Well howdy Campers! " speaks a small voice. Your gaze is shifted downwards... is that a ...? " Welcome to Camp Hopeful! Though, Hope isn't the word I'd use in this situation... "


[ CAMP HOPEFUL ] is a Killing - Game styled literate roleplay with it's own universe. Canon characters are not welcome, as this is an OC - only role play.
A killing game hosted by Monotaro, taking place in a mysterious cold and damp facility.
Hello! Welcome to the DANGANRONPA: Contained Chaos. This is a roleplay server where 18 individuals find themselves captured and left in a dingy, dimly lit building. They aren't alone though. With them is Monobah, a shy monochromatic sheep with a country accent. Although seemingly nice and cuddly, this sheep is forcing these individuals to turn on one another if they wish to escape. Goes to show things aren't always as they seem...

Participants are welcome now!
Hey! This is a danganronpa kin server! Everyone is free to join! This server isn't just for kins, it's to have fun, chat, etc!! Everyone here is super kind and welcoming! So come on, join us!
Some members here are not comfortable with doubles, so make sure to watch out for that.
In the dead of night, you awake to the sound of pounding on your door. Curious, and after some hesitation -- you check it out.

As soon as you approach your door, an envelope slips under. It’s fanciful; full of very pretty decorations! An off-colored cream colored envelope with gold rimmings, and a wax seal stamped with pressed-flowers - your favorite type of flower, to be exact, - and as you open it…

It has your name. But, only to the mailing address. Every other time it mentions you, the one who it’s addressed to, it’s with the name of your favorite flower…

“ Hello, hello~! You have been chosen by our pristine academy - Blume - to come and study your ULTIMATES! We have made personal labs and classes for you to enhance your individual, unique skills. We are powered by █████████████ and have the best of the best, state of the art facility! “

The name was blanked out. There’s no way to tell what it is - as it was an impossibly black color. The note goes on to list all of the things that the university has to offer, before ending on a positive note:

“ You have a week to pack your things~! One of our escorts will be here early morning, right as the sun rises, to escort you! Please have everything packed and ready to go. We hope to see you here, and to bloom!

Headmaster ███████, Blume. “

Excitement is almost palpable as you hold the note. Sounds almost too good to be true - But Blume is so well known, and so widespread! The phone number matches up, everything is right -- this has to be a true invite!

unSafe Haven is a lit Killing Game RP that's Original Character based. We pride ourselves in being a good, fun, and unique server. Please feel free to stop by and ask any questions!
Welcome to Hotel Despair. You have been invited to stay at this luxurious hotel for, well... the rest of your lives! Do not worry though. There is one way to leave the hotel. It is simple! All you have to do is get away with murder.

So, will you decide to live the rest of your life in this hotel or will you give into despair?

𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕟𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕡𝕒 - Hotel Despair

𝒮𝑒𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓈𝑜𝑜𝓃. 𝒫𝓊𝒽𝓊𝒽𝓊~
Danganronpa. But not the same.
A Carnival, usually associated with fun and happiness. But is it really...? Not anymore.
15 others lay within the map of this location, 15 others with talents just like yours.
You don't know why you're here, all you know is that you were escaping for...a crime? what crime? how vague. But why would you off all people commit a crime?

This spree isnt over.
In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, some survivors all raid the same place for supplies. Also, because they found a note addressed to them and thus came here. Now, a Dollar Tree may not be the best place to raid, but.. Well, you know what happens, don't you?
A roleplay server exclusively for Danganronpa and its canon characters. Casual roleplaying with the extra, subtle threat of death at any possible chance! Just like real life!
Slaughter Hotel is a Danganronpa/killing game themed roleplay. It'd be better that you know how Danganronpa's killing games work before joining this roleplay. This is the first roleplay I've ever run, so I'm still learning how to do it properly. Once 16 students have been accepted, the roleplay will begin!