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[ Welcome to Karuto Coffee Shop! (KCS)
This is a small hangout server for those who genuinely enjoy the series "Danganronpa".
You can just chit-chat with other people and make new humble friends! ]
What we have to offer :
- Weird emotes
- Ticket to no isolation during the quaratine
- Coffee ☕
- No confusing channels
- Wholesome, small community! About 40 members.
- Venting channel and serious channel that can be accessed by permission
- Bots like Tupper and Kawaiibot!
- Garfield worshipping channel
- And hopefully you!!
Join us today!
Welcome to your daily chatting life at Hope's Peak, with your fellow students and other schoolgoers!

Chills, Thrills, Chats is a laidback, semilit chatroom-oriented roleplay. However, there is paragraph roleplay as well! Chills, Thrills, Chats takes place in a nondespair setting, where the apocalypse and Mutual Killing Games never happened, as Hope's Peak continued to accept more students. The world is bustling, life is lively, and you have your schoolmates to bond with and ever grow closer to!

Join today!
Welcome to the Dangan Ronpa VRChat roleplay!

This is where you can be almost any character from the three main games! We do creative and fun roleplays in VRChat as well as hangouts!

-We are a brand new server
-Models are provided/found for our members
-We have fun bots; Pokecord, Waifu bot and, more
-Friendly and relaxed staff
-Planned events, roleplays and, hangouts

What are you waiting for? Join now!
I literally made this server because hearing dr3 positivity legit upsets me so I made a dr server without it. Please enjoy
A server for Danganronpa OCs, lovechildren, and anything in-between. People without them are free to come and support us as well. We do all kinds of weird and fun things. Come join us today!
yo !! this is a server to mainly to just vibe yk, we just change our nicknames to the chr we want !! even actual tag too, ex kaede.chr , kaede.jpg , etc. Please join to have fun !! (doubles are expected)
Cult of Saihara is a Danganronpa community server themed around the character Shuichi Saihara. There will be major spoilers for the Danganronpa series, so please beware of that.
We are a lovely small server for anyone who enjoys danganronpa! We mainly focus on LGBT issues, but anyone is welcome.
❝Sometimes a Pawn is enough to change the whole game, and those who ignore the importance of it are liable to lose their Queen.❞

This is an OC killing game! We have 3 female student spots open!
In the past six months, there's been one missing child report one after another. It's winter and you're on a school trip with your friends. In total there was seven counting yourself. What could possibly go wrong with seven students try to sneak away when their teacher tells them to stick close to the group due to all the reports?
This rp has two servers, one for the real world and one for the killing game, hope you enjoy.

Hope's Peak Academy, home to the most talented and best students in Japan. Due to the increase of popularity of having schools similar to Hope's Peak in different prefectures, the headmaster and the committee decided to start up another school in the west under the same name.

Unfortunately, The first set of classmates find themselves imprisoned in the school, cut off from the outside the school that has fallen under the grasp of an odd, murderous little bear by the name of Monobear. The bear pits the students against each other in a killing game, promising freedom to anyone that gets away with murder. Will the students find out what Monobear actually is and why they have been stuck in this situation? Or will they succumb to the despair-inducing killing game?

━━━━「What We Offer」━━━━
📚 A literate roleplaying experience!
✏️ Freedom when making your OC.
😊 Friendly admins. We keep the place safe and the RP running.
👀 Spectator friendly. If you don't want to RP or you are unable to get accepted, we are more than happy for you to stick around to chill in the OOC channels.
🎮 Side games and RPs for the Spectators to take part in.
🎶 A music channel for your music needs.
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly!
🗡 Unique motives and executions.

━━━━「Additional Things」━━━━
🏫 The setting is similar to the first game. May change if we have more than one killing game.
💾 Previous killing games will be archived.


🎲 Current Students [1/16]

Our server revolves around the Danganronpa video game & anime franchise! Canons and original characters are welcome -- and encouraged. You should be relatively familiar with some Danganronpa lore to join. We are welcoming of any type of roleplay style, and are open to people from any level of roleplay or time zone.

We have many social channels, are LGBTQ+ friendly, mental health friendly, and generally fairly tolerant.

We have a large selection of roleplay channels (once you've gotten a character to roleplay with).

If interested in joining, please do! We do our best to keep everything fair, and hope you enjoy your stay.
A Danganronpa roleplay that takes place on a world travelling train! Only 16 students... who will make it out alive?!
Welcome to OFF! The Outerspace Friendship Facility! Join and expect friendly times and murder! This is a new killing game server and we're currently accepting participants, due date for applications is October 16th!
This fangan is the first in a series of six, and it introduces the world the characters live in, as well as the class of 101, which the game focuses on. In a world ruled by magic and talent, 19 young, promising Hope's Peak students are trapped inside of a killing game. Who will make it out alive, and who will die? No one knows...

This game will hopefully be available first as a video series and then perhaps as a playable game depending on what I can do. I plan on making the game in RPGmaker.

If you want to help with any of the following categories, please DM me:

Writing - we need script writers, including myself, to help write the story.
Planners - we need planners to help plan out murders and trials.
Artists - we need artists for just about everything! You don't have to perfectly mimic DR's style to apply!
Musicians - we need help with the music!
The best way to describe this roleplay is a Danganronpa killing games.

But what is Danganronpa without the killing games?

Well, it is a story of the Hope's Peak Academy Alumni.
How does the world end? Some said it would be when the sun burns itself out. Some others said it would be when the human race heated the Earth to the point where it is not long habitable.
Nobody said it would be a blonde girl with pig tails and a dream of despair, yet that is what it has come to.
Junko Fucking Enoshima.
The cause of the Tragedy. Her plan was as perfect as her makeup.
However, when the killing game did not go as planned, and the 77th class managed to escape unharmed, the war began.
Damn Naegi's dumb luck....
But Naegi was not the only one with luck...Junko had some of her own on her side. She had the 78th class behind her, and her army of Monokumas...

Join this battle of hope and despair. Pick your favourite character from DR1 and DR2, and fight for your side.
Welcome to Danganronpa V3! The newest installation to everyone's favorite series, Danganronpa! With a cast of 20 to celebrate our 53rd game, this killing game will be stock full of twists and turns! Tune in later today for the first episode.
First things first:
> In this timeline, V3 didn't happen. This *is* "V3".
> This is a show in this timeline.

You'll get a welcome message to tell you what to do! Feel free to join & just chat. Up to 4 characters. Co-Owner open.
Yeah, pretty much just a server for Danganronpa fans. It’d be greatly appreciated if you’d join and try it out, and to help make it active!

New Danganronpa V3 both brought the greatest season and the end to DANGANRONPA as a franchise. Having been the second time the Team has dabbled with Virtual Reality technology, it proved to unearth the unethical lines that the Team had been crossing over. In compensation, a facility has been provided for those who went through the Virtual Reality, whose previous identities had been supplanted as a result of the game's attempt to achieve the ultimate form of method acting.

Now, the V3 cast have to cope with their new lives and a world they don't remember living in.

Happily accepting up to 15 players! The following characters are taken, but we're looking for everyone else:

- Kokichi Ouma
- Shuichi Saihara
- Tsumugi Shirogane
- Miu Iruma
- Rantaro Amami
- Kaito Momota
- Kirumi Tojo
- Kaede Akamatsu

Please join us today! We're a friendly server here to explore a post-V3 world!
Welcome to a new Killing Life! Enjoy a fun time at a beautiful campsite with great sights, fun pass-times, oh, and murder! This server is easy to get into and probably will be simpler than other killing game servers you'll come across, but aims to still be interesting, making it good for both beginners and people who have experience in RPs! Happy camping!
A canon-character talentswap RP! Pick 1 or 2 of your favorite characters, give them a new talent, and a backstory and appearance to match! We have most characters available, and you're able to duplicate/make your own talents within reason.

We plan on having scheduled events, dorm rooms, and have in-character chatrooms for more leisurely roleplay.
A casual danganronpa server combining all 3 games' characters as well as OCs. We also have a community role and plenty of fun bots to play with. Come join us at Hope's Peak Academy!
Welcome to Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Within a hidden clearing, deep in the heart of a forest, lies a small village. The walls surrounding make the village something of a local curiosity, though it’s been abandoned for decades. Or so it was thought-

Liliana Birch, the Ultimate Optimist, opens her eyes, an unfamiliar village surrounding her. Fifteen others stood nearby, similar expressions of confusion crossing their faces as they took in their surroundings.

A class of the world’s best and brightest, trapped like rats in a despair-filled maze. Will they be able to escape? Will they find the truth behind the lies? Find out, in Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] is a new fangan, set in a village!! Join Liliana Birch, Ultimate Optimist, as she sets out to discover who- or what- is behind her class being trapped in a mysterious, hidden village. Will she despair? Will the truth be uncovered? You could help decide, and bring this to life!! We are currently searching for artists, writers, voice actors, and video editors/animators to work on this project, and help bring Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] to life!! Sprite artists are especially needed, but any and all help is appreciated!!