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Deutscher Server mit ungefähr 20 Membern. Man kann Leute kennenlernen, während man sein Lieblings-Spiel spielt! Aber man kann nicht nur reden und sich kennenlernen, man kann auch einen Musikbot in seinen Channel rufen und die Musik abspielen, die man möchte! Zudem ist zurzeit die Bewerbungsphase geöffnet.
4 hours ago
Добро пожаловать на самый конченный сервер в дискорде!
3 days ago
Welcome to Dark Night Gaming, we have many games to play with people, and a very nice community. If you are just looking for a place to talk, this is the place for you. If you are a youtuber, you can send the owner your youtube channel and you can possibly get youtube rank!
3 days ago
Сервер для совместной игры и поиска напарников
16 days ago
A discord server where you can find peoples to have fun and play with, so don't wait, join us and Nep them all !
17 days ago
Need a team? our server allows you to find new team mates; our matchmaking queue places you in the most compatible teams. Join for friendly staff and a growing community!
18 days ago
The LiMEsports Zone is a fairly small (but looking to grow) community who started out years ago as a few friends but has grown into something greater. This Discord server is a representation of our group and is a place for us to hang out with friends (both old and new ones)! Not only that, this server is utilized by the upcoming eSports (hence the Esports in LiMEsports) organization LiMEsports, where they can play and interact with the their fans and have a digital place to call home. We hope you'll stick around and make yourself part of the community and from all of us already here, WELCOME!!!
19 days ago
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Vault 404 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ 24/7 Fallout Radio | Nintendo | Chill Gaming | Fallout XP & Ranks| No Bulls**t | VC + Gaming EVERY NIGHT!
35 days ago
Community server, join if you are as lonely as we are
47 days ago
A gaming/ chill community heavily focused on trading whether its RL / CS trading or even ROLE trading (a first on discord, I know). We have dedicated channels for RL/CS:GO/OW/FN/PUBG/RBLX with features like stats, looking for teams and even sharing clips. We have anime discussion, nsfw, memes and art channels as well. We have a dedicated online Rocket League store selling in game items.
47 days ago
24/7-Active Voice And Text channels - A friendly server where anyone is welcomed! - Come hang out and have fun!
87 days ago
Un nou tărâm și-a făcut apariția printre serverele de Discord.
Dorim să construim o comunitate în care fiecare membru să-și găsească cu cine discuta orice subiect sau găsi companie la un joc online.
Momentan serverul nu este complet, însă dorim să aflăm părerile și ideile membrilor noștrii.
92 days ago
Gamer District
--welcome @everyone! we're a growing server for guys and girls to talk and hang out, play games, join events, win prizes, and more!

!! what we offer !!

*Music bots !
*Selfie channel, for all of your beautiful faces
*Gaming channels, for you to talk and hang out with other gamers !
*Colour roles, along with a plethora of other achievable ones
*Active staff who are here to help
*Anime channels
*Nsfw channel for your 18+ whims
*Server partnering
*Movie Nights !
100 days ago
Gaming community that is getting bigger by the day. We have Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO, Rust, Sea of Thieves, Warframe, PUBG, and Fortnite! Come check us out!
103 days ago
We are a small CS:GO team that are looking to improve and aim to becoming a high level team and possibly in the future becoming a pro or semi pro team.
119 days ago
ONE OF THE MOST USEFULL SERVER FOR CS:GO PLAYERS! It's comfortable. You can always find a party. Responsive administrators,. Supports 4 languages
137 days ago
Welcome to gamers united! A server for people to talk, challenge each other, and just have fun. We love to have fun with you, by creating giveaways, new channels for games, and guess what? You can request a gaming channel too! We have 11 Bots, Friendly staff that love to joke, giveaways, a NSFW chat for those that want to... y'know what i mean, self-assignable roles and most importantly, Gaming channels! So, enough explaining. What are you waiting for? Join gamers united!
139 days ago
Server for people that love to talk to people and play games such as fortnite rust and cs:go
154 days ago
Wir sind ein ganz normaler Server für Unterhaltung, Spaß usw.
Hoffen darauf das du zu uns kommst und uns beitrittst.
Wir hören/sehen uns. Auf ein gutes zusammenspielen.
162 days ago