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Лампово и весело, что ещё нужно? Заходи!
Just a chill server for people to have fun in and yeet up some fools in some video games.

Only rule is don't be too racist.

We play all types of video games, ranging from Roblax to CS:GO to Golf It.

*still a very new server*
Hey there we here at Clutch God's hope you have a good time here when you join! We are currently a somewhat dead server but I'm trying to Revive it by adding new people!

We hope you have fun!
Cafe Anteiku Remake. A chill, laid back server with active people! Come in, relax, and enjoy the coffee ~ ♡
Hello this is Owner of L9 discord.

This discord is about Gaming, games such as CS:GO and League of Legends.

We do Boosts for cheap, and we're trying to make a big community.
You guys are all welcome to join anytime.

We also do custom 5v5's making host tournaments
We are a new team of silvers and gold novas trying to have fun and hopefully compete
Come join us. We are a small server for Nepali folks interested in gaming, tech, politics, movies and other day to day activities. Everyone is welcomed to join!
Nós somos uma comunidade pequena que gosta de jogar,conversar, e entre outras coisas.
A small discord server for people who like to play games and chat with others!
We are very friendly to our members. I dont know what else to say but join if you want.
Are you looking for a dutch and english gaming related server well this is it, we've got lots of game lobby's overseen by friendly staff members. Game lobby's that we have are: - PUBG - R6S - FORTNITE - CS:GO - ROCKET LEAGUE
Will we see you around?
Deutscher Server mit ungefähr 20 Membern. Auf unserem Server gibt es folgendes:
🙌 Spaß! 🙌
🎁 Giveaways! 🎁
😃 Freundliche Member! 😃
🎵 Musik nach deiner Wahl! 🎵
🎮 Gaming-Channel! 🎮
...und noch vieles mehr!

BennygakYT Is One Of The Safest Discord Server. Daily Updates And Tons Of Staff Make It Spam Free. **WARNING** VERY STRICT!!!
Suntem abia la inceput toata lumea e bn venita.Pe langa ca acest serve se ocupa cu in mare parte cu comunitate de lol am vrea sa facem ceva mai mare deacea cautam oameni care sunt dispusi sa ne ajute
Blue Helix is a community of gamers who host tournaments esentially every weekend. Come join, and listen to music with others or prticipate to play games with people from all over the world! We are willing to grow around what games are currently popular, and are always looking for new suggestions.
Sous le thème de l'e-sport, plusieurs projets sont en cours:
• Equipe Fortnite (Solide & expérimentée)
• Equipe League of Legends (Elo Diamant 3+)
• Equipe R6 siège (Rank Plat 1+)
• Equipe CS:GO (Global Elite)
• WebTV (Streamers mixtes)
• Structure communautaire (Actualité e-sport, Rencontres,..)

Et d'autres sont à venir:
• Concours (Giveaways,..)
• Tournois (Tournois Ftn & LoL avec Cashprize)
FrostByte eSports (AKA Team FrostByte) is a gaming organization dedicated to driving the future of eSports. Founded in 2018 by Counter -Strike Global: Offensive player Diego Gomez, otherwise known as “EleCtron1x” with the intention of hitting the same level of success, if not further than organizations like 100Thieves, Cloud9 and Fnatic.

Originally manned by a group of friends who branched off a smaller organization known as “Realeza eSports” (inactive as of August, 2018) and these four had plenty of experience in the eSports teams with plenty of jobs as admins and moderators for organizations such as Instant-Shock and BlackHawk X. These four people (EleCtron1x, JimmyStoopes, Eli, Strike) worked hard over consistently and achieved over 200+ members in the first month of being active. Since then the organization has clocked in over 70+ members per week and just continues to grow.

The Organization is dedicated to using our talented design team, management team and all resources to help players grow. If you navigate the website you can see the several teams under FrostByte, We help these teams achieve the dream of pro with all our assets and power.

Carving the future of eSports.

FrostByte eSports

Welcome to The Kingdom Of Japanada
We Have...
-Music Bots
-Pokemon Bots
-Game Channels For Overwatch, Paladins, Dead By Daylight
and much
-a Chilling Community with many people users
We are a server that specifies in leaked configs
for multiple HVH cheats.

All configs are completely free, and rules are
extremely simple.
Добро пожаловать на самый конченный сервер в дискорде!
Welcome to Dark Night Gaming, we have many games to play with people, and a very nice community. If you are just looking for a place to talk, this is the place for you. If you are a youtuber, you can send the owner your youtube channel and you can possibly get youtube rank!