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Introducing Universal Collision: The Fracturing, a server dedicated to roleplay.
This is a server-based upon bringing together a community of active role-players who seek to gather a large variety of characters within an ever-growing server. We allow people to roleplay as characters that they create themselves with all kinds of options for them, from fire magic to knights from fantasy to literal anime, there is so much to choose from!

It doesn't stop there though in terms of freedom, as people can bring in characters from numerous universes that they wish to roleplay as. Maybe a MARVEL Character? DC? Original?
You name it!

This server has many features such as...
- Semi-Literate up to Novella Roleplay! This means we expect effort!
- A small but hopefully growing active staff team. [Ping to get their attention!]
- The freedom to create your own unique character or cross-play as another.
- The choice to roleplay fights, expansive character development, or a relaxing life.
- Roleplay in a variety of original or crossover locations.
- Multiple unique and well-thought-out NPC's within a large high tech original universe.
- Occasional Events
- Meme Chat for the meme lovers out there!
- Partnerships!
- A mix of Voice and Music Channels!
- There's more to offer...

So what are you waiting for?
Join today if you are interested or we just may send one of our researchers to track you down and press that join button for you!
**Multiversal X**
★ **Server Lore** ★
```In a Dark Void, there was a group of people in a circle, each held a staff with a black orb on it, they wore black cloaks to hide their identities and in the center of the circle was a glowing golden egg. The mysterious group of people placed their staff in the air, then flying backwards to keep distance. Around them were screens, the screens showed fighters from different worlds either saving their world or destroying those that came across their path for power. Suddenly one of the people in the circle started flying up, as that person did she chanted the God Language, as she said this, the glowing egg started cracking, until it finally hatched. A white flash happened as a new universe was made. A universe that was a mixture of other universes. As people started arriving, a man told that he is going to bring everybody back home, so he then created an organization, “Multiversal X“.```
★ **What We Offer ** ★
``` What we offer ? You can make a character or also called an OC , that comes from any Anime World ! You can even mix his character traits , but it can’t be that OP ! We are a server that is toxic free and with no God Mod players . For your OC you can make custom Special Attacks , Ultimate Attacks , and Custom Forms ! We allow partnership with any server even if they have less than 10 members , we are always glad to help you ! ```
> **【 Don’t Forget ! 】: ** This is a roleplay server , anime crossover ! We respect what you like and dislike and we will forever do our best to make you feel well in our server , all we ask for you is to follow our rules .
**Owner**: <@!535656968690335744>
**【 Pings 】: ** @everyone @here
**【 Server Link 】:**
**【 Links】: **
Hi, and this is a brand new server that I am creating, where everyone can come and relax as whatever character from another universe you want, within reason. And I mean ANY character. Its gonna be SUPER fun, so just come and join in.
Welcome to The Multiverse!
This is a crossover roleplay server that is compatable with almost all characters across fandoms, anime, and games.
We have-
⚙️Fun bots!
🕶Self-roling system!
🐺Lots of species to chose from!
🌎Many areas to roleplay in!
🔞A NSFW channel!
As well as more features to come in the future.
However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed if you wish for the best experience in our server. Please consider joining, we’re always looking for new roleplayers!
(Server Icon is provided by, a website where you can use and edit hundreds of icons to suit your needs.)
exactly what it says! marvel meets dc in a crossover roleplay, with plenty of characters up for grabs and a community of fun and friendly roleplayers!
( canon characters only )
You have (not violated the law, unless you have) STUMBLED ACROSS A NEW ROLEPLAY SERVER!
And what should you do, my fine and fellow friend?
Now, we're not pulling any punches here, no sir! There is going to be no subtlety found in this description! You should absolutely JOIN THIS SERVER!
What can you do here? It's simple! Anything? Well, okay, not anything, you can't blow up the universe, but you can live in it however you like! We have canon characters! And original characters! And alternate characters! All housed together under one roof, undergoing arcs and stories and events and whatever else your little black heart desires! Lex Luthor is president, for crying out loud! The VP is a fish! Mickey Mouse has gone back to his days old old and is a powerful wizard! Factions of every shape and size clash in the depths of space! Great forces of evil threaten the heroes at every twist and turn!

What do YOU want to be?

(We also don't have MEE6. Seriously, why does every server seem to have MEE6? Nothing but a bother if you ask me.)

Please and thank you.
Welcome to Utopia Roleplay where we try to make everyone have an enjoyable experience here. We are a panfandom roleplay set in a space colony named Utopia where many different races and beings socialize and compete with each other. So hopefully you all can have fun here too!
Breaking Dawn

The multiverse has finally reached its limit from the various reality bending effects of its occupants. The result has been the Multiversal Storm a phenomenon that's already cost billions of lives and destroyed an unknown amount of universes. As far as can be understood the Storm is the reset button of the multiverse pushed when two fights pushed just a bit too far. The result has been the all the surviving universes have been mashed together into a single universe it's survivors almost entirely on the planet known as Dawngaurd more specifically the city of Dawnrise. Each have faced the Multiverses balancing and as a result have reached a point where a second Multiverse Storm is deemed impossible and where those starting their journey are on a level playing field. Unfortunately a great evil yet still lives, it's monsters hounding and attempting the extinction of those who've survived.

-A fair and balanced progression and power system that rewards hard work and ensures no server power set is inherently better than another one while keeping the core of each fandom involved and allowing for nearly any fandom power to be created within the server and retain the core of it.

‣ A fun stats and mastery system to keep things fair and allow for meaningful character progress

‣ The ability to permanently and truly effect the RP with nearly every action from discovering new territories to building new buildings to even clearing out monsters so less show up on the next incursean

‣ Server wide events like the Incursion which happens every three months and is the result of the enemy forces mobilizing and Sea of Dreams which happens over Christmas Break and acts as a unique twist on a free for all.

‣ Expansions to the Server including new officially integrated universes, improved systems and even new missions and monsters every two months

‣ The ability to transfer characters from other servers and get credit for the work done on that server (Though they'll still be balanced out and go through the character application process)
┌──── “„

For as long as the two had existed the hero’s and villains of the DC and Marvel universes have been under siege with each other. While it was ever so present that this war would never be won alone the DC villains had synthesized a plan. With the minds of Lex Luther, Mystical masters like Clarion, and many more the villains of the DC universe set their plans into action. Via the unknown power of dimensional-traveling these villains sought out a way to cross dimensions.

In a a years time the villains had finally breached the unknown. They used this new found travel to cross over in the Marvel Universe, this world familiar yet so different from their own was perplexing. But within time they had managed to find the villains plaguing the Marvel Universe. While tensions were high first and lead to many astray battles they had found common ground. But while they disputed the portals they had opened had ripped far too much, the universes it connected collapsing into one.

The merge was hectic and full of chaos. People were lost within this chaos, their beings simply being sucked into the void. The resources across the universe doubled. As chaos consumed the universe people began to call this historical moment, ‘The Collision.’ For months everything ran rampant and uncontrolled.

┍ ┑
~ Original Lore;
~ Canon parent roleplay and OC’s
~ Friendly and welcoming community;
~ Flexible and active Moderators;
~ Tons of Roleplay Channels;
~Respectful Moderation and Members;
~ Bots and friends;
~Storylines and Events;
~Any type of Roleplay (From One liners to very literate.)
~Self Roles;
~ Always finding a way to involve the people;
┖ ┙
We currently have an anti-bot system going on to counter the pornbots. If your account is younger than a week, please DM SymeSynth#1283 before entering the server.

Welcome to the Avatar Arena!

The Avatar Arena is a massive crossover roleplay taking place on a dimensional crossroads between worlds, with a setting as fickle as the weather and ever-changing. This world is a peculiar one, as it would be considered normal were it not for the visitors, who come from different worlds and universes, often interacting, sometimes battling, or perhaps participating in quests and events. The opportunities in this world are many, and sometimes regarded as infinite.

The Arena promotes freeform roleplay.
- There is no central, overarching plot. The users here may feel free to choose whatever plots and events they like, or to start their own if they feel it within reason.
- Provided that you can play fair and not be OP, you are allowed to play as virtually almost anyone. An established character, an original character, perhaps a character from a movie you liked.
- Drop-in, drop-out. Stop worrying about RP locks and long waits for hours and days. If you wish to leave a scene, you are free to go. If you also wish, you are free to settle down to a slower-paced RP style, although RPs normally play out in real-time/live.
- Worldbuilding and writing channels to promote creativity. Even if you do not wish to RP, you are free to discuss your stories and characters.
- Freeform channels. As opposed to channels that are centred on different locations, our channels are divided according to power levels to ensure fair play. For those who dislike this system, we also provide RP channels that allow characters of different power levels to meet.
- A suggestion system, to allow players to have a voice and to vote on any features and changes that they would like on the server.

The Avatar Arena features a large and active community of users, most of them writers and roleplayers, as well as many bots to ensure that no one gets fatigued, and, of course, many channels that cater to different interests, like memes, movies, games, and the like.

If you have any inquiries, you may feel free to DM the server owner.

Server Owner: SymeSynth#1283 (203176668217475072)
Hey, I'm Gaby! I'm still an amateur, but I decided to make my own public Discord server, with the three topics I like the most: Roleplaying, Undertale, and Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken. For now, I'm going to take care of the server on my own, with the help from the Discord bots only. These are the times I am avaiable (using the timezone from Brasília):
Monday to friday: 5 or 6PM to 9PM
Saturday and sunday: around 1PM or more to 11PM or midnight
The server is mainly for roleplaying, but you can also have normal chats there. Be warned that this is NOT an NSFW server. Please read every detail I put there carefully so that you don't trouble yourself later on!
welcome to the server, a combination of danganronpa and kakegurui! Gamble with your peers and win and loose your money!
The top 3 people in the end with the highest amount of money get to live the rest of their lives in fortune, fame, and glory. Everyone else will be executed!
If you go into debt, you will become a house pet, if you go 100,000 into debt, you will be executed!
Good luck, and happy gambling! ♛
more shit will be explained if u join the server
server is 8/10 from being finished
The year is 2014, all hell has broken loose and the zombie apocalypse is happening. Only a few deadly brute force could save the world from hell. You can only pick four sides, Umbrella, Zombies, or the survivors, and BSAA soldiers. The zombies are everywhere, the green flu took out 70% of the population and you are the only one left, with other survivors, trying to kill the zombies.
Once, in a universe that was threatened by that which seeked to impose their will onto its inhabitants, an avatar of all that is chaotic and natural wiped the slate clean. It was not enough to defeat the otherworldly automaton who sought to impose their absolute law and order however, and so the two did battle in the universe that followed. When the two unimaginably powerful forces clashed, the ripples were felt all across the multiverse. Cracks in space and time cause individuals from across space and time to be brought to their battleground, a realm where the two have fought to a standstill. Now they seek to use those who have been torn away from their realms to further their own goals in the proxy battles to come.

Welcome to the Realm. Will you fight for the freedom of absolute chaos, or the security of absolute order? Or will you be bold enough to go against the agenda of either of the beings that seek to dominate the other? It is up to you to decide how this story is written.

A multi-fandom crossover roleplay server accept characters both canon and original.
Nexus Earth. Known as the Hub Earth in Nexus Universe where a Wormhole opened up that caused many problems for the planet. That wormhole has since been put in stasis by a satellite branch of the Multiverse Agency seeking to keep balance. That was 5 years ago. Recently being have been getting ripped from their universes all across the Multiverse and are being dropped onto the planet's 8th continent and no on yet knows why. Will you be someone who seeks the truth behind the myster? Will you be someone who decides to make a new life here? Or.. will you use this opportunity for villainy? As either someone who's been displaced or are native to the planet, this is for you to decide.

Welcome to Nexus Earth.


Server details:
-18+ Only
-Multi-Para and up only
-Rich Lore with detailed locations
-World Building as the story progresses
-Helpful staff
-NSFW Channels available
-OCs and Canon characters welcome
-Primarily PVE
-PTK Server


[Disclaimer: This server is an 18+ Only server that caters more to the Multi-Paragraph and Up style roleplayers as well as players who can get things going on their own. This server also promotes Group RP. If you don't fall into this category you may want to look elsewhere as the posting requirements are non-negotiable. The server also has NSFW and some ERP elements so if this bothers you, once more I would suggest you continue scrolling for an RP Server that's more to your liking. Additionally the server is primarily PVE as the server caters more to character development and story; though PVP can happen. If you're good with what you've read so far continue on below and hop into the server. Otherwise, i'd suggest you continue browsing servers.]

Do you like:

• Giveaways
• Roleplay
• Making friends
• Anime

Well, If you do then this is the server for you, Here in sever name we guarantee you all of that and much more! We hold frequent roleplay events, Anime and manga leaks / discussion and much more!

It's the place to be!
Welcome to the one and only, Zolution Empire!

The Multiverse as we know it is in peril, an event known as the collision has ruptured the natural order of the Multiverse, sending thousands if not millions of universes colliding into one spot. Disarray and chaos spread, powerful villainous factions form to take over the vulnerable peoples of the collided Multiverse. But out of the ashes rises the Zolution Empire, a group consisting of powerful beings that have congregated and united into a singular faction seeking a single goal: To protect the Multiverse in its damaged state. Will your OCs be destined to join the Zolution Empire to protect goodness and light? Will they seek to find profit and/or stay neutral? Or will they join up with the forces of Chaos to wreak havoc on innocent worlds? The choice is yours my friend, for the one and only, Zolution Empire!

Welcome to the Zolution Empire! We're a very small yet diligent group hoping to tell a vast story about the collision, while having the chance of including your OCs (Original Characters) in this never ending story of strife, relationships and deadly battles that will shape the face of the Multiverse for better or for worse.

We have plenty of the following:
-Humble Staff team.
-Open ended lore that you can contribute in with your own characters.
-The chance to contribute to the lore of the server with your own stories, comics and role play!
-Many channels where you can vibe and hang out.
-The chance to claim characters from established IPs (From Games to Movies, manga, etc.)
-Very inclusive in many regards, both member wise and character wise.

Remember, for the one and only, Zolution Empire!
No one would have believed in the last years of the twenty fourth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under the microscope do the same. No one gave a thought to the older worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most terrestrial men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise. Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us
Bienvenue à prestige une école très semblable à celle de Las Encinas en Espagne en apparence. Mais dont les règles et les cours sont très différents. Rejoigniez-nous et devenez une élite ou je devrais plutôt un prestige !
This is a crossover rp server that takes place in the RWBY timeline. The server has star wars, dbz, Godzilla, transformers, halo, ect. You can play any of your favorite characters, and you can oc's but they aren't allowed in the main story if they are on a main character team or if I say they are allowed, the rp is more about main characters from other shows/games interact with the main cast of rwby. But if you don't feel like rping, that's fine. We have a few nice chat rooms where you and your friends can hang out. This server is done, but it will add on when time gose on. Ex: more channels, and bots. We are a nice community and we'll be happy if you join us. For this is the rp story of.... RWBY, Warrior Within.
Stranded on Alternia is a 16+ Homestuck/Multifandom crossover roleplaying chat set on the comically-vicious troll homeworld. Here, you can roleplay as a troll, canon or OC, or as practically any non-homestuck character or OC who has recently found themselves stuck on the planet.

This is a Dragon Ball Sever including all the dragon ball anime that was ever made till 2020. This will also include the manga and other crossover anime. This is a RPG server and all is welcome. This can also be a Fantasy RPG. So welcome to the Dragon Ball Crossover Fantasy RPG Server!
18+ | All characters accepted!
New React Roles!
Welcome to Corrupted Desires, a crossover ERP server! In the server you can be anything, including a medieval character, a futuristic one, a canon or an OC! Anything goes here, especially kink-wise!

If you want a place to do some taboo kinks, or have some interesting crossover RPs, this is the place!
Some time ago, four powerful individuals came together to trap those from different universes in a ‘game’. They soon lost hope in this world once their numbers had declined thanks to the combined efforts of those they kidnapped. The two that remained retreated into another world however four people who they had previously hired to strike down certain characters followed them in an attempt to take their lives for one reason or another.

A fierce battle ensued. It was an absolute miracle that the two were able to get their pursuers into a weakened state where their most powerful abilities were removed before they were inevitably killed. Unable to return to where they once came from, the people, who would later be known as the Legends, searched for a way to escape. However, once it became apparent that it was almost impossible, the group started to experience some internal conflict that caused them to split up.

It was around this time that characters from other universes started to strangely appear and the four clans started to form. These clans used to be led by the Legends until they found suitable people to carry on their will and were able to go into ‘hiding’, only appearing to people who needed their assistance or help. The inner conflict has spread to the clans themselves, most of them slowly forgetting about their original goal as war broke out…

It's up to those who inhabit this world to choose if they want this war to continue or if they want to find a way to get out of here… will your character be someone who was one of the first people here or will they be someone who has just awoken in a clan that best fits their personality? Will you go against those around you and abandon them or will you ally with the other clans? The choice is yours.