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MishMash Roleplay - Combining Casual and Hardcore RP together!


* Tons of roles to show others who you are and what kind of roleplayer you are.
* Casual RP channels to mess around in, Crossover RP for playing characters based off of media, and Serious RP channels to tell a story in!
* Detailed locations for your OCs to interact in!
* Opt-out of pings!
* Bots!
* SFW only!
* Ping certain people interested in RPing in DMs!
* A crossover category for RPing as characters from different types of media!
* Extra fun channels to take a break from roleplay!
* And much more!

We're still a growing community. Despite our small size, we implore you to at least take a look at this server. We've certainly put far more effort into this server than most RP servers do, so we appreciate even a look at our server!

Happy roleplaying!
Hey!!! Welcome to Comic Collision, where Marvel and DC collide into one solid world!!

-Tired of servers that only focus on RPF and big plots?
- Looking to world-build and feel connected to your characters and the universe you put them in?
-Searching aimlessly for a drama free OOC where you can be welcomed as part of the family?


Comic collision offers plenty of fun channels (Socials with the option to actually link to Instagram, NSFW, art, headcannons, memes, PLOT CANON News like the Daily Bugle, and the Daily Planet, and more!) to keep you busy in between plots and posts. We are a highly literate server that enjoys balancing big villain fights with irp parties, dates, and fun. We are extremely active, and strive for continuity and character development!

Come and join our family today! We’ll be happy to have you.
War threatens the Alliance of the Six Kingdoms – the exiled criminals are planning their escape out of The Outlands with their twisted leader.
Become a protagonist or play as a criminal to make the story go on!
Welcome to the ultimate Crossover server!
You will have a petrifying experience here..Filled with funny people and Great Jojokes
Dive into a whole new world with new people and explore new things as well!
Prove yourself to be the greatest one ever and earn the respect of everyone and become
Acknowledged by everyone! Does your will of fire burn bright enough to become the best of the best, Endure intense Challenges and push through great struggles- To become the #1
Go on an adventure to seek out the greatest treasure you can find.

⚫ We provide Cool Roles

⚫Fun Bots

⚫Epic Rp’s

⚆erp too, depending on your mood

⚫ Exciting events

⚫ Anime references

⚫ There's more but you will ten billion percent get bored of this


We offer so much for you, Active staff (too active) irrelevent conversations, free candy, if you want we can give you a good doujin to read, horny 13 year olds, constant bullshit, retarded conversations, and you can create your own religion
Welcome to The Multiverse!
This is a crossover roleplay server that is compatable with almost all characters across fandoms, anime, and games.
We have-
⚙️Fun bots!
🕶Self-roling system!
🐺Lots of species to chose from!
🌎Many areas to roleplay in!
🔞A NSFW channel!
As well as more features to come in the future.
However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed if you wish for the best experience in our server. Please consider joining, we’re always looking for new roleplayers!
(Server Icon is provided by, a website where you can use and edit hundreds of icons to suit your needs.)
Gaiclaire is a discord roleplay server with a bunch of shitty memes!
Seriously though, Gaiclaire is a roleplay server where almost every OC is allowed, as long as it is not stupidly overpowered. Cannon or OC, it doesn't matter! We accept all races, and accept all things! We also like to take suggestions from the community so...
Come on, hurry up, and join! We are waiting for you!
We are hoping for this community to be big, and have alot of great roleplayers!
Gaiclaire's population is unusually wealthy, and is known for its mines and industry. Although, Gaiclaire has a sinister reputation among the countryside, The Town is ruled by a mysterious cabal that doesn't show their faces. The races live together mostly in harmony.
{Attention, looking for help, check the bottom of the description}
Uni World 2 is a combat based Roleplay server that allows you to be almost anything, cannon and Ocs. Though you can't be too op. We have a lot of channels and server ideas, Battlefields, The Black order and Bounties, Team Battlefields, power swappers, and other things. On another note just don't beat the shit out of someone because their character is a jerk.

Lore is as follows: many many years ago, a multitude of worlds had existed in harmony, none stepping boundaries, or invading the others, Earth, the home planet of Humans, and animals alike, slightly primitive compared to others, but ultimately harmless, a Spirit World, known by some to be called a Yokai world as well, housing Spirits and Yokai alike, split into sectors, as they often waged war with each other, a world of Machinery and Weapons, known to be led by a warlord who was fond of smithing, filled with moving swords, and multiple machines, talking bows, it was all there, known to have invaded areas before, a Void world, live here, if you could, it was torture, nothing had really existed, some saying it was a black hole the size of a small planet, a Sky planet, where people had split into two races, one was of grounded nature, digging into the abandoned planet bellow, and one of magic and wisdom, building across the sky, known to be rich with culture, soon after, the planet almost went extinct, the only thing on there is monsters and wilds now, some say a kid ran wild, but no evidence, and an Ink planet, Cartoons are known to be properly birthed here, living like humans with rubber band physics, they seem shifty at times, but worked just as well, if not harder than anyone else, and then theirs Heaven and Hell, and its waiting room, Limbo, some call it Purgatory, but none the less, theirs angels, and demons here, and then theirs lost souls awaiting judgement, eventually, an unknown event caused them all to collapse together, forming the world everyone else is standing on today

I'm Carbonellie, the creator of Uni World 2, I am looking to make a Uni World East, not as a replacement but as an add-on to Uniworld's brand, something else I wouldn't mind is another server being in the same universe as Uni, and people being able to travel between servers, events and things can carry over. Message me for further details.
Due to the amount of villains growing in large amounts, we the hounds have opened our doors for recruitment of any heros, from Ben ten and the gang, mha(my hero academia), all kinds of anime heros, anti heros, video game heros, movie GAINTS, like Pacific rim, ready player one, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, transformers, ECT. Any heros are welcome. We even accept normal Joe's that want to help. Some of you may know me, some not. But I'm star, a younger sister of deku. I was trained by all might and im Ready to set out on my own and stop evil from taking over the world! We all took a step and now we are facing the unknown, but we won't Face it alone! Let's all go beyond plus ultra and kick some Ass!
Staff needed as well as actvie memebers
Nexus Earth. Known as the Hub Earth in Nexus Universe where a Wormhole opened up that caused many problems for the planet. That wormhole has since been put in stasis by a satellite branch of the Multiverse Agency seeking to keep balance. That was 5 years ago. Recently being have been getting ripped from their universes all across the Multiverse and are being dropped onto the planet's 8th continent and no on yet knows why. Will you be someone who seeks the truth behind the myster? Will you be someone who decides to make a new life here? Or.. will you use this opportunity for villainy? As either someone who's been displaced or are native to the planet, this is for you to decide.

Welcome to Nexus Earth.


Server details:
-18+ Only
-Multi-Para and up only
-Rich Lore with detailed locations
-World Building as the story progresses
-Helpful staff
-NSFW Channels available
-OCs and Canon characters welcome
-Primarily PVE
-PTK Server


[Disclaimer: This server is an 18+ Only server that caters more to the Multi-Paragraph and Up style roleplayers. If you don't fall into this category you may want to look elsewhere as the posting requirements are non-negotiable. The server also has NSFW and some ERP elements so if this bothers you, once more I would suggest you continue scrolling for an RP Server that's more to your liking. Additionally the server is primarily PVE as the server caters more to character development and story; though PVP can happen. If you're good with what you've read so far continue on below and hop into the server. Otherwise, i'd suggest you continue browsing servers.]
Welcome to Dimensional crisis! A crossover server with many possible things to do. The concept of this server is simple:
There are different dimensions with different type of earths that have: Different ages, Different timezones and different concepts.
So with dimensions come many interesting characters and antagonists..It is possible for there to be an antagonist that assists the two main antagonists.
There are also everyday events so don't miss your chance on joining this server!
Welcome to Universal Connection! A crossover roleplay server where you can be almost anything as long as it doesn't break the rules! Our server allows both canon and original characters, so no need to ask.
We also have, but not limited to:

-Story arcs/events: Story arcs are huge roleplay events that can affect most if not all roleplay areas and most likely even change the course of the story itself, you can have a chance to participate in these if you wish. Events are the same, but smaller and not as chaotic, much easier to manage.

-Open space for character development: This is something we owners want to assure you can have, as you have freedom to choose what area you wish to RP and with who.

-Kind and just staff team: The staff team here is fair, just and kind, we assure you that we have simple rules that you can easily follow. And you don't need to be afraid to ask questions, just make sure you read rules beforehand!

Those are only some things we have, you should join and look for yourself!
Chaos! Multiverse! A vast cluster of universes full of evil, due to a great number of powerful villains who make it a living hell. So rise up, heroes! Create your own heroes to combat the villains. Or create your own villains to cause chaos all over the place!

This server features:
- Your typical hangout channels. (General talk, memes, gaming, media, spam, etc.)
- Server members with a diversity in fandoms!
- The titular roleplay itself! A main lore, many channels for roleplaying, a channel for discussing the RP, and a channel for character profiles!
- Two roleplay channels separate from the main roleplay, one for fighting other characters, and one for having your character(s) hang out with others' characters. Both channels have zero plot, unlike the main roleplay.
- Server suggestions, where you can input and vote on suggestions about the server. Be it the emotes, the roleplay, the rules, etc.

- Both OCs and crossover characters from 'canon' works are allowed!
In a scenario inspired by the Q series, the ever busy SEES, the adventurous Investigation Team, and the notorious Phantom Thieves are all mysteriously whisked away from their point in time to a mysterious, unknown location. When the three groups unite, they discover there is something the three of them must do in order to return to their place in time, all the while a mysterious entity watches. With each group having their own reasons to get back home as soon as possible, the 27 persona users combine their efforts to work together and get to know each other throughout their stay in this new realm.

This is a roleplay hosted by a good friend of mine. This project will involve 27 players in one big scenario. You will only need to know the character you wish to play, and will not need to know the lore or plot of the games. This means that we wish that you play your character in the mindset of your character, and take this semi-serious. We want you to have fun, but also follow a basic storyline. Further questions and explanations can be discussed in the temporary Discord server. We will welcome new roleplayers and people who are interested. We look forward to meeting you all!
Anime roleplay where we crossover every anime ever, into one. You can even use ocs. We are a small server and hope to get more people.
«Fate chooses you to be the one who finds themselves in a mysterious realm with no known means of escape. What will you do?»

Welcome to Fandom Crossover RP! We offer a unique setting where you can be an OC or a character from ANY book, video game, movie, TV show, or anime!

-Dedicated Staff!
-Diverse Areas!
-Thorough Rules!
-Open Character Submissions!
-Active Community!
-Newcomer Friendly!
-Helpful Welcoming Team!

What are you waiting for?
Join us in Fandom Crossover today to become a member of our community
You get a letter from a mysterious school on your doorstep, a portal right in front of it, swirling and whirling different colors around it. as you open the letter, you find this note:
Greetings, student.
I humbly accept you to go to this prestigious, multidimensional school, Crescent oak Academy! here people from other dimensions come together, to work together and try to become multidimensional heroes! we have chosen you based on your intelligence, personality, skills, and/or powers! if your scared do not worry! for our school is safe and can accompany any need you may have. Whether it may be that you are behind on a test/arent the smartest student, or need money for items and equipment, or just need someone to talk about your personal issues we will help, as we want to make your living here as safe, fun, and easy as possible!
If you so choose you may live in one of the dormitories, or you may live in your own house it's totally fine! we also have all of your school equipment (such as uniforms, books, pencils, paper, etc, etc) supplied to you so money won't be an issue! we have also told your parents (unless you have a traumatic backstory involving them and if so we didn't tell them because they are evil/dead/abusive/whatever fucked up backstory you have to make it so we can't/shouldn't tell them XD). Anyways! you may be wondering what you are going to be taught here, correct? you will be taught not only your regular academic lessons (such as English, mathematics, science, etc) but also extra lessons (like music, art, gym, etc) AND of course lessons to help you become a SUPER DIMENSIONAL HERO! Oh also if you already are a hero in your other world fear not as we will supply a clone copy of yourself to take care of your world and make it so no one is worried and your world won't be destroyed!

anyways, as much as I want to rant more about my school, you better step inside the portal... and start your adventure! Welcome to Crescent oak academy, where anything is possible!

sincerely, the principal of the school,
Elizabeth Wonders.

(note the school allows people between ages 6-18 unless its a specific circumstance such as them being a genius or held back a few years. ANYWAYS! you may create/use whatever character you want or use a character from whatever source of media you want even if its a villain, cause VILLAIN ATTACKS! or reformation/redemption arcs XD. anyways also make SURE there's a reason for why the school would scout them! don't just make them everyday, normal person!)
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
It's the war of worlds.. Mostly All of your favorite franchises are here, in one big crossover.
•• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ ••
Ghostbusters, Sam and Max, some of Marvel, John Wick and Venture bros, Splatoon, Pokemon, Hazbin Hotel, Scp, Zombieland, Division 2, Fallout 4, Batman, Jak2, Red Dead Redemption, Big Hero 6, Watch dogs, Assassins creed, Skylanders, Sea of Thieves, Jurassic World, Avatar, How to train your dragon, We happy few, Miraculous Ladybug, Sly Cooper, Wolfenstein, Sonic the hedgehog, Majority of Marvel, Red Alert, Kung Fu Panda, Freedom Planet, Borderlands!

We even have a second server filled with more! :anger_right:

Will you be the one to stop all wars? Or will you create more? It is up to you. Good luck, and don't die.
Set during the beginning of Season One, Aria Montgomery, her two younger brothers, Cody and Mike, and her parents move back to Rosewood, PA. Which would bring back memories of Aria's Missing Friend Allison. Once home, Cody Montgomery would make his way to the Field's Residence to see his girlfriend, Emily Fields, who is also one of Aria's Bestfriends. Though things may not look it, Rosewood is a completely different place from the town The Montgomerys left. How will you affect the story, will you be on Team Liar or Team A? Or Will you be on a completely different Team, the choice is yours.

• Mature Server, Users Must Be 18 years or older.
• Crossover Friendly, We allow Crossovers between different Shows, Movies, and Novels.
• Literate and Descriptive Roleplays.
• Self-Assignable Roles, Coming Soon.
Hello everybody and welcome to the Ultimate Crossover Roleplay!

This is a roleplay server specifically catering to multi-fandom roleplay- meaning you can be any character from practically any series and RP in our own setting, Soliven! Though, there are some limits set to who you can roleplay and of course, rules to this server itself. Before getting involved in the roleplay, please look through our rules!

We welcome you to the chat and hope you have fun!
Welcome to the Imagination Elysium, a server created to be a place where you can have fun, which is the main reason I created this server to start with.

-Here you can create your stories with your favorite characters and your OCs. You can also team up with other people to make your stories even more epic.

-Want to wage WAR!? You can (Expect for Japan....for reasons)

-Want to get loot? you can also do that with the Tower and the Cornerstone

Please note, that I the owner, really like Mothman for some reason...

Don't join us


Coalition Point is newly launched multi-media crossover roleplay server on Discord. The server has several focuses, but it has a half and half focus on combat between characters and enemies and character building and developing in our unique setting and world.

- We have a friendly community that loves to talk out of character and that's LGBTQ+ friendly!

- We are accepting of many different writing styles and lengths, we have many literate writers but are also accepting of people who write with lesser word counts granted they are not lazy!

- Multiple 'difficulty options' for people who want a different experience while roleplaying. These are totally optional so don't feel forced to use them!

- As we are a multi-media and pan-fandom server, we are accepting of all to most types of characters, granted they don't break out guidelines!"

- The server is made to be a casual space first, and an enjoyable story second, meaning that we want a place to chill out and roleplay and talk before we make an enjoyable story.

If that sounds interesting to you, join and see if it's for you!
Roleplay as your favorite characters from your favorite fandoms! (Any fandom allowed!) (Lore): 2099, this is a world created by scientists, for people with powers to refuge away from powerless individuals who saw them as monsters, meanwhile under in the netherworld/ hell the princess of hell "Lydia Deetz" and her manager Beetlejuice is working on making a hotel to rehabilitate people to go to Heaven or Earth.
Welcome to CRAZYDBS a place were Anime friends from all over the world can come relax have fun and watch all our favourite Anime not only talk but join in on daily games, events, streams and everything in between this is a fun filled server for all ages and a vast colorful community that is active and will keep you coming back for more. So join our server and let us all get a little crazy about the Anime we love.