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Hey, you! Yes, you!

Come on down and join Like a Dragon!
We are an RP server based on the Yakuza game series! You can play as your favorite characters in the game or as an OC!

Oh? You don't like to rp?
That's okay too! We have plenty of channels where you can hang out and discuss the games too!

We also have tons of fun interactive bots and emotes for you to play with!

16+ welcome!
"Welcome to Carcer City High crime rates seems like a normalcy here Hi I'm Cori one of the few nice people you'll meet play your cards right and you'll stay alive good luck and watch your back"
Nothing will ever be the same again! A dangerous and powerful fugitive have been found to be hiding within Shale! With the government now cracking down on the city, All criminal activities must now tread carefully, lest they face brutal opposition from the occupying forces. As of now the city is on lockdown, travel is restricted, and searches are being made in checkpoints across the greater Shale area! How Long will the Clampdown last until the culprit is found?

The Year is Nineteen Sixty-Seven, five years after the end of the Great Allie-Zealot War. The aftermath of this great battle saw the destruction of almost all of the Legendaries, as well as their hordes of religious fanatics. During the conflict, the Yuten Republic prospered during this time and, through many battles, crushed every other superpower that opposed it. That was then, this is now. The fighting has ravaged its once great cities. Towering buildings have been reduced to steel skeletons surrounded by rubble. Though the scars of the Great War can be found all across the war-torn cityscape, few have only just been begun the long, painful road to recovery. Crime runs rampant in the streets, the current provisional government being too weak to proper enforce its laws. Shale City is where you find yourself now, and while many dangers lurk in the shadows of the ruined infrastructure, it's up to you to find your place in this brave new world.

This is a new rp server based around the criminal underbelly of Gotham. I had already made a server like this, but unfortunately people became less active, and eventually the server died. Now I’m remaking it, in hopes that it’ll stay alive this time

We promote literate scenes and have began to put in place a rating system for other members to rate your replies to them. We also have member driven events, such as the gang war between the crime boss Salvatore Maroni and once white knight Harvey Dent we have as of writing this

But I cannot stress this enough, we aren’t based on the show Gotham, we are our own thing so please don’t come in thinking we follow the show

Ok that’s my updated description of the server, join if you want, up to you, but if you do just read the rules and ask any questions if you need
☠Welcome to Hell☠
Well, that's the nickname our little town has gotten..
It's been so long and the signs are rusted over, nobody even remembers the real name.
🔪The crime rate here is higher than any place in the world, but hey at least it's cheap as fuck to live in.🔪
👁️Sleep with one eye open, if you can even sleep.👁️
🔪Good luck here. Don't get yourself killed.🔪

Your oc's don't need to be criminals. They can also be normal citizens, detectives, or police officers.
(A Crime/Mafia Roleplay)

Betrayal, Glory, Cash!

These are the makings for a cold Miami night, 1977. Join the fun as various groups and organizations clash to control the city, especially its main interest point. The Double or Quits Casino. Will you be an Italian Mobster extorting small businesses? A biker crook enforcing his clubs rule on the streets? Maybe a Casino manager securing his companies assets. The choice is yours.
"𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓅𝓁𝑒 𝒹𝑜 𝒷𝒶𝒹 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈 𝒾𝓃 𝑜𝓇𝒹𝑒𝓇 𝓉𝑜 𝓈𝓊𝓇𝓋𝒾𝓋𝑒."

Notice: This server is a work of fiction!

It's 1998 in the midst of a cold New York City. This past decade, crime rates have risen tremendously due to a new crime group residing in the town. They are an extremely powerful group that has ties within the whole city. They are massively feared and nobody-NOBODY-would dare defy them. At least, this is what they thought. This year, a smaller group has risen to fight the already gigantic group. They call themselves The Uprising, and they stand against the Sovereigns (the previously mentioned crime group) to prove themselves to be the stronger group. Now, the city's police are starting to panic, the citizens are attempting to even make bases to hide, and the two groups are chucking themselves at each other so violently that it's caused more casualties in the city than ever before. At this point, the outcome is unclear.

-Supportive members!
-Friendly to everyone!
-Strong ruleset!
-Active Owners!
-Mod roles open!
-High ranks open!
-Fresh plot!
-Many bots with their respective channels!

Come join us in []C A P T U R E D[]!
In the current day, money is essential to survival. Inflation has caused the island state of San Andreas to descend into a metropolis of gang and police violence, organized crime, and starlit celebrity glamour.

Almost everyone in Los Santos has their hand in the proverbial crime cookie jar, be it petty thievery, armed robbery, drug solicitation, all the way up to your typical whiter collar crimes. Yes Los Santos can seem light a brightly lit paradise with a brazen night life, but it’s criminal underbelly will eat you alive if you don’t have what it takes to hack it.

Blaine County, now that’s a whole other story.. It’s a nearly lawless wasteland, some even say it’s what’s left of the Wild West. Doomsday preppers, drunken militias, corrupt Deputies, meth dealing bikers, and the occasional gas huffing lunatic, the things you will find out in that desert will haunt you to your dying day, if you don’t end up dead in a ditch as a coyote’s dinner.
Based on the massive hit CBS crime drama series Criminal Minds created
by Jeff Davis . A show where tells the story of a group of behavioral profilers who work for the FBI as members investigate America's craziest criminals/crime cases by thinking and feeling like those criminals.

Play as the main character/formal main character [INCLUSING Dead], Criminals, OR MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTER UP or so. Fair rules. This is rping in current times. open community. ALL are welcome!
Winslow is a torn apart town, ripped to shreds by war. Taking place in 1923, this crime-focused RP offers;
-Compelling RP
-Crime RP
-Detective RP
-A Fun Community
-And so much more!
Will you be a gangster, or a gang boss? A policeman or a detective? Or a civilian just trying to make it in this harsh city?
Welcome to Ebony Island; Home of Blacklake Prison.

Blacklake Prison is infamous for housing many notoriously violent and cruel criminals; Murderers, arsonists, rapists, burglars, all of these criminals inhabit the walls of Blacklake Prison.
Another aspect of the prison is how its' staff is known for being just as cruel and sadistic as the prisoners that reside within the prison.

The prison isn't the only part of the island, however. Not far from the prison walls lies a small, sleepy town of Sable. Nothing much occurs in Sable, if you don't count the extremely high crime rate. It just so happens that a new individual seems to go missing from Sable almost daily. Criminals run rampant through the town, and the feeling of safety is not experienced much if you live there.

Now you get a choice.
Will you be a hardened criminal, sadistic staff member, cruel prisoner, or will you just try to live a semi normal life as an average citizen living in Sable? The choice is yours.

Welcome to Ebony Island.