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Собираемся для совместной игры
We are the CD clan, LGD, please join our server to find players to play with and join our clan, we will become the best!!!
Steam Server mostly
If you need someone to play with and to talk to about the game
No martians
Thats about it!
A chillzone for everyone... Join to meet other player to play with or discover new games! Chat if you are bored or play with one of our bots. Monthy giveaways and much more to come!
Servidor aberto cujo o foco e os jogos casuais,
jogos nos quais não impõem competitividade ao extremo.
Servidor para relaxar e jogar com os amigos,
respeite o próximo para ser respeitado.
Active and one of the TOP 100 Creative Destruction Clan. You Can Join us on Creative : ClanName : VaZe
We are a creative destruction clan that gathers great players and we all play together, you can join and few free to tryout! 😁(trying out for the clan is not required)
Wir sind FalkArmy! Wir sind eine Clan Kette in mehreren Mobile Spielen.

Spielst du Mobile Spiele? Dann komme zu uns und spiele mit anderen dein Lieblingsspiel oder werde sogar ein Mitglied eines FalkArmy (F.A) Clans!
Bist du dazu noch YouTuber? Dann baue dir bei uns deine Community mit dem YouTuber Rang auf!

Spiele die momentan bei uns Vertreten sind:

-Pubg Mobile
-Clash of Clans
-Clash Royale
-Creative Destruction
-Bald Minecraft Pocket Edition
Shade Fortnite is a top tier community that provides cutting edge tools/mods
for a multitude of FPS games and more! Come join us and take a look :)
Welcome to our Discord, as you can see, our Discord is fully designed for the game "Creative Destruction". We even know it when you not have an
mate to play or you can not compete against others. We want to change that, on our discord we try it with our advanced player search to get you an Duo/Squad partner in seconds. In the future, if we have found enough members, we will try our first tournament where you can finally compete against others. Of course, the Discord is not just about the 2 things, you can talk to people about everything else in a variety of chats. Our Discord also focuses on the smaller Youtuber or Streamer, with the "Content Creator" rank you get rights to multiple channels in which you can record or stream, plus you can promote your videos in an extra channel. If you like it so far, please do not forget to join ... See you soon
This is the official ItsPeaces YouTube and Twitch Discord Server!

Content ItsPeaces makes:
~ Minecraft Timelapses
~ Unturned
~ Creative Destruction
~ Gmod
~ VRChat

This server is for the community and fans around of the channel ItsPeaces!
So like her video's on YouTube and streams on Twitch and Subscribe and Follow both! So it's going to be fun!
We are a community dedicated to gaming.If you have some questions feel free to contact one of our staff with the role @ES - Police , @ES - Sheriff .Hope to see you around!
Este Server de discord esta echo para pasarla bien , jugando diferentes juegos de tu agrado ,Ademas de musica ,ya lo veras viendo dentro de este canal que te esperan mas cosas. <3
This discord server is made to have fun, playing different games of your liking, in addition to music, you will see it in the channel that more things await you. <3
just started a clan aka team on my discord server for Creative Destruction. all players, new or experienced. trying to make best the best team for this game as my discord is small but hoping to grow. moderators and people who are experienced with discord are also welcomed.
Looking for a Creative Destruction clan that challenges other clans? Well here at TFN, otherwise known as Team Fire Nova, we strive to keep it a toxicless place where people from the clan can team up with other members of the clan to work together. As this clan is getting more organized (getting a PC to make official logos, making social media accounts), you can stick around until we are finally ready to dominate the spotlight!
Game community of Creative destruction (Steam server)
We're glad to see active players that speak in Russian,English and Spanish
Our goal is to get 1,000+ online players
Игровое сообщество Creative Destruction (Steam server)
An innocent server where you can live in Heaven. We chill and are open to anyone.
This Discord Server Is About Gaming. I Just Started This Server, So If You Would Like To Join... That Would Be Greatly Appreciated! The Games We Have So Far Is Fortnite, PUBG and Creative Destruction. If You Want Me Or The Mods To Add Features Or Games. Tell Us In The "request-features" Channel!