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Midnight Lamp🦜

🧙🏻‍♂️Quick Description🧙🏻‍♀️

🍄 We are a community of music lovers and hippies who welcome anyone regardless of their age/race/gender/interests etc and encourage all else to do the same.

🌻 If you're looking for a peaceful atmosphere to talk about various topics and meet new people then stop on by, lets enjoy the ride! 🤠

𝒴𝑜𝓊'𝓇𝑒 𝓂𝑜𝓇𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓃 𝓌𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜:
🌟 Listen to the music bot
🌟 Hang out in voice chat 🦥
🌟 Look at funny memes
🌟 Share photography
🌟 Talk about food! 🍕 (seriously, we all have the munchies and LOVE talking about food 💖💖💖)

Thank you for taking the time to look at our small corner of Discord and hopefully we can send some chill vibes your way😁☮️
A chill server created out of boredom. If you're like me, you can't do anything without music. If that's the case, join my server. Why, you ask? Because then, you can share music with people who like the same genre of music that you do! The different genre-themed channels we have are:
- Country
- Jazz
- Rap
- Blues
- Trap
- Rock and roll
- Jpop and kpop
- Lofi
If you have any problems or questions with the server, we have channels for that too! See you there!

Note: We are strongly against joining and instantly leaving. Please stay at least 24 hours in the server before leaving.
Elite Special Forces
"Death Before Dishonor"


This group has been around since 2013 but our Discord was created last year. Our server adjective about soldiers or gamers who love versions of war games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and more. Here we will have our own army from Private to General. Not only that, here you can share pictures, videos, musical instruments, memes and more! We hope you join us to connect gamers or armies around the world.

▁ ▂Services ▂ ▁
💂‍♂️ Staff Recruitment
💂‍♂️ Logo Design
💂‍♂️ Photo Editing Design

🤖 Fun Bot
👨‍💼 Friendly Staff
⏲️ 24/7
📨 Unique Partnership
📡 Military Stuff

| Corona's Bar | CB

O que podemos servir :

- Novas amizades;
- Loucura total;
- Call de madruga;
- Músicas;
- E muito mais !

Exclusivos :

- Temos um novo bot, isso mesmo.
Ele é um bot de RÁDIO, sim, ele toca qualquer rádio.
- Rádio FM, Transamérica etc...
A server equipped for workout discussion, games, politics and other physical and mental topics. Join now, you might as well because people have been telling you to join a gym, might as well be this one.
Do you want to learn something new and access a plethora of resources, classes and mentors in an accessible and easy-going environment?
Our server is perfect for you!
We are a group of people who, in the midst of the chaos of the world due to COVID-19, have decided to offer free online lessons for many different subjects that you may otherwise not be able to explore.
These topics range from environmental resource management to photography and marketing. We're also here to help support you with any online work your school is giving you :)
A community to discuss the need for #Masks4All in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many countries have enacted this and are doing much better than those that do not. Doctors, nurses, 3D mask printers are all members, anyone welcome.
➟ Welcome to It's Corona Time

🧼 - We Are:
• A fun and welcoming server
• Designed to keep you occupied and chilled during the current circumstances
• A place where everyone is allowed to be themselves
🧪 - We Have:
• Active and Welcoming Staff
• Weekly Kahoots To Win Ranks
• Friendly Members
• Dank Memer
• Music + Gaming Channels
• Funny Emotes
• Color Roles

And so much more...
The largest UK politics discord server. A welcoming UK right-wing politics community with the best/worst memes, frequent voice chat/debate nights, and frequent guests visits from Conservative MPs.
We're a group of OSINT (Open Source INTelligence) enthusiasts/possible sociopaths who love to shitpost about current events and cheer on conflicts around the world!
~Owned by the almighty @inteldotwav on twitter, Third World Fight Club has intel and discussion channels to suit your every need, as well as multiple bots to keep you occupied when nothing's happening.
~We've got discussions and updates on many things, from coronavirus to world markets to politics to all the regional news you could ever ask for!
~Our moderaters are very laid back and will let you do or say almost anything, so long as its legal. Have any questions on something in the server? Don't hesitate to ask a mod!
~Along with all of this, we have a very tight-knit active community of maniacs and we party in VC almost every other day. We have NotSoBot, Dank Memer bot, and Tony the music bot for your personal pleasure. Make sure to abide by Discord TOS and come chill with us!
Debates Alrededor De Una Mesa.
Chat Multimedia Con Varios Micrófonos.
Entra a charlar con amigos/as. Diviértete aprendiendo y divulgando.

Plantea salas de debate para discutir sobre aquello que más te interesa.

Tema estrella: corona virus covid-19

¿A qué esperas ? ¡¡¡únete a la comunidad!!!

Just a chill environment for music lovers, and people who just want to relax during these dark and doomy quarantine times.
Are you looking for an editor? Join the discord server today and find one!

If your an editor join the community and see if you make the cut! GLHF!
One of the few servers to be based out of Quora. We are first a political server and secondly a gaming server.
We host multiple youtube & twitch personalities.
A working economy based on Trump.
CASINO gamble your way to riches.
Lots of emojis.
A solid backup server.
Active staff.
Track the corona-virus here, every update for the corona-virus happens every 1 hour, and some chats to talk in! Join to be safe.
Discordia is a fast and fresh growing community, a friendly place to hangout, talk, chat and meet with new friends, play in a big variety of minigames in channels, level up together, listen to some music and much more! Here, you can also show your creativity in art channels! There are daily updates and events in the server, so you will not be bored at all! There are also weekly giveaways to join and win prizes, such as Nitro!

︴✅Covid-19 LIVE Stats
︴✅Weekly Giveaways
︴✅Minigame Channels
︴✅Creation and Art Channels
︴✅Level Up System
︴✅Media and meme Channels
And so much more!
I am updating the server daily, so changes and new stuff gets added everyday!
Join the fun with us, in a new growing server - Discordia!
Serveur français où vous pourrez parler de sujets variés.
En ce moment comme thème d'actualité : le coronavirus.

Je cherche aussi des personnes pour étoffer la section "survie".
Venez nombreux !
Join COVID-19 Server to find about multiple new cases from the current coronavirus that is spreading around the world. Learn more about this virus and what it could mean for our future, also reports cases in the US and the rest of the world. We are a learning community, and a breaking news community, receive the newest cases reports faster than most sources.
We are an active server with:
Friendly members
Active admins
Chats for different games and music
And more!
*** HEY TOI 🙂! Tu connais : A-dasaure←_← ***
Très bien libre a toi de rejoindre le serveur discord de sa chaîne youtube ‚ tu pourras par exemple y trouvée :
🎥 **_ Des salons de partage et de pub _** ( discord‚twitch‚youtube )
😀 ** De l'amitié **
🌐 **_ Des rôles très différent des autres serveur _**
*** Bref rejoins nous vite sur Le monde du d'Asaure ***
🧧Ton ticket :
Flat Earth server with a plethora of theories and points to discuss, debates are strongly encouraged, a dash of spirituality, all beliefs are welcome. Leave your indoctrination at the door.

Flat Earth ■ Truth ■ Conspiracies ■ Ice Wall ■ Divine ■ Spirituality ■ COVID-19 ■ Coronavirus ■ Earth ■ Shape ■ Globe ■ Politics ■ Research ■ Debate ■ Knowledge ■