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Welcome to Rose Garden

Are you looking for a __community server?__
Or a __Nsfw server?__ Oh don't worry we got both!🌹💦

Rose Garden offers something for everyone
Come come its all down here! 💘 💋

╭━━━━━━━━ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰᴇʀɪɴɢ!━━━━━━━━╮

**━🌹 |** 2100+ Members
**━🌹 |** 24/7 Partnerships
**━🌹 |** 60+ Self assignable roles
**━🌹 |** Nice staff and members!
**━🌹 |** No tags {here | everyone}
**━🌹 |** Nudes/NSFW category {optional}
**━🌹 |** Events/Giveaways


**__and alot more__**
So join us now! And see it for yourself 🌹

** ━♛ |**Owner | <@295484702981226496>
** ━♛ |**Tags | here everyone


The milkyway server is a place to make new friends and chill.
We're a very small server right now, but hopefully we'll get bigger with time:3
If you feel alone, sad, bored or just wanna meet new people and chill come and say hi!
It's a universe themed server so you'll get roles as you level up!
Hope we'll see you!

Designed to be voice-centric; hangout and meet new people in a non toxic hangout setting.
♦️Welcome to Queens Kingdom♦️

We are proud to offer the following in our growing community.

♥️Full Verification System
♠️Active and Well Trained Staff
♦️Medieval Theme
♠️L.G.B.T.Q.+ Friendly
♦️Fun Games and Activity’s

We hope to see you there!
Witaj! Szukasz serwera gdzie będziesz mógł z kimś pogadać o każdej porze dnia i nocy? A może szukasz osoby z którą zagrasz w swoją ulubioną grę?!
Dobrze trafiłeś! GranieGadanie oferuje ci to wszystko!
►Wiele kanałów tematycznych, z pewnością coś dla siebie znajdziesz.
►Przyjazna atmosfera.
►Administrację która zawsze służy pomocą.
►Serwer jest aktywny niemal cały dzień, a zwłaszcza nocą, kiedy ujawniają się nocne marki.
►Wiele ról.
►Możesz dzielić się swoimi talentami na poszczególnych kanałach.
►Masz dość bycia tylko użytkownikiem serwera? Nasz serwer wciąż się rozwija co wiąże się z potrzebą nowych osób w administracji.
»To właśnie na ciebie czekamy!
-------> Dołącz do nas już teraz, nie ma na co czekać!<-----------
elo tu Gangsterka, czillowy serwer prowadzony z ziomeczkami bez zadnych wymyslnych zasad, community otwarte na kazda nowa osobe jak na razie tyle essa benc
welcome to Silver Light! ⭐

in this server, we have ༺

⭐•an welcoming community
⭐•always editing the server to make it better every time
⭐•We follow the Discord TOS
⭐•a caring community
⭐•and more!
↝♡Bangtan Lounge ┆🌼 is a open minded, soft, and always under maintenance server for you to join and feel at right home~♡ we hope you enjoy and make lots of friends! ↜

🌼 ┊⊰· Amazing community! ·⊱
🌼 ┊⊰· Kind staff and members! ·⊱
🌼 ┊⊰· Leveled Ranks soon to come! ·⊱
🌼 ┊⊰· Tons of self assignable roles! ·⊱
🌼 ┊⊰· Possible events such as movie nights, and more to come! ·⊱
🌼 ┊⊰· Many updates from soompi and social media for BTS
🌼 ┊⊰· Many bots for all of your needs, including Robyul, KawaiiBot and Tatsumaki
🌼 ┊⊰· And much more!! ·⊱
Obscurity is a simplistic discord server with the idea of friendly community behind it.
Schlappy's Laid Back Camp is a friendly & welcoming community focused on anime & gaming! Chat with similar minded people & make new friends!
•Discuss Anime
•Discuss Manga
•Anime and Manga Recommendations
•Discuss Games
•Game Recommendations
Small but active and friendly community full of the chillest vibes
*nazwa jest przypadkowa i jeszcze będzie zmieniana*
Zapraszam na nowo powstały serwer, na serwerze panuje miła atmosfera
Plusy serwera:
-szybki rozwój
-ogarnięta administracja
-kanał anime
-kanał do szukania ludzi do gier
-kanały nsfw z lego itp
-kanały muzyczne
-kanały głosowe
-dużo emoji
Are you wanting move away from land and want to live your life under the sea? Rather be a mermaid or merman? Well, you found the right place! We welcome all mermaids and mermen alike to who want the live in the community Under the Sea. We also have a place for art, writing, and more. We have self-assignable roles and fun bots. We are a undersea community dedicated to everything merfolk, thank you and enjoy your stay!
Honestly words cannot express this server, although the name is a good start.

Just a bunch of gamers and memers looking for a fun time. Practically always friendly and wanting to talk to new people.

Pros: It can be a shitfest
Cons: It can be a shitfest
And that' s how we like it :)
Welcome to Dive eSports discord!
We host giveaways, talk to fans and the community and have a great time!

Tryout for an emerging fortnite clan!
Win big on our giveaways!
Meet new friends and our amazing community!
Take part in events!
Find out information early before our social medias!

Join today, why wouldn't you!
Hello everyone ^^
Welcome to Splatoon server
If you are looking for Fun and be one of Community?
Make some friends and chat with other Members ^^
Join us and you are more welcome :3
And we hope you enjoy here ^^

-Cody101, Jessi and other Admin, Mods and Deputys
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. We have high moderation and a PG-13 main chat so you can feel safe.
Playhouse is a new server, waiting for fun people to join.

This server is for everyone! Talk about anything! Games, anime, whatever comes to your mind. Share your work and make some new friends with the same interests.

🌸Advertise your stuff!
🌸Meet new people with the same interests
🌸Roles to choose from!
🌸 and we are open for it to add many more!

We hope to see you! ヾ(・ω・o)

Join us, you'll make friends, share your stories and problems, talk about anything - the server is laid back.

Love the Moon.
Hey! Welcome to Ki's Chat Chamber! This is a server where everyone has fun and promotion is greatly accepted. Have fun!
This is an Indonesian server for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. Join us to develop our English skills together with the members within. We are tolerant of mistakes & we also respect each other.
Welcome to our server Invite your friends and make this your gaming home, get to know the people, chat, talk, and make friends with each other. Waiting eagerly for your arrival!! bell
keyboard Looking for active and engaging members, such people may be promoted to staff as well!!! keyboard
blush We have blush
beers Friendly members and helpful/supportive mods and owner.
hugging A healthy, friendly and safe space for people to talk about themselves and for sharing their problems.
robot Many bots to have fun with.
musical_note Music bots and music channels.
ok_hand The main chat to talk about anything at all, as long as its SFW.
tada Self promotion channel.
handshake Partnership with other servers.
iphone Selfies channel.
tv Different media channels.
writing_hand:skin-tone-2: Suggestions channel.
laughing Memes and meme bot.

movie_camera A channel where you can share your gaming clips with the rest of the community.
video_game But above all else, this is a gaming server and a community for everyone out there video_game
This is my new server where you can play games, earn points, play music, and have fun!

Server includes:
-friendly staff
-vc channels
Even more!

I hope you enjoy your stay. ♥️