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A hip server full of attractive people. We have e-girls.
♡A whole new fresh server♡

Come on in, neighbor! We dont bite!
We are a growing community, who enjoys a little chat,
or a cozy time in the voicechat!♡

♡Channels for your every need
♡Friendly community
♡Cute self assignable colors!!!
♡Active members
♡Custom emotes
This is just a fun little server that I made. There are quite a few people in the server, but almost none of them talk. I have been in a lot of drama and I honestly want to grow some friends to talk to and play games with. Please feel free to join if you'd like to!
This is a community server for making friends or dating if you will hope you can join us we'd love to have you :) MUST BE 16 years old or older
╰☆☆ ᴄᴀʟᴍ ᴄᴏᴠᴇ ☆☆╮

server filled with for honor nerds, anime bitches, LoL players, and genuine people. join or die tmrw
dont be an e p i c edgelord thx

╰☆☆ ᴄᴀʟᴍ ᴄᴏᴠᴇ ☆☆╮

This server is for advertising your discord servers
Looking for a place to advertise your server in?
Or your twitter, youtube, twitch or other etc..?
Or maybe you're maybe just looking for a place to talk and flick around in.
Advertisements Community is the place for you!
We Have:
 Advertisements Community offers anything you need to
grow your server
 An amazing staff team to answer all your questions.
 Different channels for different server categories
 Channels to advertise your social media
 Open for partnerships (No member requirements)
 A channel to find other partners for your server
 Different Partner Ranks
 :underage: A NSFW channel :robot: Some amazing bots
:robot: Including a music bot! :robot:
 Leveling roles from level 1-50.
 Self Roles and much more
Join Now Today Thank You!
@here @everyone
We have over 130 roles as of now.
A community based around anime, gaming & dating.
Loving support from all of you! YOU'RE AMAZING.
Huge member count! >> GROWING FAST <<

R O P E B U R N™
❓What is Ropeburn? ❓
🌙Ropeburn is a 16+ friendly and ~adorably~ organized DDLG/CGL community! We are a community of gamers, nerds, art lovers, etc., and we love to engage in conversation and fun with just about anyone and anything!
We will be hosting weekly discussion boards, movie/game nights with games from Jackbox to LoL and much, much more!

To access the NSFW area, you must verify that you are over 18.


🌙What does Ropeburn have to offer? 🌙
💗 Organized Channels and Categories! 📔✍️
💗 Friendly, Hardworking and Diligent Staff Panel! 👩‍🌾👨‍🎓😻
💗 A safe and valued community with a thorough age check! 🔐
💗Self-assignable roles! 👧👶
💗Matchmaking services! 💏
💗Gaming chit-chat groups! 🎮
💗 Engaging weekly discussion boards! 📌

🌙We're small right now, but join and stay engaged, & invite friends so that our little community can continue to grow! Come to our server & join the fun! 🌙
(* ^-^)人(^-^ *)

┗━━━━━━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛
Einvasion "Anime and Gaming Community"

- Friendly server, perfect for making friends, basically it's your second family.
- Active server with unique features.
- Fair rank system and well maintained server
- Daily dose of anime, gaming and daily memes to keep you alive.
- Custom game Shiritori, Gamble, OwO's pets battle
- Giveaways and Events
- Special corner for lewd souls

and many more, come join us!
Fresh young and active Hangout/dating Discord!
Monthly free giveaway(s) for active members all over Europe/NA!
THIS MONTH GIVEAWAY: Xbox Wireless Controller - Dawn Shadow Special Edition
Make sure to read the rules and enjoy chatting!
This is a Server for Friends, streamers, and the Main hub for the youtuber Night Shames Channel! We have some rules, but we are fair with them,
Come here if you wanna hang, meet awesome new friends, Grow your youtube channel abit or your twitch, and let’s become a Big happy Night Time family! 🖤(We are very active)
Ancient Dewdrops is a casual fantasy roleplay, set in a medieval-style world with magic. We have a small but active community, so whether you're just looking for a cool place to chill, someone to write a story with, or a place to roleplay, this server should suit your wants and needs. Our roleplay operates under an 'opt-in' system, so you'll never be forced to participate in something you don't want to. We aim to allow players to opt-in to events, instead of forcing them to try and opt out.

We also have features to boost the roleplay such as:
>Multiple roles and titles, attributes and abilities for you to choose from. You can spec out your character with feats and skills.
>An exp and progression system - the more you roleplay the higher level you get, and the more abilities you unlock.
>In-character gold and items, with a shop so you can save up cash to get the perfect weapon. Gold can only be earned via roleplaying.
>Quests, which operate similarly to writing prompts with an in-character reward for completion.
>Loremasters and Arbiters that add to the world by GMing for others and creating little snippets of lore.
>A custom drawn map, courtesy of EZR#9382.

Our server is currently a new and growing, so the world is malleable. Perhaps the story of your character could shape the world in greater ways than you might expect.

We also have following bots: WaifuBot, Pokécord, and IdleRPG.
Are you anti-social? Then join the Anti-Social Social Group and become even more anti-social!

Off Topic - LGBT - Gaming - 13+ - SFW - Art and Fashion - Events
Spy’s Support is a Discord server dedicated to helping anyone who may need a little bit of help. We're a peer-support server, meaning that you can help people too, and we'll return the favour. We're a server for anyone-- mental illness or not. We'll help everyone to the best of our ability. We focus on our support system, and our community. We cater to all ages, and all diagnoses, and those that are non-diagnosed. Our staff team is active, and enforce the rules to keep everyone safe. We hope you come and join us! We're here for you all.
We have: support channels and staff
**friendly community
** acceptance of everyone
**many channels for different topics
**rules and staff members that help keep the community safe
Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of.
in this server we are usually are talking but we be are selves and have fun, but we don't disrespect people for being theirselves or judging and those who are toxic can stay in #toxic
edgy and offensive server created to make new friends and to create a fun community !! everyone is welcome, but please don't be sensitive. this server is not for the easily offended. {not many members, looking for some regulars}
We're a very new server and would like more members and for it to be active! We have many different channels for all's needs. Even put in a karaoke area!
This server is meant to be a non toxic environment, and thriving to be as lively as possible! (SFW server.) The ranks are based on cat breeds. The highest level is 120. Persians. Hope you join us and have fun<3
This is a server about the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan languages, also known as the Eskimo-Aleut languages. We are a very friendly server where you can chat about anything that is related to the languages, cultures and history of the Eskimo-Aleut peoples. The language we mostly use is English, except for in the language learning channels. We have a lot of resources, native speakers and many people with expertise in these languages. So, when you are just interested, always wanted to ask questions to Arctic peoples, are actually learning the languages or are even fluent or a native, we are always happy to see you there. Everybody is welcome!
😎Multiple Voice Channels
😀Games like pokemon and connectfour etc.
we're an art server filled with a growing community of artists who support and love each other while actively sharing the art we create!
socialize, make new friends, and remember to get creative!
this server is categorized as 13+
✼ •• ▬▬▬▬ ๑ ▬ ★˚★ ▬ ๑ ▬▬▬▬ •• ✼
:::α rundown líst:::
✂ channels within an art category that allow you to post whatever media of art you may do
✂ self assignable roles along with a rank system you may level up in via being active + socializing
✂ events and contests that may be hosted throughout time whenever possible
✂ bot playground + a music listening category/vc
✂ a secret category extension that features even more random channels that are hidden to the public
and much more to come!
(even planning to host an art fight with twists at 100 members as we speak ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)
✼ •• ▬▬▬▬ ๑ ▬ ★˚★ ▬ ๑ ▬▬▬▬ •• ✼
hopefully, you'll enjoy your stay here! any questions, comments, or concerns will be taken into account in order to improve your overall experience! thank you for reading and have a good day ^^
Just a nice place for people to talk and hang. There's all sorts of members here and many ways to leave your mark. If you want something you can always DM the owner and she'll try her best to make this the best experience for you! <3 <3 <3
Welcome to Otaku Domain! We are a new server that's recently been made since early August of 2018, and the server is about done, so it's probably about time to invite some people to it!

We have. . .
- Self-assignable roles which give you access to more channels
- Level-up system
- Different channels for different games (more will be added depending on demand)
- Unique emotes made specifically for the server
- Channels to post your streams in

Thank you,
- Lunar, owner of the server
U-Gay Academy is a queer-focused My Hero Academia community, but we are not queer exclusive! Our server welcomes all fans of BNHA, LGBT or not! We have channels devoted to fanart and fanfiction, character roles, and all kinds of BNHA related content! Come join a positive community with fellow lovers of the series, and climb the ranks from first years to third years! Even choose the path of hero or villain!

- Level up role system starting as first years, and ending as pro heroes or villains
- Additional roles for favorite characters
- Large, growing collection of memable MHA emotes
- Creative channels for art and fanfics
- Welcoming community full of friendly individuals
- NSFW role and channels
- Music bot for tunez
- Channels for character art, ships, manga/anime discussions, etc
- Lots of gayness
Hello there! I am Mac-chan! Welcome to the Pokeplay! Pokeplay is a roleplay server, where you can chat, make friends, share pictures and obviously roleplay! I would be so pleased if you could check us out! Ah, yes! What do we offer?
Advaced anti raid system!
Before you can join the fun, you have to introduce yourself! Tell us about your personality, hobbies and everything else you want! Huh? Too shy to make public introduction? No problem, cutie! You can also make introduction which only our staff members will be able to see!
A LOT of regions and channels!
You can choose between one of pokemon regions and locations! You can play on route 1 in Kanto region or on route 119 in Hoenn!
Possiblity to play as pokemon!
Yes! You don't have to be a trainer! You can belong to your master as well! Does it sound fun? I bet it does!
And the most portant...
Cutest owner ever!
Yes! I am Mac-chan and I created this server! I bet you know me already and you are my fan, because I'm famous! Right? You heard of me before?? Please...?