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Hey !
iz mee ecks dee
[ 🆎 ] Guy Danger

(Warning server may be empty)
🙌 Welcome to my Server! 🙌
👌 When you join get a role using !getrole in #getrole-room! 👌
💬 You can chat with other people! 💬
🖖 Partnerships with other servers ! 🖖
👍 Friendlies! 👍
💜 Team P R P L 💜
💰 Economy Bots and other bots ! 💰
💯 Have Fun! 💯

Hello there everyone! We are a new server looking to meet some really bubbly people! We're a kind, friendly community where you're free to be yourself. Post selfies and IRL stuff, game achievements, discuss anime/manga, find people to play with or talk to if you're bored or just chill in one of our many channels.

# Server Seasonal/Special Events
# Rewards and Level ups for talking and doing server events.
# Anime Chat
# Games Chat
#League of Legends
#Maple Story 2
# Voice Chatting
# Music Channels

Click to join if you'd like, we'd be happy to have some new members :3
An incredibly friendly Wumpus community build around staff from the best Discord servers.
Internal & Jaii's | Social Hub
Levelling System
ACTIVE Events and Giveaways
Partnership is offered out
This server is an growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialise with. Our server is all about being a squad, As soon as you join people welcome you with open arms.
We are the best discord server for those who are into Japanese music, especially Japanese rock music - our foundations are rooted in visual kei. Join our server, and talk about your favorite bands, or about anything on your mind in general. We are a friendly social community, and a great place to talk about whatever. We also have custom colors and roles for members to choose from.
Halluu und willkommen in der
Otaku Familie (^-^)/
Wir sind eine kleine aber feine Community
mit der man viel Spaß haben kann :3
Wir bieten:
- Bots
- WoP
- Spaß und Keksche x3
- Events!
- Ganz viel Chaaaooos >:D
Partnerschaften werden akzeptiert.
We are a tiny community that mostly talks about random shit that’s in our heads. We always care about each other, and take our time to listen to each other if something bad is going on c:
BUT there is also plenty of space to have fun and act like idiots in this server.
Male or female? Other or other? You are always welcome ;D
Hope you are gonna join! xox

Quick Note: HEH, do not join if you are gonna leave immediately! OKAY?! GOT IT!?
🔥 Rejoins le serveur. ☢️Radioactif.☢️ dès maintenant ! 🔥

→ Nous ferons gagner des nitros à tout moment dans le général dès que le serveur atteindra le pallier des 500 membres !
→ Des événements seront organisés assez souvent dès que le serveur atteindra le cap des 200 membres !
→ Différent rôles seront à ta dispositions !
→ Des canaux radio avec pours le moment NRJ dessus et prochainement d'autre !

Pour le moment en attendant l'arrivée de tout le monde, prend ton invite, invite tes potes et chope les rôles perso, et arrivé a 50 invitations tu auras un nitro 1 mois : D ! :nitror:
Au 100 membres nous offrirons un nitro 1 mois pour votre plus grand plaisir !
N'hésite plus, clique ici
This server is for a friendly community, Very respectful members! * Need Staff * * Date Finder / Friend Finder * We host giveaways (Real Currency I.E Giftcards at certain member goals) And events! We hope to see you come by! join now!
Lust auf Fortnite & Co? Join und EXKLUSIVE Fortnite
News. Oder willst du nur Musik hören.
Dann Join doch.
Das sind unsere Bots: Rytm, Dabbot, Mee6,Fortnite Stats, Coinsmaster und viele weiter.
Join and help build a quality community. You wont regret it.
Hello! We are a Star Wars roleplay community set in the year 329 ABY.
Here is what you can expect from this community:


• A very active and friendly community.
• Very helpful staff who are always willing to help you.
• Giveaways!
• Advertisement friendly!
• We are always on the lookout for partners.
• We have cool bots!
• A well set up economy where you earn money for being active!
• And, of course, our roleplaying system. You may make your own character and roleplay as your character! You may also pick a faction or go own your own. You choose your destiny here!


If you wish to partner, Direct Message Vyyron#7337.

Join today and may the Force be with you!
Heya! Writing crew is a (currently) small server, we're a group of writers looking to meet and help other writers.
What we can offer:
- Channels dedicated to your books.
- Advice such as worldbuilding and naming.
- Feedback on your writing.
- A welcoming community
Come and check us out! :D
Hello there! Our server is a cafe-themed, safe haven which provides you with mental and emotional health support and varied ways of entertainment such as:
-Anime-talks and recommendations
-Music-related channels and bots
-A NSFW channel but other than that everything else is SFW
-Warm people to talk to from all over the world
-Active staffs
-Lots of memes
-Many fun bots to play with
-And much more so join to find out!
(Our staffs are also very friendly)
🔱ᖴᑌᑎ GᗩᗰIᑎG ᔕEᖇᐯEᖇ ᗯITᕼ ᗷITᔕ Oᖴ ᗩᑎIᗰE, ᑕOᗰᗰᑌᑎITY ᗩᑎᗪ ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ. EᑎᒍOY ᗯITᕼ ᑕᒪOᔕE TO ᑎO ᔕEᖇᐯEᖇ ᖇᑌᒪEᔕ 🔱
Unser Server ist noch im Aufbau und sucht Mitglieder. Wir haben ein nettes Team und freundliche Mitglieder. Hier könnt ihr euch über alles unterhalten was ihr wollt und eventuell neue Kontakte schließen.
Wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr joint.^^

》KPOP, ANIME weebs, koreaboos
》ART, AESTHETICS so beautiful
》TEXT GAMES counting, t or d, would you rather
》KARAOKE, MUSIC we sing bad but passionately
》CONFESSIONS, VENT-AREA just let it out... or drink tea
》COOL BOTS ( pokecord , marriage , mudae )
》EVENTS (movienights, game nights, karaoke nights)
》NSFW channel and 18+ chat....for pigs like you (and me)
》POTATOES cooked, baked, roasted, with a face

We are the New Monarchy. We are a small community looking to create a friendly and an enjoyble enviroment for everyone! This community is to gather and find new friends or just to hang out and have a good conversation with each other.
The Union, UIS or the Union of Intergalactic States is a chill, faction-turned-public gaming clan that started out two years ago as an alliance of smaller factions. Since then, we've branched out into Space Engineers, and you get to join our merry caliphate! Yeah, that's right... We're kinda a caliphate, now. Allahu akbar?

Here, we have some simple, relaxed rules, a tonne of rare emotes and an explosive cadre of the best fighters around, from all over the Middle East (and the world)! It's the perfect place for you and your crew to sit down, fight or shitpost! Join us today, and you can blow up alongside some of our most esteemed guests, like Jake, our resident source of blame when things go wrong; Red, our least favourite streamer; or Deb, our friendly, neighbourhood jihadi who sucks at piloting space ships. What are you waiting for? Don't sit around! Join the UIS Caliphate today!
Hello! This is a casual roleplay server that we are looking to grow into a large, friendly community of awesome roleplayers with all types of characters being welcome. Also, lore is made by the community and can be participated in by any member! Feel free to submit your original species, faction or even country! Everything works to contribute to unlimited options for everyone.
☕Welcome to Salem's Cafe!☕
🍪Here are a few of the awesome things we offer🍪
🍯Tons of self roles
🍯Moderately active chat
🍯Super kind staff members
🍯Lots of bots to play with
🍭We are slowly growing every day! We hope you can join us!
👋🏼👋🏼Hey everyone👋🏼👋🏼
Join The Mystical Crew!
Active server!!!
Soon To Be In The Major Gaming League!!!
We are a world Wide Diverse Server And we Welcome Everyone!!
We have:
•Special Events And Competitions
with Rewards!!!
•Daily News
•Interactive Bots
•Extension Servers
•Voice Calling
•World Wide Servers Calling
•Friendly Admin
•Artists (some do commissions at free cost or price)
•Twitch & YouTube
•And More!!!
Join Us And Enjoy Your Stay