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Hewwo und herzlich willkommen zu unserem frisch gebackenen Server! ❤️
Wir möchten eine tolle Community aufbauen und suchen Mitglieder, die diese zu etwas Besonderem machen
Wir sind offen für alles und hoffen, dass es dir bei uns gefallen wird :3
We are a friendly anime place!
We have a friendly community
And we just started out and hoping to grow
We have meme channels and music voice chats
A small server about gaming, Anime, Roleplay and Steven universe we are pretty chill so why do you come and stop by
We are a non-toxic, SFW community centered around anime & Japanese culture. Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events & giveaways! Everyone is welcome! ✅

Follow us on Instagram: @Tsukei_ (60k+)
Check out our website:
Dating Planet is a discord server that encourages dating among teens. Brand new discord server open to anyone ranging from 13-17. Boy and girls are equally welcomed. Who knows, you might find someone you will love for the rest of your life?
Welcome to Felines' Cafe! A brand new server catering to both young and the old. Self-assignable roles, feline level ups, movie screenings, book clubs and many more events to come! Join us and make some new friends and be part of a caring and friendly community! It's well obviously, café and feline themed!
Welcome to The Hub!
The Hub is a community based server meaning we take things that our members like and put them in the server, things like anime, gaming, art and other things
We also have things like events like streams, karaoke nights and more fun stuff!
We also allow roleplaying currently being worked on but in the futre you can also roleplay!
Features we offer in our server
- Giveaways
- Music
- Gaming
- Anime
- Art
- Support
- Roleplaying
- Chill staff
- and alot of fun!
If you read all the way down here thx alot for giving us your time and reading our description (: i hope to meet you!
Welcome to The Lowlife Hangout, we are a growing community we welcome anyone that joins.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
what we have for you!:
.Make new friends
.Custom Roles
.Many Emotes
.Daily Polls
And So Much More we may be small but we can make this server better!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Just Come on in we wont bite ;)
The Last Generation

The Last Generation group is a community where we welcome everyone with open arms, and we over all have fun at the end of the day.
You can come sad, and unhappy and your day will change instantly.
- I might be making a game very soon! stay tuned for that, it will be lots of fun!

👫 | Server Members 150+
🔗 | Permanent Invite:
🌄 | Server Name: The Last Generation
╭━━━━━━━━Additional stuff!:━━━━━━━━╮
📕 Game Nights every week!
📘 Ranking system!
📔 Fun bot commands and games! Activities!
📗 Applications for ranks!
📓 Promotions in the staff team/promotions through out the other ranks as well!
**Safe community!!**
[ + ] PokeCard bot
[ + ] Uno Game bot
[ = ] Kawaii
🔥 Many Many Many more! 🔥

💠 Server is always active! all enjoy the group! and you have the chance to enjoy as well!

💨 This community is growing very fast, so if you want to be apart of the amazing community we have, then please click ❣ Join Group ❣ to become a The Last Generation friend! 💨

Link to the server:
Forever link:
We are a Christian server with a high focus on New World Order, deepstate, and spiritual (spiritual warfare, not New Age) topics.
Feel free to join!
This is a place where you can hangout with people make new friends and roleplay. Everyone is free to join!
Hangouts • Karaoke • Speed Dating
Level Up System • VIP • Self Assignable Roles
Memes • GIFs • Videos
Anime • Neko • Roleplaying
Advertisements • Paid Advertisements
Daily News • TV
Gaming • Comp Teams • Events
Voice Channels • Hidden Channels
Partnerships • Affiliates
An all inclusive RP server, welcoming to everyone who joins! This is a modern fantasy RP with a flexible plot. We hold events occasionally and they're very fun. You can make new friends and earn prizes by roleplaying! We'd love to see you there!
🔱~Mount Lovelympus~🔱
15+ server!!
Mount Lovelympus is a server dedicated to finding the partner just for you! We have verified roles and channels, custom roles, an active staff, and much more! Furthermore, we crack down on trolls who would otherwise bring down server quality and waste your time! Come on over and hang out with your favourite Gods!

Self-assignable roles ~ color roles, personal roles, and more
Diverse channels ~ QOTD, pokecord, and more
Partnerships ~ partners with every server
Giveaways & events ~ occasional events and giveaways
Advertising chat ~ advertise whatever you want to advertise
Tons of fun bots ~ a lot of fun and interactive bots
Anti-raid system ~ bot raids are impossible here
Friendly staff and community ~ very friendly server
Active chat ~ we are very active here
Various voice chats ~ tons of voice chats to chat with friends
☽ ✧ ❀ Garden of Hearts ❀ ✧ ☾
✵ Garden of Hearts is a new server based on finding friendships and relationships! ✵

We are a chill, welcoming community that offers many fun features such as...
» very friendly, active members
» pastel aesthetically pleasing environment
» adorable color and personality roles
» loads of fun bots
» events and giveaways
» special flower rank roles
» active voice chats
...and much, much more!

Very wonderful community, small but growing! Welcome all members of all race, culture, sexuality etc. Please join and feel the warm cafe welcome you!
With Daily Prompts, contests, community tips, critiques and a place to buy and sell artwork, our small but tightly knit community welcomes you into our humble home. We welcome all artists no matter what their skill level is and non-artists as well.

DailyArtGrind has an active and friendly staff team, bots, economy and tons of events.

What are you waiting for? Join up! We can't wait to meet you!
Welcome to The Dating Emporium. We have a kind community of users and very friendly staff. Our server is growing at a rapid pace.
What we have for you
❤️ Dating Sections
❤️Self Assignable Roles
❤️Server Suggestions
❤️ Music
❤️ Role play
❤️ Memes
❤️ Gaming
❤️ Art
❤️ Server Updates Everyday
❤️ Fun!!
❤️ Userphone
❤️ Kind Community
❤️ Many E-girls and E-boys
❤️ Music bots
❤️ Great Staff Team
❤️ 1000+ Members
Once you join our server You will be greeted by our users. Our server has many roles and a lot of fun bots. We also Have
💗Active Users
💗Friendly Staff
💗Anti-Raid Protection
💗Anti-Spam Protection
💗Many Channels
Permanent link:
💖 Come explore our server it might just be your kind of server. 😉👍🏻
⚠ CoolKidz ⚠
-We are a community discord server about content creators and for people to join and hangout and make new friends.
♨ Come and Join!
This is a server for general discussions, community, and stuff, we do frequent allnighters and other events, it is ran by James,
A small community server that started up in April of 2018- we are a server for everyone! As of September we are under re-construction, BUT feel free to join!! Come and hang out with us-
We got League, Cards against humanity online, Pokecord, and plenty of currency bots to keep you entertained like Tatsumaki and Mantaro~~
We also have a section dedicated to NSFW content, where you can use bots to find images, or you can contribute by posting your own! You can also feel free to contribute to our One-Word-Story and Counting-to1mill channels, creating interesting stories and achieving a goal together as a collective group!
As of arts and music, we have sections dedicated for you to post works that you've made, W.I.P's and more!
RolePlay RallyPoint (RP-RP) is a friendly social advanced advertisement server which is dedicated to partnering with rolplay servers from all around Discord!

☆ 500+ members ☆ Partners with over 100 rp servers ☆ 50+ self roles ☆ Constantly growing ☆
we also have porn for non-christians