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We are a very active, family-friendly community debate server for Discord, unlike any other.
We offer:
~Political debate
~Philosophical debate
~General debates (featuring anything and almost everything)
~A family-friendly, clean community
~And much, much more!
Freedom of speech is one of our greatest priorities. We highly encourage our members to bring up and partake in discussions meaningful to them.
Lets make this the biggest Storm Area 51 Server! 🛸👽

Reaction roles for every warrior!

Kyles to Karens

Rock throwers to Naruto Runners
Let your inner self out, one of the best servers for making friends!
Find the e-boy and e-girl of your dreams ;)
The community has dark humor and its got just the right amount of toxicity to it!
Super chill community and very active.
18+ is allowed but servers meant for teenagers
Pedo's will be banned
Welcome to NoVA
We are a group of Gamers here to partake in the competitive community! We usually partake in Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, Rocket League, and Other Games. We are also here for our community to gather around and have fun.

What does NoVA stand for?
Not only Virtual Alliance! To represent we are not only friends Virtually, but realistically we are all here to be friends and enjoy gaming just like any other group.

What games does NoVA currently partake in?
NoVA Partakes in many different games, and we're willing to expand in to more various games! The current games we partake in, you may find in the #roles chat! if you feel we should expand in to a different game, feel free to go to #bot-commands and type '-suggest <suggestion>' ! People will then vote on your suggestion.
This universe has been in a apociliptic state for as long as anyone can remember. The humans scavanged to survive untill the rise of the two main tribes. If you weren't killed by one you joined one. There's still some people who prefer to fend for themselves and their families. These small groups are hunted, never able to stay in one place for long. An allegiance between the two tribes was never made, and the warriors of each are trained to put any member of the other down on sight.

The tribes aren't the only problem here, as safe food and water are hard to come by. Hunting parties are sent out often but game is few. Rations are in high demand.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Dreamers █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
The server for the wholesome people!


`-Decently active server.`
`-Very chill, relaxing, and accepting.`
`-The most wholesome server you have ever seen.`
`-Age range anywhere from approx. 13-26.`
`-Regardless of your sexuality, race, or gender, you're accepted here.`
`-Many cool benefits for those who level up!`
`-A good amount of channels.`
`-Music, gaming, memes, anime, event nights~`
`-Just good old chit chat. Lounges and VC both equally active.`
`-People that genuinely care about you and go out of their way.`
`-This is a wholesome friendly server so if you’re feeling lonely or down, you can come here and befriend us!`
Hello I'm Knight and I'd like to introduce you to my pokecord server The Squrtle Squad here's some stuff we have...

- gyms with a Pokemon league along the way
- a great daycare, breeders hand picked by the owner
- giveaways, events, and auctions
- teams to represent your favorite bad guys
- music, memes, anime, and other channels
- Helpful and fair rules with great staff
- great community for beginners and experienced players alike
- and more :D

Join the Squad today!
SFW server
A hub for all things fallout related, a server for the true fallout fanboy. Come and chat with like minded gamers about fallout, its simple. Have fun and enjoy your stay in Vault_Fallout.
Mass Fun


-- You can have unlimited amount of fun!
-- You can show up your talking skills!
-- We have various fun bots for you!
-- We have a small server but a journey of thousand miles begins with one single step.
-- We also have some rules to be followed.
-- We as a community can have unlimited amount of fun and have complete entertainment.
-- As usual we have everything you need to have fun!

So, What are you waiting for? Join now!
The most active and exciting political server on Discord! AMAs with political figures, weekly events and a diverse ideological community.
Welcome to Avona, A Superhero type RP, You can be a normal everyday person to something like a Robot or a Symbiote, Or be a criminal, Your choice.
You can find basic lore At

-We have a toxic-free community
-This just started, So now is the prime time to become involved
-We Treat Community members like Family
-We are willing to work out problems with everyone!
-We offer help in various ways
-Our server has many different timezones so you might always have a friend to rp with
-Anything goes as long as rules are read!

Hopefully you will join us on our adventure!- 𝒜𝓈𝒽𝓎
♡ my sister and I created this server bc we were bored as fuck and now we got a bunch of cool people in here!! ♡

Everyone in our server is rlly nice and we are all frens
We love cats, memes, games, other cool stuffs

We got some cool ass bots (the most popular being Yui)
We got some cool ass text and voice CHANNELS
this includes happy hours and sad hours

all ages are welcome

don't be roode tho

In this server, we welcome everyone, with a very friendly community, this is mostly a server to chill hangout and have fun chatting and meeting new people, although we are a small server we would like to grow and appreciate if you'd like to join and chill with us :)
Welcome to The Stomping Grounds! An 18+ public Discord server for any and all interested in Macro/Micro related content. Specifically made for Furries/Scalies, but open to everyone. We're new on the block, and as such are still getting our paws wet on the whole Discord community grounds, but we'll give it our all in the effort! We've got general chat rooms, art rooms, roleplay rooms, even some voice channels. The usual, really. At the moment it's all run by some Punk Dragon, Vamux, and will probably keep to that way for a while, as again we're new. But the company is always appreciated, and you're more than welcome to come on over!
Hey, we're just a small school of fish looking to chill and meet new people, while escaping the noise of large servers. We have friendly staff, and people who are always willing to chat. Join if you want to make friends and help revive a somewhat dead server!

-Reef themed server
-This is mostly a 16+ server, but those who are under can join as long as they are mature :)
Originally Zoro's Alt Shop
New place to buy premium account services

Free Account Generator!!!

New Website:

New marketplace section!!!

New server for weebs or anyone else, be active and just talk and hang out. We have nsfw channels as well as general channels and roles. Our server is still growing but we'd appreciate more members! We don't have many rules, just try to be respectful. <3 (;
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
What do we have?
🎉 | Giveaways & Events!
🤖 | A custom bot & many other fun bots!
🤠 | Active, friendly members & staff!
🌈 | A lot of color roles, custom roles, and auto roles!

➣Memes ➣Art ➣Aesthetic ➣Selfies ➣Music ➣Animals ➣Food

🐸 | 50 Awesome emotes & 50 awesome animated emotes!
🐍 | A active pokecord channel + a pokecord trainer role!
🍆 | A NSFW Channel + bot!
🎶 | Many cool, fun bots & a music bot!
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
This is an active based community and also a fast growing one.
We range from Toxicity Chats to being Wholesome.
Anyone can join but be sure not to go too overboard on toxicity
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
Make sure to join the server (Owner @Ed )

~Welcome to the Meme Café~
This is a server for people to chill, meet new people and to chat about whatever you'd like!
~Welcome to Arcadia~

Arcadia is many things. A place of rest, a place of safety, a place to come back to after grappling with the rigors of the world. Arcadia is an oasis in the desert, Arcadia is paradise and should you wish it, Arcadia can be where you and your friends come together to indulge in the joys of life.

This server is a community. A society; a collection of minds. And like the mind, it is always growing and evolving as do we all. It is both a fortified haven and a work in progress, and will only get better with time! It is intended to be a hub, the one place you and your friends can always return to. Things may change, and we may grow or shrink, but this place will always be what it has always been should you choose to allow it: your home........ Arcadia

18+ only!
16+ | We're an open-armed community looking for all types of members to help our community grow and connect with each other. ✨
Welcome to The Neko Beach!
This server has everything you could possible need to satisfy your nsfw cravings.

What we have:
◆ Intros
◆ Self Roles
◆ Nudes
◆ Selfies
◆ Teases
◆ Premium bots
◆ Active staff
◆ Dating
◆Verification System
◆ Partnerships
◆ And so much more!

Enjoy your stay at The Neko Beach!