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The Multiverse of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We follow a very forgiving power scaling system, and have tons of fun action sequences alongside a nice taste of slice of life! There are also a few branch servers, so your character can always experience something new and entertaining! We hope to see you join. Don't be shy; we welcome everyone!
Server for fun,chat,and posting car pictures.
Welcome to Shy,
Shy is a server for people that are younger than 18 to hang out and talk to each other

A new server open to everyone (: ! Join and be respectful to others. Make friends and have fun ! Ages 13-19+ Upon joining, make sure to react in the #rules channel

Just a small server for talking with others. There aren't any members at the moment, but we wish to change that. ^-^
Hey, everyone! This is a new server that is largely based on community and memes. We have some dank emotes and a lot of entertaining bots with dedicated channels for bot minigames. There are also self-assignable ranks and level roles. We have a lot of different channels for different topics (some can be unlocked by self-assignable ranks), including NSFW channel (for those who want it). Come check out the server!
Hello there, I am currently in the process of making a minecraft server, this is going to be a professional one and one of the best out there, we will have multiple gamemodes with minigames on the side and if you're interested join our server > You are obligated in no way to do so. Thanks.

-Savage Survival This gamemode isn't like any other, we bring you survival but as spicy as it can be. We have beautiful plugins, crafting a whole new survival experience. An example of this is Partners. With this option you'll never be alone, you'll be paired up with someone to go on adventures and just chill with in general. This is to make sure you are always entertained and never bored with empty hands.
-Krazy KitPVP In this gamemode we give you KitPVP but with a twist. Here you can upgrade gear, gain better weapons, collect xp and rise up in levels. Here you can dominate the arena and earn prizes valuable to only you.
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
A friendly well moderated social discord community come talk to us about anime, gaming, music or current events , Everybody welcome ! 250+ members and growing!
โ™ก Join Bubblegum Cafe, a Social Emote Server full of friendly weebs that make their own emotes! โ™ก

โ™ก Over 1000+ Custom Emotes in Nitro Servers; everything from KonoSuba/MHA/Chuuni^2/Gurren Lagann/Kancolle/Granblue/FATE/Zankuro/WoW/Overwatch/Gaming/Foxgirl/4chan/NSFW & more~ โ™ก Community gaming with 100% Orange Juice, Jackbox and a NA-West Maple Story 2 (MS2) Guild โ™ก Aesthetic Cafe Server Design w/Minimalist Server Layout โ™ก Experienced 21+ Server Owners; Few rules, no favoritism/edgelords/dead memes~ โ™ก Unique Gachapon-based Custom Role System; earn materials, spin for COMMON to ULTRA RARE colors, similar to mobile games like FATE/GO โ™ก

โ™ก Let us take your order! โ™ก
A server dedicated to all things Akira, both anime and manga! Akira Love is a great place to meet other people who love Akira as much as you do, and discuss Katsuhiro Otomo's amazing story.

Remember: Good for health, bad for education.

This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!

Join Our Amazing Server 2 Unfound Hearts Today!

โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โŠฑโ™ก About Us โ™กโŠฐโ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”โ”

We are a community server main purpose dating.


We don't use everyone & here tag. A Server without partnerships!


Self Roles with all the interests, each interest have a channel of it.


Verified Selfie! No catfish.


Every Gender/sex allowed/friendly!


No harassment/bullying/No Pedo, Totally safe.


160 Channels & 177 Roles.


Friendly Staff and Apply for staff & Event Team!

- active and chill
- variety
- different time zones
- experience and not shit staff members
- react roles
- 1:1 female to male ratio
- aesthetic, memes and food
- lenient rules
- react roles
This server has the idea of a fictional country state under the name of Timoria.
You're welcome to join and start playing,chatting,chilling,ect. with other people
โœงใƒป๏พŸ:* โ™ก Likey Charm โ™ก *:ใƒป๏พŸโœง
Is a brand new dating/community discord server. We are a friendly dating discord community. Our goal is to make our members have a fun time and be interactive with one another or maybe find that special someone!
What we offer:
-Self-Assignable roles
-Friendly Community
-LGBT+ Friendly!
-Fun events
-NSFW chat (18+)
-Fun level-up roles!
-Kind staff
Chat Hub represents a community of people who come to find conversation and people to talk to on their free-time. While most servers have people only on to be annoying or to act retarded, on Chat Hub you actually have a chance to find some form of intellectual debate.
Friendly server with same minded people that like memes and like to chat with others. We organize meme contests with rewards and giveaways.
โœง The Blue Rose is a Fandomless Roleplay and Dungeon and Dragons server โœง
We welcome rpers and dnders of all ages. Ocs from all fandoms are welcome here. We have group rp channels, but if you want a thread that's just you and another mun, you can request a channel for the two of you to rp in.
We also do game nights, a hoard of bots for you to play with, and many awesome people for you to meet!
โœง Join The Blue Rose Community and start your adventure โœง
Welcome to X X X~ ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹
Come and join the friendly adult community in the underground~
Come meet new friends, and even possibly have sum fun ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค
Will we see you there~? ๐Ÿ–ค

Love, X X X~
The Wicked Knife Clan is a small gaming server, with gamers of various genres!
Some of the games we play often as a group are~
โ€ข Garry's Mod
โ€ข Counter Strike: Global Offensive
โ€ข Smite
โ€ข Battle Royale Games
But rest assured, games are not limited to just these.

Features of the WKC
Positive Community
Active Users
Gaming Community
Music Channel
Flexible Staff
Growing Server

Feel free to check us out!
An upcoming art community. We welcome artists of all skill levels and non-artists who just want to appreciate artwork :)

We have very friendly staff, active and tightly knit community, weekly challenges, a place to trade art, find artists for work or art buyers.

What are you waiting for?

Join us and make new friends!
โ˜ฏ Touhou Overdose โ˜ฏ is a chill Touhou environment for everything Touhou! We have everything Touhou related. Feel free to join if you don't own a fedora. [No NSFW channel. We aren't lonely 16 year olds]
Touhou 16.5
Touhou 16.5
Neetworks is a chill place for people that want to play games, art, modeling, composing, and hanging out in voice chat. Feel free to join!!!!
Remember to stock up on unhealthy snacks while you're here. โง•(ใ‚œะดใ‚œ)โง”
Steam Group:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dota 2
Grand Theft Auto V
Team Fortress 2
Mount & Blade
Garry's Mod
War Thunder
Phantasy Star Online 2
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Music Production
FL Studio
3D modeling
We have lots of emotes too, and an active VC (Voice chat)