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| ✨ In a nutshell, this is what the server's like: ✨
| _____________________________________
| - Recommended Collab Invites (Actual serious collabs) 🔥
| - Collab promotion text channels. (Promote your collabs.)
| - Decoration/Layout feedback from experienced players. 😍
| - A community that's full of verifiers, video recorders, layout makers,
| decorators, and many other people. ❤️
| Join today! 👍
We need decorators! The style is techy glow and space. Join the server for more collab details. Note that this is an actual serious collab and if you are inactive you will get banned!
Team Voltage is a geometry dash team where we do events, collabs and even you can advertise here your collab! On our server you can also get feedback and chat with other team members. So don't hesitate and join our community right now!