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Writing club is the one of the clubs I have directed. We have assignments, bots, music, game nights, ranks & much much more.
Hello and welcome to the [Heiwana Anime Coffeeshop], the serious anime discord where we discuss and talk about anime, chill, and generally have fun. We have a range of activities including giveaways, events, there are also prizes to be won. In addition, the server is family friendly and the staff are nice! Join us, and have the best time! We look forward to meeting you!
Welcome @everyone to

Teaknee's Kickback

A sound community where your niches are embraced.

Lightly administrated with a chain of moderators to mitigate unjust admins.

Each member is given the ability to make clubs and to be given power, via becoming a club president

Able to manager your members and be a big step in social affairs and minor moderations.

Permissions will be given to you for the channel the club resides and you can host events and govern your club.

Hopefully you find your club or start your own.

Making new friends is the true goal of the server.

Welcome to the kickback!

Hello I'm star struck and im the owner of this server,there are lots of fun things to do here,it goes from adopting cute little pets,to hanging out with your friends,also make lots of money off of getting a job,and buying your own little home in Magic city,also can go and make your own shop once you have been in the game for three week,in those three weeks you have to be active,if not you will have to be active for one more week,you can also make your own weapons and a couple of characters,so come and join Magic academy you will have lots of fun!!!
We aren’t too big yet, but eventually we wanna create a fun and active community !
You can join if you like memes, fun people, and of course BOTS! We will eventually host contests when we expand, and we will have more clubs!
Awesome server with a great community and staff team, dedicated to giving you freedoms, such as the ability to make your own clubs!
• Hey ! Bienvenue dans Explore The World 🌍 ! Il s'agit d'un serveur communautaire dans lequel tu pourras te sentir bien et parler autant que tu le veux !

₪──•═══• DESCRIPTIF •═══•──₪

══• 📡 - Il s'agit d'un serveur communautaire qui a pour but de rassembler des gens par passions âges et autres afin de former une sorte de "famille", c'est pour cela que touts propos racistes, sexistes ou encore homophobes sont.... EX-PLO-SÉS (justes bans en fait mais ça faisait pas assez classe)


╔═• 🎒 - Des salons pour parler avec des
║personnes de notre niveau scolaire et s'aider
║pour les devoirs
╠═•🤘- Des "clubs" pour parler avec des gens
║ partageant les mêmes passions que nous
╠═• 🃏- Des salons pour parler de nos
╠═• 🐺 - Des parties de loups-garous régulières
╠═• 🤖 - Des bots de mini-jeux
╠═• 📊 - Des sondages une fois par semaine
╠═• 🎊 - Des giveaways plus ou moins gros
╠═• 📕 - Des histoires interactives
╚═•📌 - Des events réguliers et originaux

•═════════• ❤️ •═════════•

══• Tags : Communautaire - Familial - Discussion - Partage - Clubs

Nous n'attendons plus que toi !

🔗 __LIEN :__

There are several types of activities available to participate in here at Home. You can chill and chat, catch some pokemon, or set up a character and join a role play. You can also talk about your dating stories, flirt, and maybe even find your special someone <3. If you're more serious about your fun, you could join one of the many clubs set up here at Home **new**:

-Karaoke Club
-Book Club
-Art Club
-Gamer's Club
-Writer's Workshop
-Daters/Matchmakers Club

I'm searching for new mods for the clubs. As a mod, you will be tasked with growing your club, making sure that the people in your club are following the servers rules, setting up club events based on peoples ideas and your consultation with me, as well as kicking people out for not participating or breaking the servers rules. You can propose any idea to me and I will listen and contemplate any suggestions you may have.

I'm also searching for anyone who wants to introduce new and fun bots to the server, anyone able to better advertise and promote my server, or provide suggestions on how I may re-organize my server better.

I hope you're interested in joining, person who has gotten this far in my long and boring explanation. I honestly just want the people in my server to have fun and find people that they truly enjoy speaking with. I hope you consider us!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
Welcome To Moa College!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
★彡 Moa College is mostly for a place to hangout with friends and get help with school work and we have many places for you to study and we have dorms where you can have a roommate and sleep in calls whenever u feel lonely! ➳
A blue and yellow themed server for TXT fans. We offer various activities, events and other fun stuff!
Hello, and welcome to Aesthetic Nights! This is a community server dedicated towards you being able to find the perfect group of people who share the same interests as you do! This server is currently still W.I.P. but it is open to the public as the main stuff is set up!

This server does provide helpful staff that will try to help you with whatever issue you need, and a clean, organized server to make sure things stay tidy!

We currently have 2 sets of self-assignable roles that you can pick from: One being name color, and the other one being clubs. Color roles will, obviously, change the color of your name, while you can pick up to 5 clubs to meet people with similar interests as you do!

Please keep in mind this server is new, and will start getting more active when more people join.

I hope you enjoy your stay! :)
Welcome to Emperor's Golden Channel , A very active community server where our goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, our community is relaxed and chill; and we have plenty of awesome members in the server. Any new members are welcomed with open arms. We have dedicated chats to gaming, and memes related chat, as well as many fun activities. Hope you join and have fun!!
Welcome to “YOUTUBE HANGOUT”. If you are a YouTuber go to the voice channels and join you category over the amount of subscribers you have! If you get caught in the wrong hang out zone you will be banned! This will allow you to talk and meet any of your other YouTube creators. Have fun dream big dreams and most importantly, stay in the right voice channel!
Club Moon is a server run by a kid sitting in his bedroom. Join a club and have fun with people who share the same interests. Some current clubs include writing club, reading club, music club, drama club, LGBTQ+ club, gaming club, art club, academics club, and language club. We are always adding more and improving. Please feel free to join the Club Moon server. We do not discriminate, we love all of our members. See you there!
TECH⭐KPOP⭐ANIME⭐ART⭐GAMES⭐Parakeet is the most non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill place about forging friendships and having fun.
Welcome to the TIRED discord server!
Here you can chill, have fun, play with bots, or maybe just share your favorite memes with others.

We are a fairly new community and are always trying to improve our server!

Here in our server we have:

💬Offensive chats, conversation based chats and a spam room!

🆙A ranking system with rewards!

📖Fun clubs with special roles!

❤️A friendly community!

🎁Self promotions!

📸Media channels!

👀Lit server emotes and a channel dedicated to only posting emotes and global ones!

👍 30+ self-assignable roles!

🔉Private vcs!

🎵Music channels with many music bots!

❕Interactive channels for everyone to use and a verification system to keep us from raids!
Welcome to the Lucky☆Star Lounge! We're a community for all ages that emphasises having a fun and relaxed experience here on this server.

What we offer:

☆ 50+ Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~
☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see.
☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us!
☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels.
☆ Weekly giveaways~
☆ Events!
☆ Create your own club on the server!
☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback.
☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more!

We're just starting out, but why don't you visit us? We hope to see you soon~
Welcome to LGBTQIA+ For The Youth. This is a safe and quiet place for individuals to meet other people among their commmunity!
* Lots of cool events!l
* Opportunity to have your very own club that you can run yourself
* Support and resources for those who need it
Alpoine (Al-pine) Institutes the top magic school for promising and elite, young magic users. The Institute is run by the founder's daughter, the only non-magic user in the **Borders.** There, your character will learn how to attack, defend, and master their powers. After all, we need High-level magic users to defeat the outside beast.
Hello! We have created this discord server in hopes of creating a fun, friendly, and diverse community hence it’s name! We hope you come visit, but make sure to read the rules! We have clubs in our server that you can join! An example of a club is the "Performance Club", if you join this club, you will be given the opportunity to preform in our auditorium voice channel, whether it's singing, acting, or improv, you can show everyone in the server your talent! I hope you consider joining Diverse Division! Have a good rest of the day/night :)
This is a new rp server focusing on after school clubs on a high school!
Find new friends, join clubs, or even make your own club!
We can't wait to see what you will come up with~
Join now or experience your own consumtion.

This server is very new so suggestions for changes and bots are always welcome~
Welcome to our humble little pirate server! This group has a lot! Such as:

$$Art, Music, and Book discussions and clubs~$$
&&Immense RPG Style roleplay!&&
((A new Roleplay Fighting mechanic!))
{{Unique Self-Roles!}}

Plot: Since the English had assassinated Blackbeard, new pirates had risen to power and dominated the seven seas! Will you be a treacherous pirate or a gloriful navyman?

We hope to see you all there to join us on an awesome brigade!
Hiya Luckys! welcome to the world of us Lucky Star Server! i hope u take the time to join and have fun! we are always looking for new members that might help this server become a active and a amazing server!