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Welcome to the Lucky☆Star Lounge! We're a community for all ages that emphasises having a fun and relaxed experience here on this server.

What we offer:

☆ 50+ Assignable Roles to personalise yourself~
☆ Personalise the server to what you want to see.
☆ A family-like community. Visit, or be part of us!
☆ A levelling system with merits upon reaching certain levels.
☆ Weekly giveaways~
☆ Events!
☆ Create your own club on the server!
☆ Shape the server! We're always looking for suggestions and feedback.
☆ A bunch of bots for entertainment, music & more!

We're just starting out, but why don't you visit us? We hope to see you soon~
Hello and welcome to the [Anime Nation], the serious anime discord where we discuss anime. We have a range of activities including giveaways, events, there are also prizes to be won. Join us, and have the best time! We look forward to meeting you!
Welcome to LGBTQIA+ For The Youth. This is a safe and quiet place for individuals to meet other people among their commmunity!
* Lots of cool events!l
* Opportunity to have your very own club that you can run yourself
* Support and resources for those who need it
Welcome to our humble little pirate server! This group has a lot! Such as:

$$Art, Music, and Book discussions and clubs~$$
&&Immense RPG Style roleplay!&&
((A new Roleplay Fighting mechanic!))
{{Unique Self-Roles!}}

Plot: Since the English had assassinated Blackbeard, new pirates had risen to power and dominated the seven seas! Will you be a treacherous pirate or a gloriful navyman?

We hope to see you all there to join us on an awesome brigade!
Hiya Luckys! welcome to the world of us Lucky Star Server! i hope u take the time to join and have fun! we are always looking for new members that might help this server become a active and a amazing server!
Наша главная цель - объединить вас всех в один коллектив, дабы вы смогли отыскать себе верных друзей.
Но мы также можем порадовать вас и друими интересными
• конкурсами,
• событиями,
• ролями,
• клубами.
We are a newly created Discord server based around having a friendly zone of people. You can make friends here and join clubs within the server. Our focus is to provide an area for new people to interact and share thoughts and just get along with each other. We have moderators and 3 owners that will make sure you will have no spammers or people who break the rules. Come join us in #🍻hangoutchat to make new friends and chill!
Small server looking to grow! | Memes | Bots | Roles | Leveling System | Music | + Much More Coming Soon! | Come Join Us!
In this server, you can join a club or just be a normal student! This is a roleplaying server for people who are ready to roleplay! The owner is pretty nice and you have plenty of roles to choose from!
The Aurora Lounge is a great place to gather with other users and meet new friends. The server allows server clubs, AMAs, and Live Streams where we talk to users. Help us grow into an amazing meeting place so we can improve in the future.