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Looking to join a clan of skilled players?
Check out team corrosive.
players must be at least 14+
players must prove themselves in creative
toxic behavior isn't tolerated
Warriors: The Forgotten Wish

Welcome to Warriors: The Forgotten Wish

We have three different unique Clans you can choose from(or, you know, you could be a loner or something).
MistClan, tricksters who live behind a waterfall.
CliffClan, noble and strong cats who live on a cliff.
IceClan, peaceful cats who gracefully catch fish on the shores.

I hope you will join us as we embark on the adventure of learning what really happened to Frostedrose, a cat of IceClan. We have a unique prophecy and backstory, bots, friendly staff, a LGBTQ+ supportive community, and more! It's simple to join. Just read the rules, verify yourself, and create your cat!

Come join us... or you'll never get to know the prophecy
Mainly a server for clan battles in Minecraft.
The server will always be in the latest version of Minecraft.

Join the server for more information.
The Land of Etherian is a large island off the coast of Scotland, somewhere no humans but the bravest dare to step foot. There are villages of humans, but they are used to what happens here, and have no contact with the rest of the world.
Etherian is similar to a rest area for weary traveling myths, legends, and creatures straight from tall tales. Most of the time, these travelers are dragons, from all over, hailing from many different cultures. These dragons carry with them various curses and blessings, sometimes directly delivering new creatures, which has led Etherian to be the home of quite a diverse populace. None but the eldest dragons recall the time when Etherian belonged only to the original two clans, simply the Dragons and the Gryphons, always locked in a feud for the land, but that has simmered down with the introduction of new species, each of them staking claim in the two tribes great territory. Now, depending on where you live, you can catch sight of a dragon fighting off a hungry gryphon for you, or a gryphon battling a bloodthirsty dragon that has set its sights on you. Choose your alliance wisely, as it could cost your life.
Here at cookie time you can start a clan with friends, or play our perty games! we also have yu-gi-oh, rythm, rp, and fake betting!
Vexile Alliance

We are new and were trying our best to grow everyday.

What we offer:
-$985 in earnings
-family friendly chat
-a great place to chill and hang out

We are mostly casual but we will soon grow to be competitive in no time

About us:
Were new but have good players starting to help us, we’ve also partnered with large clans that helped us. And also we would love to be competitive. If you have any questions dm me or any of my staff.

How to join:
Dm me or my staff and send clips or you can be try outted

We only have a YouTube right now but we’re planning to get more in the future
Team Acid is a upcoming fortnite clan recruiting both casual and competitive players to bring them up.
Salut toi, notre serveur rp vien d'ouvrir sa te dirait de découvrir de nouvelles choses dans notre serveur ?, notre serveur ce base sur l'apocalypse, guerres des clans et combat contres des goules., pour en savoir plus sur notre serveur, rejoins nous ✌️
Welcome to the Vision Clan. This is a fortnite clan where anyone can join us to play some games. We are pretty talented so its almost a garnered win. Come join the Vision!
Welcome to **Echoes of the Lost**, home of two Tribes and two Clans. For moons, the groups have been at peace, with only rare battles and mild conflicts. Still, despite the peace, a disturbance grows in the shadows, deep in the heart of the Dusk Trail, a forbidden, horrific place. Cats are going missing or showing up dead for seemingly no reason, with rather gruesome deaths. No one knows for sure who is responsible for the murders, but many cats suspect it is the vengeful spirits lost to the Dusk Trail coming back to reclaim what is theirs, and to take their revenge.
Even so, the cats of these groups have abilities that help them to defend themselves and their Clan or Tribe. They’re not entirely defenseless...

Who will you join to fight against this power?

**⚡️The Tribe of Lasting Scars⚡️**, known as ruthless and brutal, the embodiment of chaos. There is almost no order here, except for the fierce loyalty instilled by either fear or genuine love for their Tribe, or love for the thrill. These cats are large and powerful, fighting to take what is theirs.

**🌊The Tribe of Distant Shores🌊**, a mostly peaceful Tribe with good intentions and loyal cats. They are strict and clever, and are skilled swimmers. They are known more for their brains than their strength, and are usually the ones to think ahead before leaping into something.

**🕸️BarrenClan🕸️**, a Clan who resides within the ruins of an abandoned city, willing to go to any means necessary to defend their Clan and home. They are scrappy and rebellious, rolling with whatever life hurls at them and facing it head-on. They are the ones to surprise the enemy, and gain the high ground.

**🌑AbyssClan🌑**, the Clan who lives in the deep caves and winding tunnels below the earth, coming out under the cover of darkness. They are cunning and sly, excellent night hunters. Fierce and determined, they will almost always find a way to outsmart the enemy and make a getaway before they’re even discovered.
**Echoes of the Lost** offers:
- 💕 Friendly and helpful staff!
- 🎉 Giveaways!
- 🍀 A shop set up with plenty of items!
- 🌸 Welcoming, nontoxic environment to freely express yourself!
- 👀 Open High Ranks for all groups!
- 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly community!

Feel free to come check out the server— we’re excited to meet you!!!
This server is for members of the general clan community and is not clan restricted like our sister server which is locked to only UNSC clans.

Are u searching a clan or a team ?😟

Are u wanna relax from a heavy gaming session?🤯

Are u wanna make new friends ?🤝

This is the best server for you. This server is new but we are growing very fast. Join if u play games like

🎮Pubg mobile
Cod mobile
Clash royale 🎮

Then come and find yr perfect team or a clan.

⚠️We are a new server so we also want moderators and server booster. ⚠️

Come and have fun in the family of Gaming Adda.


Welcome to "A Branches Shadow!" We hope you have a wonderful time here! We are currently waiting on more people to join as we are just starting out, but we will be happy to have you in our server if you join! Our Clans are PoppyClan, FrostClan, ReedClan, and BreezeClan (Learn more about them in the server!) And soon enough I will be opening up staff applications, so stay tuned for that!

Welcome to Warriors: Shifting Stars!

For many eras, a singular Clan has lived strong in their ways. Leaders and many others have come and gone, and life has mostly remained the same. But what happens when one leader goes too far?

FogClan; The Clan of the strong and bold. These felines are so used to living on their own, with outsiders fearing their every step. They own the land they live on. Yet deep down, chaos dwells within. A myriad of bad decisions are slowly rising to notice.

Come Join Us, and Watch the Stars
We offer,
-Fun interactive roleplay
-self roles
-detailed lore
And so much more!
When the clans were made by InkStar, HavenStar, FrostStar, and Sparkstar, they never fought a sickness as strong as this one...
Now JuniperStar, EclipseStar, NovaStar, and HollyStar are left to protect their clan against this plague, this devasting sickness...
This sickness is called Rose-Face, if you catch this, you will get blood flakes and large scabs on your skin and/or fur, which looks like rose petals, you can also start not feeling the urge to eat and drink, which might starve yourself, you can cough up and/or throw up blood flakes and natural puke, this punishes the cats and kills them at a moderate speed, this is contagious, though, it's unlikely you'll catch it from another cat. You get this plague by eating animals with this disease, the way you can tell the animal has this disease, it will have scars or scabs (which could mean it was attacked), and it's eyes will be bloodshot, it will also drool or foam from it's mouth.
There is no known cure yet, so cats have to try, this plague is killing most of the cats, and we do have bad and evil cats, this just piles, will you help stop the plague, or will you be evil and kill the cats before the plague kills you?
This is a community server that has an ongoing game based on wolf packs. Come join our community and choose your pack, help increase your pack's ranking, and meet new people. No one on this server will judge you, whether you're gay, African-American, a furry, or anything else. Just a place to hang and have fun.
We are a Fortnite Hangout! Their are self advertisement Area for Fortnite Teams and More! join us and enjoy the time
Clans blossomed in a crater's shelter , where the peace is held for now. Join us to walk in the mist, run through fire, be one with storms, travel winding tunnels, roam the marshes. The crater calls you, but the question is. Will you answer?
TLC is a clan that has been recently formed and we aspire to make a big clan that is skillful but also respectful, all members that join will be tested. We are also currently open for spots in the administration team.
We are Fizz Clan and we are a small but growing clan team for rainbow 6 siege.
Our goal is to offer a accessible e-sports experience, we are still a new team so don't expect to much at the beginning.
We are currently working our ass off to get everything of the ground.
We still have open spots left and we are looking for YOU!
Our teams are at multiple levels of play, we have a academy for the lower ranked players.
Academy's will form teams to improve, there will be regular coaching's and meetings.
Higher ranks can try out for higher academy levels and for spots in the new teams.
At the moment we have spots available by try out for the main team. However if you don't make the cut Team B is always an option!

Other open spots:
-Coaches (Plat 3 and above)
-Streamers and Content Creators
-Human Resources
-Social media manager
Dragon Factions Is A Minecraft Realm Where You Can Make Your Own Guild / Faction, Raid Eachother, Build And Much More! Join Our Discord For More Information And Realm Invite!
We are a new server, yet to be found server, our goal is to be the next popular clan. We are a new clan, user isnt used or found.