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AshClan was founded after Foxclaw, now Fox, abandoned his clan along with his mate, Featherpond (Feather), and his clanmate, Rabbitwolf (Rabbit). He left out of outrage because of the name Rabbit was given, it not showing her loyalty as a warrior, but just a reminder of who her father was.

Rabbit's father, Wolfnose, had left his Clan and slowly began to build an army by kitnapping kits before their eyes opened, with the help of three kitty pets named Queen, Holly, and Lassy. He then raised them to believe he had rescued them from the clans and convinced them to attack their old home, which almost destroyed the clans until StarClan intervened. When the Lost Kits were shown the truth, they turned against Wolfnose and killed him. Foxclaw, Featherpond, and Shadepaw were all Lost Kits. Foxclaw was very reserved, but upon meeting Rabbitpaw, who has the exact same pattern as her father, he saw the horrific torment the clans and even her own mother put her through. The name the current ThunderClan leader, Sapstar, gave her was the final straw. When he, Featherpond, and Rabbitwolf left ThunderClan, they ran into Shadepaw, a RiverClan cat, and Mousepaw, a ShadowClan cat, running away together due to the mistreatment of Lost Kits in RiverClan, Mousepaw following because she has a crush on Shadepaw.

Shortly after, they officially broke all ties by removing the second half of their names, becoming Fox, Feather, Rabbit, Shade, and Mouse.

They began to form a sort of clan, but when Starclan approached them, they decided to found a sixth clan far from the others. They named the clan AshClan because it rises from the ashes of the former clans.
The Red Renegades Are Recruiting!

We are a brand new causal Fortnite clan of Burnouts and Redlines looking to grow! Do not think of us as your typical competitive clan, think of us as a group of friends who you can squad up with anytime! However there are a few requirrequirements that you should be aware of. Said requirements may involve you altering your appearance in-game as well as in discord for a more formal look for the clan, but if you can meet these requirements, I assure you that you won't regret it or we will welcome you with open arms!

• You must own Burnout or Redline
• You must bear the Red Chevrons as your banner
• You must include the clan tag into your Epic Games username
• You must bear a picture of our choice as you Discord's profile picture

• +16 years of age
• A headset with a microphone
• A good sportsmanship
• A non-toxic personality

The recommendations are not required but the requirements are, obviously. If you can agree to our terms, then consider yourself invited to the The Red Renegades and remember, All Roads Lead To Victory!
Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen!
Hier kannst du entscheiden, ob du in einem der 5 Clans oder alleine leben willst. Bestimme über dein Leben, und RPe mit anderen Warrior Cats Fans!

Der Server ist noch seeeehr neu, weshalb noch nicht viele hier sind, allerdings haben wir eine nette Gemeinschaft (hoffe ich xD). Komm doch auch und schliess dich uns an!

Gezeichnet: Fleckenstern, SMC-Anführerin
The Lore
In the Greek time B.C, a ship was sent over full of explorers and cats. The explorers were using the cats to see how they would adapt to the land. An explorer found a washed up old jewel. At first the jewel was just a plain old jewel that got washed up at sea. But, the more and more attached the explorer got to the jewel the more and more cursed the explorer got. Little did the explore know that the jewel began getting cursed by a sinister god above. The god didn’t like these humans coming onto its land and taking its belongings. Soon after the other explorers left the one that held the jewel stayed. The god began furious, and death was held to him. The god also decided to place the jewel where it could be seen, it was placed in a jaguar statue. As years began to past the god began seeking to find felines to control the jewel ones that could handle its overwhelming power. A ship was sent out the next day, after the gods had spoken.
The ship was full of former rouges, kittypets, and clanners. The boat hit a large rock causing the boat to sink at an alarming rate. The cats who survived swam to shore while the the others drowned. The ones who survived were informed of the jewel. The journey getting the jewel was a very challenging quest, filled with things some of the cats had never seen before. Cats began to venture out to try to obtain the jewel but all failed expect one. The cat that was successful clawed the jewel from its place and obtained the power in which the jewel held instead of keeping the power to herself she broke it unleashing the power it held. The cats on the island, were given power that was distributed equally do to the shecats choice. This had good effects first bringing gifts to the cats, but with this the cats became evil and manipulative. The shecat who released the power of the jewel is called the Leader, the cats obey her rules for they fear the evil that lies within her.
We are a welcoming server, we have two clans in the server. One called CalatheaClan, and one called FlightClan!
- we are welcoming
- we roleplay warrior cats
- we have fun
- when you join you won’t see much channels, which is why you have to be verified to be able to see the entire server
Years ago a very large science lab lay hidden from the rest of the world. In this lab they conducted experiment on pokemon, combining their DNA with another. The result was Pokefusion beasts. Many pokemon suffered here for many long years. Until one night one pokemon rebelled and escaped. the pokemon we speak of eventually became leader of Abyssclan that pokemon grew a deep hatred in humans and found a way to blow up the generaters. other pokemon managed to escape from the help of Baststar, the leader of Oasisclan, before the whole place was ingolfed in flames. After that the pokefusions decided to form together in a clan and enjoy a life of freedom.
Tritt hier einem der 6 WolfClans bei! Jeder der Clans hat seine eigenen magischen Fähigkeiten (Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Luft, Licht, Dunkelheit). Wähle deinen Rang (umso früher du beitrittst, desto mehr freie Ränge hat es)!
Wir suchen Mitglieder, sind ne lockere und nette Community... Was will man mehr?
Rustic WildFire is a spinoff, of it's previous state WildFire. We're restoring its glory with many fixed problems we couldn't solve before, we're coming back to our RSH days, improving and refining the way we made our last server. A major change is that we've changed the ranks for permanently to monthly, this is because of the server bill at the end of the month increasing due to our influx of players, and donations. We didn't account for the longterm cost, with this in mind. Monthly ranks would allow us breathing room to expand the server's premium aspect, server content, and the overall experience of the players on. If you'd like to purchase any more time higher than monthly please contact us on discord.

Another major update is that we've switched from Loot Plus to Better Loot. This will allow for better, and more fair drops from barrels, and crates. We will also be doing events more frequently, this will include admin bases to raid. Rustic WildFire will be hiring Partners and Youtubers, as well as developers. We plan on increasing our staff as well. Applications will be open on discord for all users to apply.
Du jour au lendemain, tout change. Vous traversez la porte de votre maison, mais finalement vous apparaissez dans un autre univers... l’univers parallèle, Thaïgan. Vous vous apercevez que vous avez des pouvoirs et de la technologie évoluée. Vous trouvez ça vraiment géniale au début, mais quelques personnes viennent à votre rencontre et vous enlève. Ces personnes vous disent ceci...

« Rien ne va dans ce monde, vous devez choisir un des clans. Ils ont l’air merveilleux à vue d’œil mais vous verrez, vous vous trompez... des tâches à accomplir vous seront envoyés et vous devrez les exécuter si vous ne voulez pas vous faire punir par le gouvernement, et croyez moi, vous ne voulez pas vous faire punir! »

Ils vous relâchent après que vous ayez choisit votre clan. Vous devez maintenant refaire votre vie sous la peur d’avoir une tâche trop dure à accomplir. N’oubliez pas! Protégez votre identité, votre clan, rencontrez vos coéquipiers et remplissez vos tâches!
Team Lunar

What We Offer-
1. Non-Toxic Community
2. Fair Game Play
3. A Great Time
4. Great Staff
5. Scrims/Zone Wars
6. A Great Founder
7. A Growing Team
8. Looking For A GFX Designer
The Wild Side is a safe place for all types of cats to join in and feel safe. Not only that but many Clans form. We allow ERP and the character limit isn't really anything. We also have a link to a site where you may make your own cat. Enjoy!

Lore- In this area, the place they call, The Wild Side. An area for cats to stay safe, without any humans. It was like a safe heaven, years ago when this place first started out. It was beautiful to the first cats who had shown up. Cats from the city came, cats from the wild came. It was like a safe place, because it was. Now, for a while everything was fine. They all lived peacufully. Until, one day a group of newcomers came from the city. Bringing humans along by accident. The humans slaughtered most of them, killing half of the population while the rest hid in safety. Once the humans left, thinking they had all of them. The cats couldn't belive what had happened, the cats who came from the city were the ones to blame. And they were forver banned from The Wild Side. Now, whenever any typ of cats come from the city, they'll most likely be kicked out or just harassed quiet a lot. Soon enough, the first group of cats was made. Or, Clan. They decided with the place going to shit they might as well make their own family who they can trust. And so, others started doing so. The whole area was split up by Clans. It was a war area. Now, there is a more peaceful side of the area. Its the other side who wishes to stick to the original slogan of The Wild Side. "You are here to be free, and others will leave you be!" Meaning that everyone was equal and no one should result to violence. Even the city cats were allowed over. Though, Clans do remain over in that side. Which side shall you live on? Your personality doesn't affect where you live or what Clan you are in. And aren't in one! Your adventure awaits!
Hello fellow Tenno welcome to the Kubrow alliance in which we have fun with each other and try to expand as a clan. We hope you can help us expand said clan and accompany us throughout this journey!
FUZION 3X | EU UK - WIPES 27.6.19 7PM UK

Brand New server with high ambitions to bring a fun, enjoyable community and player base.
There is giveaways each month and VIP kits to obtain.

Anyone joining via this subreddit will receive automatic entry to the monthly giveaway.
DM an admin or the owner with the code 2012. This will confirm you have joined via this sub-reddit.

Battle Metrics:
Location: London, UK (EU)
Slots: 150
Map size: 3000
This server is a Fortnite Scrim/Clan Wars server where you can promote your own clan by winning. Each clan gets his own role. You also can host your own scrims. Have fun!
Hello and Welcome to BranchClan and LakeClan! These two clans rivalry has been increased throughout the moons. The two clans go through struggles, war, and friendship/loss.
Most ranks are open! Some high ranks are open, too!
Join now to make, and join clans, participate and try to win tournaments, and have fun with the community!