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Looking for a server without raid or spam? Well, this place might be right for you! We have
-Over 40 color roles (must be member for 10 minutes to get the roles)
-Economy Chat: earn money, spend it, or pay
-Shit Posting: This is for servers, videos, social media, etc. Nothing NSFW
-Userphone: use --userphone to connect to someone on other servers with Yggdrasil
-Partnerships: we now have partnerships!
-Thank You: Have someone in mind that you want to thank? Let me know (or one of the staff)
-Tags: So far: YouTube and Partnership requirements. More to come soon!
-Bot commands and music chats!
-Anti-Raid and Spam protection with force ban

Want to join? Click the invite link down below and join us today!
The Gaming Citadel is a discord server for all types of games. Yes, there are a few main games, but more will be added once we have Game Moderators. They are a set of people who moderate the General Chat and their specified game. We are looking for members and be glad that you joined.