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This is the official discord server of RioRioBeast: A Youtuber! We have a nice community with many channels so you can do what ever you want. We have an active staff team to keep things nice. We do plenty of giveaways and events too!

We are an active and fun server to be part of, we have a unique system for gaining powers in the guild. No matter the time you will always get help as we have many mods and officers from different time zones. We are a pg and family friendly discord server with chat rooms to talk all ANYTHING!

okay so this place started as a server for an instagram meme account but the owner has abandoned us so come with us to chill, we've got an assortment of channels and fun people!
pls pls, join if you like to meet friends. We openly accept young adults and old teens! Any older/younger than that is iffy but if you just wanna be friends don't be creepy pls!

Just friendly community or whatever, join or else ill hunt you down and kill you, thaanks. - bloodlust

We're very nice, let's be friends! :) - jess
Hi. If you join this server you will meet a lot of friendly people. We have a cinema event every week. We have music of course. And we have a good and friendly team of admin/moders. Of course you can try be one.
If you enjoy we hope you have a lot of fun.
Welcome to the Furry Cabin!
I'm one of the cabin supervisors!
if you're wondering what this place is, I'll explain!
This is a place for furries to hang out, roleplay, chat, and even share their art!
Once you join, I suggest you read the rules so you know what is and isn't okay!
Even if you don't join, I hope you have a nice day~! <3
Un serveur consacré au Gaming et encore plus !
Rejoignez serveur chill et communautaire nous vous accueilleront avec grand plaisir !
Welcome to chill palace. Here we offer lots of things, fun bots, nice members, vent channels, And much much more~we hope to see you here
This server is for me to be able to grow both my community and YouTube channel while also having some fun. Come and Join!
we are all chill people and we are organized and we are alot of fun
we are different from other servers we are more laid back
Hello to the ones reading this description. So the purpose of our server is to chill only and talk with new friends. When you join now..... The gods of chilling will bless you. Thank you for reading and be safe throughout this crisis.
RPG-ADVENTURE quece que c'est ?

-c'est un serveur avec une comunautée chill ou vous pouvez jouer a des rpg avec vos amis et rigoler avec eux

-vous vous demandez pourquoi rejoindre ce serveur et pas un autre ? ce serveur regroupe rythm pour ecouter de la musique avec vos amis des mee6 et sky pour administrer et utiliser des commandes droles sky cassibot et PLEIN d'autres bots rpg pour jouer a vos rpg preferées a plusieur et vous amuser !
ce serveur regroupe tout les points fort des serveurs
comunautaires et rpg donc n'hesitez pas a nous rejoindre ;)
Hey, this is just a little server me and my friends put together. We mostly just chill and hangout. If u wanna have a little fun, then come on and join my server :].
Hello, we exist, welcome to our server The Meme Zone. here you can talk about nearly anything and relax. We are a really new server so please help boost us!
We have:
-A lot of interesting channels
-Flexible rules
-Server events (soon)
-Fun emojis
-No toxicity
-Self advertising
-Good moderating system

Please join i worked hard on this ;-;
Invite others too!
Message <@527160609217970176> for more information.
Just come on over to our jamming sessions, try our server because why not, there will be music and more