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🥀lifeless roses🥀 is a new community server. We are a place where you can be yourself, and meet new people. Our goal is to make sure our members have a fun time and interactive with each other! We want to keep growing and have a safe, fun, community!
Some things we have/offer are:
~Self assignable roles
~Fun bots
~Level up roles!
~LGBT+ friendly
~Friendly community
~Kind staff
Melodisc is a music server where you can generally just chill out, talk about and discover new music. A pretty chill community all around! We hope you enjoy your time with us!
Welcome to ℭ𝔲𝔩𝔱, a cool server so you can meet new people. Just to hit up people, talk to others about your achievements maybe. Be active, laidback staff. #gang
The Sloths, is a Discord server to talk to other people about video games, anime, or anything really! Join The Sloths to meet some really nice and chill people!
We play paladins and host tournaments join us!
Welcome to the Artist's Cottage!
We have:
-Meme bots/channels
-Fun bot games and commands
-Channels for advertising
-Channels for irl stuff, venting, and more
-A whole art category where you can ask for critique, advertise commissions/requests/hold raffles, and post your art
-Custom roles and colors
And more! We have 8 bots and will most likely add more in the future!
A chill server full of friendly people mostly based in NY but everyone is welcome. We are very new and looking to GROW. Staff needed! We are accepting of all backgrounds except Cardi B fans. So what are you waiting for? Join the best e-community on the east coast.
Here you can talk about whatever you want! Like Anime, Manga, Gaming, Life. All the staff here are super interactable, so feel welcome to start up a conversation with us. We are an acceptable community, so don't feel the need to shy away from others. That being said, we also offer constant events for you to participate in any time zone. Events consist of Game Night, Anime Nights, and just hanging out in VC's to do whatever floats your boat. With all this, we still have our Rules, so please follow them accordingly to keep on the good side of people.
In hindsight, Please enjoy your time here at Heikami's!
Welcome to H&B
We are a chill growing community for people to hang out in.
- Active Global Members
- Self-Roles
- Selfie Channel
- Creativity Channels
- Fun & Music Bots
- Anime uwu
- NSFW channels
- And much more!
Feel Free to Join and Chill!
The Authoritarian Tribe is a friendly server for everyone, talk about anything you want here.
We are a kind community!
I promise you that you will enjoy it here.
this is our lil server we’re just opening to the public.
it’s super lowkey, and i love these lads a lot.

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
some aspects of the server:
• personalized roles
• leveling up system
• tatsumaki, shibe bot, rhythm bot, etc.
• places to share all your creations, and a channel for storytelling :)
• a suggestion box!!! we’re open to new ideas and criticism
• open staff position(s)
This is a friendly environmental server for religious and non religious people. All we ask for is respect between one and another discussions and socializing regarding non nsfw content is our main priority if you meet this requirements then feel free to join :)
Hey! Wir sind die Baumianer!

Wir sind ein deutscher Community-Server, der Gaming - vorallem Nintendo - mag!
Wir bieten:

-Nette, gechillte Community
-Höfliches Serverteam
-> Erreichbare Teamrollen
-Spaßige Bots
-häufigere Events

.. und mehr!
Worauf wartest du? Joine! :D
Welcome to Weebs.V3

𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓈𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓇 𝒶𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉?

♡ We're a friendly anime/manga community, slowly making our way back to the 500+ we had before V2 was raided and taken down. ♡


𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝑒𝓍𝓅𝑒𝒸𝓉 𝒻𝓇𝑜𝓂 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓈𝑒𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓇?

🦑 Staff
🦑 Memes
🦑 Gaming
🦑 Emotes
🦑 Partnerships
🦑 Anime

𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒹𝑜 𝓌𝑒 𝓅𝓇𝑜𝓋𝒾𝒹𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝑜𝓊𝓇 𝓂𝑒𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓈?

🌊 A fun, comfortable place to meet new people.
🌊 Active Voice Channels to join.
🌊 Plenty of self-assignable roles, colors, etc.
🌊 Soon to come will be giveaways and server events.
🌊 Kind people who will help you when you need it.

𝒞𝑜𝓃𝓉𝒶𝒸𝓉 𝓊𝓈 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓆𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝓈 !

˚₊✰ daphi#0666

hello !! we're a fairly new server filled with really nice people and we'd love to make new friends !! our server has :
🌱a wholesome chat
🌱lewd bot (*≧ω≦)
🌱friendly and respectful members
🌱active staff
🌱lots of chats
🌱great emotes
we'd really appreciate it if you joined~! 💖
A chill and minimalistic community server for teens!

♡Hellooo!!Welcome to Asia server!
☆This is a server for all amazing Asians peps! Don't worry, Non-Asians can also join!!
☆ You can play lots of games with us!!
☆You can share your stories with us owo!!
☆We can play amazing games together too!!!
☆Its a place for ya'll to chill
♡ Thanks for reading this! I will be very happy if you join my server ♡
Kiss kiss 💋💋
A small anime community to come and chillax and talk about whatever with whoever.
We have WaifuBot, Mudae, Pokecord, etc.
Please join to help expand our community
Join me to grow my cult and soon we will have a forged brotherhood of memes,music,politics,and plenty of humor. Don't join if you get offended easily, this is a very chill server between a few friends and randoms. We also post porn in mainchat so don't have high expectations for us. Looking for loyal members to make friendships with.
A freshly vamped community-based server to help find cool lads to hang out with, and meet new people of interest! Fun and cool members always keep the chats live and entertaining!
☆ active chat
☆ close community
☆ friendly admins
☆ music player
☆ cool lads
☆ media
☆ nsfw
☆ fun bots
☆ server events

-Mit Random Human Beings
-Mit Anime Tiddis
-Und Deiner Rechten Hand
A Normal Hangout
Yep. That's right. Just a normal hangout.
Here's a list of what we have:
- A friendly, non-toxic community. (We accept pretty much anyone.)
- Lots of channels.
- Venting/Therapy.
- Tons of self roles. With color roles.
- Tons of fun bots.
- A leveling system.
- Events. (Art Challenges, Giveaways, and More)
- Voice chats
- Advertisement Channels.
- And more.
Seems pretty normal. Nothing to see here.
If you are an artist, we have a role for you and an opportunity for your art to be showcased!
We are also happy to partner with other servers!
A server dedicated to spilling tea about work. If youre coworker pissed you off, or your manager is being extremely unfair, or even if you have some awesome stories to share, come join! This is a community for those in the work field to come chat. Those unemployed are welcome too. We also have dedicated channels for anime, gaming, and different kinds of media, as well as a restricted and unrestricted chatroom! Come join!
Welcome to DEEP SPACE! A new galaxy! Please read the rules and enjoy your time in DEEP SPACE.

Everyone is welcome! This server promotes free speech and fun above all. This server is still new and growing. Please invite your friends if you like DEEP SPACE!