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♦ We're an established community, meaning we are a tight-knit group of friends that hang out and play games together. We're always welcoming to like-minded and chill people who want to be a part of it. So if you're looking to make new friends, we're a pretty great place to start.

♦ Established April 2015 ♦
↳ SFW community, no toxicity
↳ Anime & Manga channels to discuss about your favorite anime/manga
↳ Cool Discord bots to play with
↳ 24/7 Lo-Fi radio
↳ Chill out :)
↳ Custom level roles
↳ Custom color roles
↳ Music bots
↳ Share your media
Laid back server that has a nsfw channel, art, music, and chill people who love meeting others!!
┍━━━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━━━┑
Here at The Fishbowl you can meet new people for friendship.. or more!

Our staff are approachable, highly respectful, but also quite chill.

we offer many things:

☆ self roles
☆ active people
☆ nsfw channel
☆ selfies channel
☆ and much more! :D

join NOW! and make new friends :)
We are Chill Corner!~

We're a growing community focused on what the community wants. We have an active community and want you to join us. Come along down to our Chill Corner, relax and sip some tea. 🍵

We have an owner and a founder. I am the owner and Exploosyon is the founder.

In our lovely server we have:

♣ Active staff which communicate to the citizens our server 🙏

♣ Self-Assignable Roles and Colours for all your colouring role needs 🌈

♣ Level Bot - allowing for more perks the more active a member is🤖

♣ Music Bots - chill and game or just enjoy your afternoon ☕

♣ Calm environment - this is a place where one day your jamming out with your friend, and the next you sit down and listen to your head 🎵

♣ Awesome members! - We don't discriminate, so anyone and everyone is welcome 👍

♣ NSFW section - where you can contribute to your *research*, or to sightsee for others of your culture 😏

♣ Rant section - where you can unload the stress of everyday life, with members helping you through your pains or struggles 🤗

♣ Megumin channel - a place to appreciate Megumin. Anything but nsfw goes here.

As we said, we don't discriminate! So tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends, come and have a wonderful time at our Chill Corner.
Atlas is a great community for streaming, gaming, music. We also offer a lot of other cool things with our server and are currently wanting to grow. Our voice channels are very active for what we have right now and new people should definitely come and check us out!
A chill server where you can talk about anything with other Asianz

Welcome to our mostly Asian community! we're dying and dont really talk about asian stuff anymore. join if you want
Join the Black Order and serve our almighty Thanos. No, but seriously if you’re looking for a server that’s cool, chill, and accepting then come join us. We have a venting channel so if something’s bugging you or whatever just talk in there if you want. There’s dank meme bot that’s very fun so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Lastly, there’s hobbies category with quite a bit of channels, so you might find what you like there. Again, everyone here is accepting so I’m sure, as long you follow the rules, you’ll almost instantly fit in. NSFW channel might come soon btw. Hope to see you guys there!
Playz Hub is a chill server with very colorful people with different characteristics. You will find your self engulf in the conversion about anime, games and many more. Furthermore, we also host Special events together. That include playing games together or watching a movie and or a anime of your choice. Join the PlayzHub to build connection and make new friends We can't wait for you to Join US!
Bonjour, bonsoir !
Ce serveur n'a pas vraiment d'utilité, pas vraiment de dispositions de salons, etc. Mais il peut être utile pour luter contre l'ennuie, car c'est on peut ce qu'on recherche sur Disboard ...
N'hésitez pas à rejoindre ça coûte rien même si ce serveur ne vous apportera rien.

On accepte aucune proposition de BOT, merci.
Welcome to The Ban House. Don't let the name scare you as we are a very friendly, engaging and active community that love to meet new people, feel free to stop by and join a VC or two.

We want to create a fun and engaging environment for everyone so please leave your negativity and hostility at the door (or at least put it on safety mood).
Hello there! Our server is a cafe-themed, safe haven which provides you with mental and emotional health support and varied ways of entertainment such as:
-Anime-talks and recommendations
-Music-related channels and bots
-A NSFW channel but other than that everything else is SFW
-Warm people to talk to from all over the world
-Active staffs
-Lots of memes
-Many fun bots to play with
-And much more so join to find out!
(Our staffs are also very friendly)
❤️𝘮̶𝘦̶𝘭̶𝘢̶𝘯̶𝘤̶𝘩̶𝘰̶𝘭̶𝘪̶𝘢̶❤️ is a 13-17 year old chill server where you can socialize and make new friends! We are a new server that’s looking for some new people to hang out with! We have self-assignable roles and 20 color roles to choose from! Come join us!
Psssss... PSSSSSST!
Need memes? Need some weeb friends?
we got em!
✼ New Server: BasicCronel! ✼

✩ Hi everyone! An iconic duo, Nighty and Milky, has recently started a Twitch channel! You can hop by and perhaps check out the wonderful streams or just make yourself at home in a laid back, welcoming community. We hope to see you around! ✩
Hi! Welcome to Cinnamon Roll Cafe! We hope you enjoy your time here and make some new friends!
Here at our cafe we’ve got lots of self-assignable roles! We’ve also got color roles as well!

We’ve got lots of bots and we have friendly staff! Since were pretty small we might seem
inactive but if you stick around you’ll see that we’re very active and growing!

Our server is for anyone and everyone who is 13 years of age and up!

I hope you’ll come sit down and drink some tea or coffee at the Cinnamon Roll Cafe and make some new friends!
Server that will hopefully be filled with nice people and fun times.
♡》Looking for an active server, a place to relax and be yourself, then come join my server with relaxed rules and server events! :')《♡
We also have!
》game nights
》custom emojis
Plus much more!
This is a chill server where you can make friends and talk about the things you like.
We're looking for active people to make this seem more alive.
Your help would be gladly appreciated towards the future
If you would like for us to add more to the server please leave suggestions!!
- Anime
- Roleplaying
- Editing
- Gaming
- etc.
⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
A growing server that needs to be revived!! Friendly members and a great way to make new friends in a safe environment without being judged! Everyone is welcome! Fun events coming soon! Please join!
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us!
Welcome to the Deviancy Club!
Looking for active and respectful members.
Let's talk about the most fucked up things we can, let the desires of the flesh talk like the adults we are, let's respect ourselfs like the deviant you might or not be. There is no judgment here!
Everyone is welcome to talk about anything really.
We have..
• absolutely no judgment.
• NSFW stuffs.
• chill atmosphere.
• fun and easy to talk to staff.
• nice people.
Hope you have a great time here!