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Welcome to our server! We are both, a chill lounge and a place where you can find connections, staff, and partners

Here's what we offer
* multiple channels to talk in
* Ranking system with MEE6
* multiple self assign roles
* Music channels where no one can talk
* And soon to be, helpful and nice staff
Want to help our small server grow?
Join Lovey Doveys!
Gain Friendships with others, or maybe even a lover by chance!

In Doveys, you're bound to find:
-our LGBTQ+ community!
-Lots of emotes!
(possibly NSFW)

We are still setting up for anyone that wants to become staff. We're also have a suggestion channel so you can ask what can make this server better.
Enjoy your stay!
Hello! We're a small community, but we're trying to grow. Pretty active, and always ready to play games and watch stuff. You're welcome to join in on the fun;).
>welcome to αєѕтнєтιƈ ƈєитяαƖ!

In αєѕтнєтιƈ ƈєитяαƖ you can..
>make new friends!
>listen to music!
>have in common with a lot of users!
>talk about musicals/and all sorts of stuff!

>if you’re an introvert, you know you have an extrovert somewhere around you! Make sure to unleash it

>be sensitive, or not idc LMAO
>FUN! Or not.. it depends on your experience!!! ✨💛
Soulsie's Cave of Sorrow is just a chill and relax server for friends to hang, play games, etc. we’re relaxed about what you do and don’t care about much for the rules just don’t cause trouble and have fun.
∞ Welcome to the Infinity! ∞


These are the few things that we have to offer:
- Emotes may be a surprise
- Both SFW and NSFW channels for underaged and legal aged members
- Multiple voice chat channels accompanied by a text channel for each voice channel

- Multiple roles such as "Twitch Streamer", "YouTuber", "Developer", "Support" and many more

- Music production, photographic display, self-made art, memes and more
- Both Community & Global Rankings
- Gamers sections, squads voice chats and text channels

- Scientific department for all the members who wish to read deeper into the amazing universe of science


- Lenient community owner
- Any and all requests for further progress of the community are more than welcome
- Nice, experienced, positive, helpful and strict staff

More info can be provided by our staff members


Welcome to Infinity™

CC /∆\ CC Industries™
Fun server, looking for friendly staff and members. Come over if you want to make friends, or just hang out. It would be a pleasure to have you!

See you there!! <3
StandTogether is a fun and friendly community. We are all about having a place for everyone to relax, hang out, and meet new friends.
hey welcome to McDonald's how may i take your order today
*join for free food and a economy system lmao
Welcome to Chillbar! ❤ Small & Active Server ✦ Based around meeting new people and having a good time! ✦ 27/7 VC ✦ Active Chat ✦ No Toxicity ✦ Events ✦ NSFW
Tight-knit community with laid back atmosphere and shitposting! | 18+ | Active chat & VC | Events | Cam nights | Special interests (tech, anime, food, etc.)


Other reviews by our members:

- "I like" - Jun

- "I personally find the cult to be a fascinating collection of humans willing to interact with one another, to get to know one another, disagreements and all abound .. it's like I said earlier - humans at their finest" - I like things

- *"guys please stop bullying me, why do the mods condone this"* - BG

- "I have to finish some work and everything, but instead I'm listening to great music that cool people post in this server" - Vaporis

- "this place needs adult supervision" - Steve

- *"This is not a good place for kids"* - MrMeatballBeard

- "C-U-L-T
Came for memes now I can't leave
Help me! Help me!" - Chant, written by Oreo
50 thinks and thonks for nitro users, non-nitro users allowed in too.
A small community for chatting and making friends, we also accept emote requests!
Sit, Chill, and Spill ™
We are a dedicated, a bit small, for now , that aims to be a place for people to, you guessed it, Sit, Chill, and Spill ™.
💥-- Some of the things we have that make us special! -- 💥

- We actually have a 1:1 male/female ratio.
- We have an active and friendly userbase, who just like to have fun!
- We have Polls and QOTD every single day, so it's something interactive to pass the time! 🔆
- We have plenty of different voice channels, such as general, for chit-chat, music, for all your musical needs, and even gaming rooms! 🎵🎶
- We have a dedicated selfies and art section, for when you want to show off yourself, and show off your work! 📸
- We have many custom roles which individualize you as a person, such as colour roles, age roles, and hobbies, just to name a few! 🎉
- We got da ebic memez. 🍑

- But most of all, we have a welcoming community, who always want more people to join our family, so come check us out, if you dare. ❤️❤️❤️
This is a fresher server with pretty lax rules and chilled mod team. We despise drama and love making friends! The more that join the more often we'll host events and possibly prizes.
TS is meant to be a chill and fun server to hang out in! TS can be abbreviated for many things, like Tranquility & Serenity or Tantalizing & Scintillating! Feel free to join us to help our community grow and develop!

We are a server meant for everyone and a good place to hang out and relax. Come join us and say hello!
Welcome to Nightlife!

Who we are: We are a relatively small community “chill” server, geared towards making new friends, discovering people with common interests, and just spending time together!

What do we have?
• Custom emotes and roles!
• NSFW channel for those of age!
• An active and accepting community!
• Movie nights and game nights!
• Regular VC’s!
• Much much more!

Come for the people, stay for the experience! See you there!
*~ Bored? sure
*~ Need AfterSchool Activities? we got em
*~ Want some real, understanding friends or some chat? right here :^)

So what are you waiting for? Join in!
Hello! This is a furry server where you can make many friends, we take people of all kinds in here! Don't be afraid to join, you'll love it in here!
The Hidden House
We are a community based server, for anyone who wants to find a new group to chill with over the inter web!
🌹• Giveaways:
*We do a very huge giveaways weekly*
‣ Discord Nitro
‣ Netflix
‣ Steam games
‣ Giftcards
‣ Spotify Premium

🌹• Events:
‣ We do events, going from Movie nights to Karaoke to games streams and a lot of more features so join and stay with us and don't miss any of them.

🌹• Perks:
‣ We pay to keep you entertained with premium bots
‣ We have a very active chats and voice chats
‣ The most safe discord server since we ban all the creeps
‣ A friendly community where you feel so loved
‣ +5000 members
🌯Welcome to a server where the only rule is to use your common sense.🌯

> chat, chill, and charge
> games, music, and memes
> relaxed staff

🌯we’re a small server trying to grow, so come check us out at the very least,🌯
Welcome to The Phantom Café. We are a growing community! This is where you can be yourself and do whatever you want (-raiding and don't annoy the other members) We won't judge you for who you are. We offer 13+ dating! a chill place to talk and hang out! and finally a great owner! (Phantom here, How ya doing?) Anyways its a great place to be in. Be sure to have fun with the Coffee machines and Have fun chatting in The Phantom Café!