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⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
---------------------------------BOI BOI SOCIETY----------------------------
----------DONT BE A DINGUS-- JOIN NOW-------------------------------SMALL BUT WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN GROOOOWWWW!!!-
Here at ♡ 𝘧̵𝘳̵𝘦̵𝘴̵𝘩̵ 𝘴̵𝘵̵𝘢̵𝘳̵𝘵̵ ♡ we like to talk about many things. It is a welcoming community and a growing one! We just implemented a advertising channel for streams! You can partner with our server too!

★ In need of Partner Managers and Event Managers ★

★ starting events like Cards Against Humanity and Movie Nights! ★

Here you will find:

★彡 a hangout 彡★

★彡 color roles 彡★

★彡 fun new people 彡★

★彡 gamers who want to game! 彡★

★彡 weekly and daily questions 彡★

★彡 self assignable roles 彡★

★彡 custom emotes! 彡★

★彡 bots for currency, games, and ranks 彡★

★彡 a place to share your art and memes! 彡★

★彡 activity roles! 彡★


There is also NSFW Content in specific channels when you get a role. The age range is 13-18 because we are a younger community but we do still allow older just be responsible and follow rules thank you!

There are many possibilities here. Come in and enjoy yourself!
♥𝚜𝚘𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚛♥

we have: ˜nsfw channels ˜egirls ;) ˜ friendly staff ˜ accepting members and a lot more great things
hi i'm joy! the owner of bish hq
this is a server with lots to do. we are very chill! it is a place to socialize, post memes, play mini games, voice chat and do pretty much anything without much consequence. we are a fun community and we aren’t easily offended. so if you have thick skin and like to have fun, you’ll love it here. so check us out and come visit!!
we also have nsfw bots for those horny 18+ members
♦ We're an established community, meaning we are a tight-knit group of friends that hang out and play games together. We're always welcoming to like-minded and chill people who want to be a part of it. So if you're looking to make new friends, we're a pretty great place to start.

♦ Established April 2015 ♦
So this is a server. We all just hangout and mess around. Formed pretty nice friendships here. It’s pretty chill so you might like it. I’d love for it to grow. Feel free to drop by anytime. The whole place is very weird and mainly consists of kids with parent issues so it’s like a damn orphanage but we get along great. Cool thing about our server is we have a team of people dedicated to helping you. We’re all a really big wack family and there is always room for more here. And that’s about all I got to say. Please join sorry if my description makes it seem more cancerous than it already seemed before.
Welcome to Risqué, our NSFW, BDSM server that’s strictly 18+ with VERY active voice channels and lots of different self assignable roles!!!
For those who love to chill, be naughty, game, and have a good time in a safe environment.

+ ♡ Selfie Channels
+ ♡ SFW Channels
+ ♡ NSFW Channels
+ ♡ Voice Channels
+ ♡ Fun Events - Truth or Dare, Movies, Drinking Games, and more!
+ ♡ Welcoming Community & Chill People
+ ♡ Find New Friends
+ ♡ Leveling Up System
+ ♡ Tamagotchi-bots
+ ♡ Pokemon-bots
+ ♡ Casino-bots
+ ♡ 3 Music bots (Rhythm/Dyno/Goovy)
+ ♡ Mee6 Music Quiz
+ ♡ Giveaways
We are a server dedicated to chilling, memes, gaming and anime! (if you came for the server name and image,we all know you should join). Anyone who joins becomes a "Gamer" and we also have a special role called "Epic Gamer" only for the legends!

If what you're looking for are chill conversations, cool people from all around the world, and some casual gaming, then you should join us!
PHVNTVCY LAND was created by 2 best friends that make music under the alias of Phvntvcy. The phvntvcy universe is embodied in finding ones true mental state. After both of them suffered from depression, they knew it was their goal to help others. A lot of times with being through their music. PHVNTVCY LAND is a place to make friends, hangout, listen to music, and seek any help you may need. As their manager, I've been down the same road, and I'm willing to help anybody that gives me the chance. Hope to see you there!
. *  ✦ .  ⁺ . Rowlet Nest ⁺ .   ✦ * .
-ˋ₊˚. A new, rowlet themed server with friendly people. We are a friendly server with lots to offer. This place is for making friends and having lots of fun! ♡
↳ We offer -
🍵❱ A friendly and fun environment
💫❱ Self assignable roles
☕️❱ Lots of Rowlet Love.
✨❱ We do Troll at times, so yeah.
This server is to just chill and meet new people. We have channels for many things and a NSFW part of it. Enjoy the server and if you have any suggestions on what to add in the server just let us know!
Hi Not Asian here.

Jk, if you're Asian or not please do join our server. Must be at least 15+ because in our server, bad words are everywhere :) We are friendly people so don't worry. OH and we don't mind edating either uwuowo
TellerMC the latest awesome survival semi-vanilla Minecraft server available on the latest version of Minecraft!
this is a server where you can just chill out and talk to people! just remember to be nice and have fun! :3
A place for friendly discussion. A place to go chat, chill, hangout, and find new friends. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to drop in and pay us a visit. We would be more than happy to have you.
The Lot is a film discord with the goal of creating a cozy and friendly environment for film discussion and appreciation! We are a small but growing community!

We do fun events like Movie Roulette, Monthly Movie watch-a-longs, seasonal/holiday events, and more!

The server can move at a fast pace sometimes and other times be very slow, so you can get a good mix of activity. If this at all sounds good to you come in and check us out! Thanks!
Welcome to -No Hoes-!
Don't mind the name, it's a tradition.... kinda. Anyways, this server is for basically everyone, we have a few bots like Mudae and WaifuBot that hopefully keep you entertained, if we don't.
Ummm... yeah, to keep this short and simple i hope that's enough to pick your interest and I'd be glad if you visit us^^
Welcome to 𝓒ursed! We're a growing community server where you can make new friends and just chill. We welcome everyone,and we're all laid-back and friendly!

What we have, and why you should join us--
• Roles for Various Games
• Strict Administration to enforce rules
• Levelling System
• Many Self Roles
• Giveaways
• Social Events
• Partnerships
• We have a channel for casual debates although sometimes we host big debate events too
Chilly Peppers is a chill server for people to chat and hang out
we have a ton of text channels so you won't get bored easily
and some fun bots! And we have level up roles! We also have custom color roles!
No NSFW stuff
We are friendly to everyone no matter of race, gender and sexuality
looking for active members and (maybe) staff
My dear Scalies, Furries, and Avians alike. Scalesong opens its welcoming arms to you. We are here to invite you to our home; for fun, for companionship, for the betterment of ourselves. We offer many things like;
-The clean streets of the Capital of Scalesong, the Hub (Roleplay Category)
-The nightlife of the red light district. (Dedicated NSFW Category)
-Several mechanical robots to make your time here enjoyable.
-And a welcoming Lord Regent and High Lords.
🎀A 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥-𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 Server🎀
【Join a mature and sex positive server and make sure to invite your friends!】

➸ C h i l l ~ Enough Said
➸Friendships~ making friends with same interests
➸Dating~ make worth wild bonds!
➸NSFW & Nudes~ post or have a looks!
➸ Verifications ~ super easy
➸LGBTQ+ ~ We involve and support everyone
➸Easy-roles~ simple set up, no mess no fuss
➸Partnerships~ lets grow together!

Hi! We are a small server that is slowly but surely growing! We Welcome you with open arms and have a little place here for everyone!

Enjoy the chill!

(Mod Applications are open!)
Come join a super chill community where you can just chat and hang out. Grab a beanbag and jump in! (Beanbags will be provided to those who cannot bring their own)