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Random Chat is all about bringing diffent kinds of people together to talk about gamming and music. We have a growing community of many diffent gamers from many diffent games. We also have many diffent kinds of bots to keep you having fun when your friends are not online.
24 minutes ago
TKO [Deutscher Discord Server / German Discord Server]
TKO bietet dir die Möglichkeit neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und durch aktives Schreiben mit unserem eigenen Levelsystem Ränge aufzusteigen!
Messe dich mit anderen Mitglieder anhand der Chatlevel und spiele unser einmaliges Serverspiel!
Eine aktive Community und viel Individuelles erwartet dich bei uns!
3 hours ago
28 days ago
Welcome to Pewa Community!
Pewa Community is a gaming server that runs strong with activity, nearly 24 hours a day! We offer many bots such as Fredboat and Fortnite stats! VC activity is very common, so feel free to stop by!
Giveaways! We have giveaways! We could giveaway everything from Custom Ranks to Minecraft Accounts!

Polls! We at Pewa always let the majority choose!

Progressive Ranks! The more active you are the higher your level rank will be! Be active and try to get the highest level rank!

Partners! Want to partner? Contact us! We'd love to have you as a partner!

Events We at Pewa host events! They could be everything from Music afternoons to Gaming Nights!
Looking for staff and Partnership Managers!
We await your arrival with open arms! Hope to see you here!
Invite link:
40 days ago
extremely new, typical discord server
don't expect it to be too active
but it could be, if you joined (you should join)
155 days ago