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Teddy Bear Hearts (14+)
What we offer:
🌱General chat🌱
🌱Safe Space for everyone🌱
🌱Music Bot🌱
🌱Ranting and advice Channel🌱
🌱Story Time🌱
🌱Movie Night🌱
🌱Voice Chat🌱
Come join us, we are a 14+ server!
~~Magical Friends (16+)~~
💕This is a BDSM/ ddlg/ petplay based server.
We are 16+ and have NSFW chats for 18+ This is a safe place, we are 100% drama free!💕

!Fun stuff we have!
- Self assigned Roles and Personality roles! Over 150!
-We have lots of fun bots to play around with, pokecord, kawaiibot, owo ect!
- We have chats for everything from pictures to venting and everything in between!
-We have super friendly staff! If you need anything just dm!
-We do accept partners!
Hello and welcome to Honey Lavender!
We are a revised community that is friendly and soft!
We were once Lewd Empire but due to us having the same name as a bigger server we changed
HL is a better server with game bots, emotes, and tons of soft themes along with this place being a semi-rp server!
If you enjoy pastels then this will definitely be the place for you.
We are looking for partners to help us spread our Honey Lavender cheer!
So come in, join us. We have tons of new things to show and would love for you to join!
This a new CG/L server 14+. This server may not fit the standard for cg/l servers as this one isn't Cutsie while that is adorable we figured it would be nice to have a change from the norm pastel cute vibes. (This is a SFW server)
Stuffie Emporium is a 16+ cg/l server that is steadily growing. It has many roles and more to be added. It also has free stuffies!! Anyone 16+ is welcome to join and we hope you enjoy your stay.
♡•°Welcome to Kitty's kafé!°•♡
♡This is a SFW cg/l server! It is LGBTQ+ friendly and has reaction roles. There are many different activities such as slumber party calls, gaming, storytelling voice chat and even a channel where you can post pictures of your stuffies!
Come join us and have some fun! :3 ♡
Hello and welcome to another Community server
This isn't just a normal community this is a server for people of the CG/L community
(consists of DD/LG MD/LG MD/LB and DD/LB)
We are a small but growing server with fun things such as self-assignable roles, friendly staff, and more
Come join us and even maybe meet your future caregiver and/or Little!

🎀🌹Welcome to The Dreamhouse™!🌹🎀
💗。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆A B O U T U S。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆💗
💕This server is for everyone, into ddlg, CG/L, BDSM, you name it, regardless of Gender, Color, Race, Ethnicity, and Beliefs alike. Due to some of our content, we would like to keep this server 16+💕
💞 C'mon barbie let's go party! Come have fun, a sleepover, a party, or just hang out in The DreamHouse™!💞

~A 16+ all inclusive server with a barbie/BRATZ/doll aesthetic. ♡
~Games to play, and fun bots ♡
~Looking for mods and staff all the time ♡
~NSFW channels for 18+ ♡
~Two music bots for two different channels ♡ ~Self assignable roles ♡
~Choose your own name color ♡
~A drama center for all your juicy needs ♡
Leave Ken at home, and come live your dreams in
💖The DreamHouse™💖
╔═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╗
╚═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╝

Hello! We are a server about SFW petplay of
any type. Of course, since this being a server
about petplay, it is semi-RP, but we are mainly
focused on building a nice little community.
We have many lovely channels, such as a
positivity channel, and lots and lots of fun
bots! Since the cg/l and petplay community
often overlap, we also have a category
dedicated to littlespace. If you're looking for
more info about us, here you go!

╰🌺 16+
╰🌺 completely SFW.
╰🌺 friendly admin.
╰🌺 tons of fun bots.
╰🌺 reaction roles.
Hello, everyone and welcome to:
G L I T T E R C A M P!

Glitter Camp is a 18+ CG/L and BDSM community. Our server was created to provide everyone a place to express their interests with other like-minded individuals and for those interested in learning more to experience and learn about the CG/L and BDSM community in a safe place.

We have all of the following:

sparkles Daily activities: coloring book pages, crossword puzzles, and maze solvers -- as well as a submission chat so that you can show us your finished creations!
sparkles Weekly events: server-wide movie, karaoke and game nights. On occasion, given we have some voluntary readers, we even end our sessions with some bedtime stories!
sparkles After dark: our NSFW chats are only permitted for those +18. Verification and being mindful of the rules apply
Very light nsfw server for the people of the ddlg/mdlg/mdlb/ddlb community! We have a bunch of nsfw channel and some hentai channels too! Everyone is welcome!!! SO JOIN US!
This server is set up to be a server of free expression you can be what ever and who ever you want
Being a member of the CGL/DDLG community isn't always easy This server is a place for people to be themselves amongst other like-minded individuals.
This is a server for everyone in the lifestyle and in the DD/LG community. We are a safe space for all and we encourage you to be yourself as it's a judgement-free zone.
Little Things❤️️ is a server meant for friendly people who want to have a nice experience chatting with like-minded people. This is a place open to people being as NSFW as one's heart could desire as long as they're in the appropriate channels, a 2-step verification is required to gain access to these channels.

Welcome to Little Things❤️️! An 18+ server! We have so much in store for you!
🍪 A variety of roles for the lifestyle!
🍼 A growing server who loves new faces, and is open to suggestions.
🍪 Events and Movie Nights.
🍼 Separated channels for the SFW and NSFW
🍪 Plenty of channels to get involved in
🍼 a chill place for accepting people, kink shaming is not allowed.
and even more!
Don't get too scared~ join us! We don't bite! At least most of us don't and we would love to have you!
you're welcomed to join CG/L Haven.
A safe haven for littles, CG's, switches and those who are curious about BDSM and the CG/L lifestyle!

We are a 16+ safe place for all things CG/L
DDLG, Pet play, S&M, etc!
Friendly and helpfull staff
Movie/ game nights
Music channels & bots
Roleplay channels
Singles chat and singles advert channels
NSFW Channels for those of age
207 members and counting
And so much more!

We hope to see you there!
We're an 18+, LGBTQ+ community that caters to the CG/l and Petplay communities! We offer a variety of chatting areas for those interested in ageplay, petplay, ABDL, and any other kink. We encourage education, discussion, roleplay, and a supportive environment.
Safe Space is a small server, with a nice community!
We are mostly a connection spot, since I don't have the time to host movie or game nights, but maybe some day.
Our staff is small, and applications are open!
Color roles are currently in the works, but we do have a self role system for all the other options!
Hope to see you there!
❤️🧡💛💚💙Welcome to Citrus City❤️🧡💛💚💙
⭐️We are a SFW cgl/Mdlb/ddlg/etc. server that is accepting of all peeps!
⭐️We are new so we don’t have many people, but we are looking forward to meeting other people and making a community ❤️
⭐️We have bots and games available to people in our server, and we host movie nights~!
⭐️Catch up on the latest tv shows and watch with us~!
⭐️We are friendly and love to chat. Please consider our town as your next fruit destination ~!
This server is meant as a safespace for all smolis, mommies and daddies to have a place they can call home.
We only started on 23.08.2018 so help us grow big please ♥
A small CG/L group that is very welcoming and friendly. We have games and entertainment, and are modifying with every new member
CG/L Haven is A CG/L server and a ETC. Server we are new and we welcome everyone
Soon 100 different channels to play in!
channels for everyone
Role Assigning roles
Soon there will be movie night and other activities when more people join the server
Roles for everyone and a welcoming community
Hey! Eri's Dollhouse is a rather small but loving server focused around bdsm, cg/l and age regression in a dollhouse like theme. Become a Doll today!
Hi there!
Horizons CG /L {17+} is a cgl, petplay, bdsm, kink based server. There are self assignable roles (colors coming soon), many fun channels, and a verified 18+ role that allows you to see the more naughty parts of the server😈.
Enjoy your stay☺️
~ Evan
ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, BDSM, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
We also welcome vanillas but you need to be respectful to the kinksters.

We are a 16+ SFW only server