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Ever wanted to buy something that was just too expensive? Or you wanted to save some money on something? Then this is the right server for you. We have a caring staff team, and will respond to any dm message
5 Invites = 1 Method That Gurantees Profits
10 Invites = 2 Methods That Gurantees Profits
15 Invites = $5 cashpp, bitcoin, or paypal
20 invites = 1 CC

25 Invites = 1 CC + Method

30 Invites = 1 Fullz CC
Welcome to BlackMarket!

We are a legit shop with a lot of vouches and proof!
You can find :
PayPal transfer
Credit card (Visa, mastercard and Amex)
Gift card for a cheap price
And more..

Have you ever wanted a quality supply of PayPal Transfer, Bitcoin Transfer, carded services/items, bankdrops or game cheats?
Join KingzCVV, we have that covered -```
With 350+ members, InnerCircle is the go-to Discord for High Quality people looking for BLACKHAT ways to earn money online.

•At its core, our community is based on a friendly and professional atmosphere that allows even the most novice people the opportunity to make money online.

•The server includes legal/non-legal methods, carding, cryptocurrency trading, BlackHat methods and more.

We hope to see you soon.

We are a Cracking/Hacking/Carding community that NEEDS new members. If you are a beginner we also teach lessons on the server too. If you fit this description join now!
🔥┋Cracking, Hacking, Marketplace
👋┋Fast support & friendly staff.
🎁┋Invite rewards.
🤝┋Partnerd servers.
💎┋Friendly Community.
Cheap Prices for High End Products
Buy4You Service 30%
Instant Refunding at 20% of the cost.
Via Amazon and Other Sites.
Order to a Locker or your Address.
This is a Marketplace server! There are no scammers and if you are one you get instantly banned! Join us and have fun :D
Wanna learn more about carding? This is the server for you!
*DISCLAIMER*: VisualBazaar does not participate in any criminal activity
A legitimate marketplace to sell your own products as well as buy from our verified and vouched vendors.
Hi if you are interested in legit business where scammers ARE NOT ALLOWED. Then check out this server. i support legit swipers who dont scam so If u can prove ur shop is legit I will give you a free shop on my server. Come through and make some money! 😄🤟
The BEST server for BUY4U and Hilton Honors needs! Last server killed by discord because we were doing too well over 200+ members lost. Come Join us and get what you want ! - ALL ITEMS 50% OFF (AMAZON ONLY)
Welcome to King's Den, a revived server with 500+members two months ago. It is a world of top-notch methods, leaks, cc, and many more. Daily and weekly giveaways with 24/7 support. Scammers are always exposed and banned. Cheap products and services. Escrow service is available!!!
Long time discord server owner here. Wanted to make something unique and authentic that is full of business and legit people only.
Come join our server where we provide a marketplace to sell and services from verified sellers. Our services included c4rding and website specific methods. If you are interested in buying or selling, join now!