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join my marketplace doing a big giveaway when i hit 100 members and there are invite rewards as well so join
Cheap Prices for High End Products
Buy4You Service 30%
Instant Refunding at 20% of the cost.
Via Amazon and Other Sites.
Order to a Locker or your Address.
Welcome to DW Services. You can find deep and dark web services without having to look too far. Scammers are dealt with quickly. Join the best and shop with ease.
* High Quality Marketplace*
• Updated Methods
• Invite Rewards
• Boost Rewards
• Giveaways

Servidor sobre carding,hacking para os que entendem dessa área poder ajudar os que estam começando ou dar umas dicas libera apostilas etc... Entrem ja:
We sell CC w/ CCV, D&P, Many Hacked Accounts with Pieces, Amazon Logins w/ email access, FULLZ, and CPNs.
This is a server for selling and buying all the F products you need to start cashing out!

we are aware of many scammers and require certain standards to selling and many proof to even begin to sell.
80-85% off on Amazon? Legit, trusted, with MM in the server! Full refund/replacement within 24h. Don't wait, join us and save today!
Thanks to our server you will learn how to earn money from the Internet! Join today and become independent
Welcome to BlackMarket!

We are a legit shop with a lot of vouches and proof!
You can find :
PayPal transfer
Credit card (Visa, mastercard and Amex)
Gift card for a cheap price
And more..
Ever wanted to buy something that was just too expensive? Or you wanted to save some money on something? Then this is the right server for you. We have a caring staff team, and will respond to any dm message
JustSan's Lounge is a new gaming community looking for people that want to socialize and game! But we have a little something extra, but you will have to join and see what that is! *hint* look at tags* BlackMarket*
This server gives you an opportunity to make some friends, play games together, enjoy some good tunes or just talk about your everyday life!

What we offer:

An active chat!
Friendly and active staff that keep the place fun and safe~
Bots to make the chats just a little more interesting and fun.
Home to our unique BlackMarket
Music bot for the best songs!
No NSFW content, everyone is welcome!
Place to share your creations
Custom roles! New ones can always be added.


So don’t be afraid to join! Grab a drink and a snack and go have fun with everyone!!
This is an awesome discord where you can buy sell and trade your items such as ccs, bitcoin etc! Everyones allowed. Scammers insta banned.
5 Invites = 1 Method That Gurantees Profits
10 Invites = 2 Methods That Gurantees Profits
15 Invites = $5 cashpp, bitcoin, or paypal
20 invites = 1 CC

25 Invites = 1 CC + Method

30 Invites = 1 Fullz CC
JOIN UP for one of the only servers on discord that offers legitimate orders from amazon, apple, and more! We are very strict against scammers and the customer is always right! Prices are roughly 50%, but join for more details! We accept varied forms of payment as no one universally pays with the same!
Hii guys I am sipra from sipra project here I am white hat I am teaching all technical and hacking related stuff for you guys and I earned too much in deep web too I am their for you I always support I have all types of cc, all methods to cashout feel free to msg me..
Welcome to King's Den, a revived server with 500+members two months ago. It is a world of top-notch methods, leaks, cc, and many more. Daily and weekly giveaways with 24/7 support. Scammers are always exposed and banned. Cheap products and services. Escrow service is available!!!
Don’t join if you’re not going to buy anything. Frequent giveaways and rewards; no scams here.
Welcome to The Cartel, a revived server with 200+ Members 1 month ago formally known as “The Marketplace”. It is a server with top-notch methods, leaks, cc, and many more. Daily and weekly giveaways with 24/7 support. Scammers are always exposed and banned. Cheap products and services. Middleman service is available!!!