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Hiya! Welcome to Camp Half-Blood 2.0!

- We offer over 50 godly parents to choose from
- Options to create a Satyr or Nymph character
- All 20 cabins
- Pets for characters
- Lots of godly powers
- CTF events and canoe racing
- Over 100 members and growing
- Experienced Staff
- Occasional quests
- Rythm bot
- LGBTQA+ Safe space

Hope to see you there!
Camp Half Blood
Welcome fellow half bloods!
This is Camp Half-blood! A safe haven from the monsters hunting you
This server is run by Rampage4664#7261.

It is a fun place to meet friends and people with the same interests as you.

It is a very thought out Greek mythology roleplay server, my staff will usually be around to help if not you can always ask me.

It is based around the world of Percy Jackson but is not solely following lore from the books.

I hope to see you all there.

A list of things we have and will continue to have:
Major plot lines and arcs.
Your own character arcs.
Active and reliable staff who can help with anything needed.
An active community.
Information channels that will be kept up to date with events on the server.
Hi there! This is Camp Half-Blood. A safe place from the monsters hunting you. Join us and meet others like you.

My lovely staff are usually always on, and if not you can ping us for help! We have 28 gods so far and already have a bunch of events planned.
Welcome! This a relatively new server based around the Percy Jackson! Heroes of Olympus is a soon to come conflict, neither camps know of each others existence but defectors sure do! This server is LGBTQ friendly and cursing is allowed. Have a good time!
If your at this camp that means your different. Everyone here is different, we're special, we have abilities. We're Demigods. Our moms or dads are gods and were in danger. See us Demigods are being attacked by monsters from the underworld. We're at this camp to stay safe and to learn how to fight to defend ourselves from those monsters. Also just a reminder the gods are kind of being controlled by a unstoppable force named Cronus who is their dad and he's attacked like twice I think but he's back and a lot more powerful than ever!