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You’re a half blood you say? Well then, welcome to Camp Half Blood. What is your godly parent? What’s your story? I guess you’ll have to join to find out!

Our discord offers:

- 100+ Channels

- Friendly Staff & Community

- Organized Roles & Channels

- Custom & Creative Plot!

But be warned, things at Camp are... chaotic 😉
A small Camphalfblood server for the fandom as well as an RP for those who are into it. Although it is very literate, we allow almost all Gods and Goddesses as well as Saytrs, Nyads and other mytho creatures.
We are a fairly small Camp Halfblood RP that is more or less literate, for the most part, we are pretty active, you just have to stick around for a couple minuets (not just leave after a second we see you lmao). We allow almost all Gods excluding the Titans for obvious reasons, along with any of the Nyads, Saytrs, and all the other mythos.
What do we offer that should interest ya'? Well, for starters; we offer casual and active roleplay, a small yet bolstering community and a highly responsive (and thankfully non-corrupt) staff team. You're safe with us~
¤ Easy character creation!
¤ Bots for days! (Fun bots like Pokecord, Tatsu, Boxbot. All have their dedicated spam channels)
¤ So many channels we had to have a portal channel for that exact reason...
¤ Easy partnership
¤ A top-notch EXP and levelling system.
¤ All suggestions are valued! We add a new god every month.
¤ Capture the Flag!
¤ A little drachma (demigod money, essentially) economy system
¤ LGBTQ+ friendly, controversial topics only in select channels you can choose to view or not to view~

Adventure Awaits...
In this camp, you're a demigod that's finally been taken to safety under a centaur's (Chiron's)... Wing? Hoof. Let's go with that. Will you be smited by the gods for spray-painting obscene scenes and words on the cabin doors or not be that guy?
Percy Jackson themed roleplay based upon the works of Rick Riordan. Explore the world of Camp Half-blood here with your demigod friends. With a new prophecy being given by the oracle, will you be one to participate on the quest or just stick around to be one of the campers? Decide your story here. See the website for more information:
Welcome! This a relatively new server based around the Percy Jackson! Heroes of Olympus is a soon to come conflict, neither camps know of each others existence but defectors sure do! This server is LGBTQ friendly and cursing is allowed. Have a good time!
This is a literate roleplay based in the Percy Jackson universe! Come join us, and delve into the Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythology of the Riordan universe. Here, you can make ocs to your heart's desire, and even roleplay as gods, goddesses, and canon characters!
Welcome to Manhattan. Well, really Long Island. Nah, Camp Half-Blood. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood. Home of the Demigods. Roleplay in this server by creating a character, and building relationships with others. Join us and have fun!
Welcome, demigod, to Camp Half Blood

We are Camp Halfblood! A discord roleplay server that specializes in the Percy Jackson universe! You may be wondering what we have, well here is just a short list of things we offer

~ Helpful Staff ~
~ Roleplay for all skill levels ~
~ Quests ~
~Major And Minor gods to choose from ~
And so much more!

So come on in to Camp Halfblood and we hope to see you here!
Welcome to the brand new RP server! We are a CHB based server and are currently in development, but we hope to gain members and also new staff additions to kick the server off.
Welcome to Camp Jupiter! Hone your skills and defend the honor of the legion in this elite training camp for Roman demigods and legacies! Do you have what it takes to rise above your fellows and become a leader? Only time will tell.
- Create a demigod character or of any god of your choosing!
- An extensive list of different Roman gods!
- Always accepting suggestions to make our server better!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter, where heroes are forged... but how will your own story unfold?
Daughter or son of a god/goddess? Welcome to camp halfblood. Role play the children of your favorite gods or goddesses OR you can even be one of them. Come Join in on the fun!
Hello! Do you like Percy Jackson? NSFW as well? Then this is the place for you! We’re a NSFW Percy Jackson server. We allow ERP and other stuff along the lines of NSFW. We have the twenty main gods and no power list. Feel free to use a power that fits your godly parent. We have, self claim, awesome staff and many places to rp! Join today and make an OC! Please note, if you are not comfortable with NSFW, this isn’t the place for you.
Hi there! This is Camp Half-Blood. A safe place from the monsters hunting you. Join us and meet others like you.

My lovely staff are usually always on, and if not you can ping us for help! We have 28 gods so far and already have a bunch of events planned.
If your at this camp that means your different. Everyone here is different, we're special, we have abilities. We're Demigods. Our moms or dads are gods and were in danger. See us Demigods are being attacked by monsters from the underworld. We're at this camp to stay safe and to learn how to fight to defend ourselves from those monsters. Also just a reminder the gods are kind of being controlled by a unstoppable force named Cronus who is their dad and he's attacked like twice I think but he's back and a lot more powerful than ever!