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1000+ members in less than a week.
The best analysts from crypto twitter are here.
Ancient Rome aesthetic style themed atmosphere.

For people to hang out and talk crypto/philosophy.
Everyone is welcome as long you are civil & respectful.
Scammers/Advertisers no trespassing.

Automatic crypto charting bot and 5+ important channel relays.
Looking forward to meeting new friends and talking about bitcoin.
If you're interested in a Fallout RPG that can be played in many different ways with a well thought-out story that the GM(s) and players create together, then this is the server for you.

The story will be of a mature nature, as I expect that many players will wish to play as Legionaries and their reputation is well-known to fans of Fallout. The Legion is not merely the "evil" faction, their methods are extreme but the safety of their lands are without question.

Will the Legion be driven out by a concerted effort from the people of the wasteland, or will the Bull trample across the land as they head west to face the Bear? The players will decide.