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Hi! Make sure to join this server with heaps of game bots. Occasionally, we’ll make an event for a group of members to play games! If this server gets 50 members, we will try to make game events daily. Thank you for the support!
Hey there! Were a community of people who like to play dbdm, if you're interested in it be sure to join my server!
This is a fan made server for any platform,any rank and any level! Come find a party, see the new updates or just mess around!
**WOVEN BY NATURE (Video Game in Development)**
Welp, apparently I'm supposed to make this look as good as possible in as few words as possible.
So, I am a video game programmer, and I have been programming a single game for eight years. This Discord server is dedicated to that game.
The game is so strange it can barely be described. It isn't remotely similar to any other games, except maybe (maybe *((maybe))*) Undertale.
The purpose of the game, is to help other people find their purpose in life. **Too many poeple are living simply because they already are. My goal is to change that, to give you purpose.**

BUT, this Discord server isn't just for that game. It's also for all kinds of things, like talking about coding, electonic music you've been making, art you've drawn, things you've done, playing fun games with other people through the bots I program, etc. etc. etc.
It's pretty much a safe place to relax and make friends. I'm also working on developing a team with good brains and great morals, specifically for helping people who are struggling in life. You can even go ahead and DM me if you want to.
I am very open to suggestions. If you want me to add something to the server or program something on the bot, it's likely that I will.
I'm programming many things on my Discord bots that are absolutely revolutionary. I already have bots with simple functions (random Monstercat song generator, Commit Strip generator, dad joke generator, cheese currency, etc.), and there are even better things currently in development. For example, in just a few weeks.months you will be able to **create your own virtual universe, all within Discord!**
This server just started a few weeks ago, but I have big plans for it. Maybe you can help us out?