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Do you like K-pop and Journaling? Then this is the discord for you! The K-pop Bullet Journaling discord is a place where we can share our bullet journals, find inspiration, talk about Kpop, and meet new friends! We are fairly new so please bear with us, but if you join, you can tell all your friends that you are the pioneer of the first k-pop bullet journal discord~~
There are very little study servers, built for studygrams, studyblrs and studytubers. Over time, we have crafted the most brilliant hogwarts-themed academy aimed to help you improve yourself including things like group study sessions, inspirations and resources. It is themed in the style of the Harry Potter series, but requires very little knowledge of the actual lore to get started here.
We are a get-away for all those looking to enjoy learning, share their studies, or network with others with like-minds or have similar goals! We are for studying, bullet journalling, self-care, nanowrimo/writing, lifestyle, health, exercise, and more!