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welcome to A Peeps Carton. Here, you will be given roles designed to your interests. You will be able to talk to other peeps who share the same interests as you. Before you continue, please check the Category Information to see what role you would like to be given. Then, go to Self Roles to request for a role. Or, you can request a new role specifically designed for your interests. Thank you for joining us!
Welcome to MoonLight, we're a random server full of a lot of fun things to do such as.. Kiss Marry Kill, Never Have I Ever, Truth Or Dare, and so much more.(we do have nsfw channels and claimable roles as well)
Dies ist ein mehrsprachiger Server, der Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch beinhaltet. Du spielst gerne mit Bots und suchst einen Server dafür? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!

This is a multilingual server that includes German, English and French. You like playing bots and looking for a server for it? Then you are exactly right with us!

C'est un serveur multilingue qui comprend l'allemand, l'anglais et le français. Vous aimez jouer aux robots et chercher un serveur pour cela? Alors vous avez parfaitement raison avec nous!
Gaming and Music

Talk with youre Friends and listen music.

Play with Gamer from the Community Server and have fun.

(Ore still listen Music on this Server.)

You can also play with Bots and get ranked higher on this Server.

We have an support Server.
We're a friendly gacha gaming community but would like to expand on that to other games and much more! We're accepting anyone willing to join us and stay for the growth! Also we have NSFW channels but not fully NSFW ofc! Link:
This is support server of pantera you can join and play with pantera bot or play music or talk or you can invite him or report a bug or a problem or you can post a feedback join us today